Every Flower Must Blossom

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I didn't take my meds today. Two days ago Caitlin Adams asked if I was bipolar because I was into her on Monday but by Friday I had figured out that she was too demanding. But those words, that question... it seeped into my soul and tarnished my thoughts. Caitlin had no clue what bipolar was, she just threw the word around uneducated. Of course, I denied it. I made a joke out of it and flirted with her a little but then I came home and thought about it. And thought about it. And thought about it. Until I came to the conclusion, I didn't need to take my meds anymore. And that's where my story starts, with the flush of a toilet, an annoying girl and whole load of mania. ✨✨✨ TRIGGER: This book contains detailed self harm, talk on suicide, mental illness, emotional abuse, racism and extreme religious themes based on virginity. If you are easily triggered or offended then please do not read this book. ✨✨✨ All views are that of the characters and are in no way affiliated with the views of the author. Some names maybe familiar if you've read my BBA series but this is a whole different book.

Romance / Erotica
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Lastly - trigger warnings. Suicide mention, mental health, emotional abuse, racism & extreme religious views based around virginity.

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