Aloof Detective's Lover ABS#5

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Book 5! Life has been hard for Lisa and Vincent. He made it even hard for her with his aloofness. Stopping his mind and getting himself in control is what he had taught himself. But as this tornado hits him, he suddenly finds himself finding it hard control her as well as his desire for her. How will these two ends meet at one page?

Romance / Erotica
Sonam Gokhru
Age Rating:

Introduction to Characters

So this is the part for people who didn't read the four books of the series

- Lisa Waynes - Main Female lead

- Vincent Davis - Main Male Lead

- Liam Waynes - Brother of Female lead

- Amelia/Lia Martin - Wife of Liam

- Mr. Martin/ Richie/ Richard Martin - Brother of Liam's wife

- Siana Wayne / Si / Sia - Wife of Richie

- Kian Martin - 2nd Brother of Liam's wife

- Alexis / Lexi Martin - Kian's wife.

- Lydia Waynes - Sister of Female lead

- Sean Wayne - Lydia's husband

- Kevin and Maria Martin - Parents of Richard, Kian and Lia.

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