The Summer Days Chronicles

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Romance / Humor


Jonathan Parker and AJ McAllister are both just teenage boys, and they are going to be high school seniors in a matter of months. However, when going off for a summer trip, they have their once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it was the craziest idea possible: a road trip, through the continental United States of America. At first, they thought that this trip would only bond their so-called “friendship” before they hit the books and the hassles of their senior year in high school. Little do they know, they found something for themselves along the trip. Some...romance with each other, maybe? Or it is just a “brotherhood bonding experience”, like what they always claimed to be?


Jonathan ("Johnny"/"Johann") Parker

Day 21, State of Pennsylvania.

“You know what, I regret ever going on this wild ride with you.” I exclaimed, when AJ started to laugh his butt off at my comment.

“You know you love me, Jon. Plus, you wanted for us to do this trip in the first place.” The brown-haired guy chuckled when trying to reason with me the reason why we leave New York on a car a month ago.

A trip from California to New York City, if wanted, would only take around six hours. But thanks for the support of my supposed-to-be best friend with his brilliant mind, I am now stuck in a car, slowly passing the state of Pennsylvania, a ridiculous distance away from my old home but still a ridiculous way to go, until we reached our dream spot, New York City.

Well, your senior year holiday went a little bit...dusty, may I say. My own conscience put out his full-scale sarcasm onto me, when I am trying my best to find signs of civilization, since we had long past Memphis and there is still a path to go until we reached Nashville.

“Well, when I said we’re going on a road trip, I mean going to places like Yosemite, San Diego, Utah or Nevada, not halfway across the country!” I said, all so annoyed by our own horrible choice.

“Dear, it’s fine for me if you wanna go on to New York City on a coach, but trust me, you’ll miss out on a lot of things. And, it is a joke when you have to spend all that money when you could just drive your own self, although it’s not that cheap either.” he replied while we were still moving, and I huffed:

“Alright, just...turn on the radio and just keep your thoughts to yourself. I totally am too tired for any argument until we both reached a lodging place, so just be quiet.”

“Urgh, sure thing, babe.” He shrugged, while I started to drift to sleep.

You know, sometimes high school grads are the weirdest creatures on the planet. Take a look at us as a good example: no one with a right mind would go on this trip in the first place.

But we did, and look at where it leads me to- a once-in-a-lifetime romance with my best friend (who is now my boyfriend) and an unforgettable road trip along with it.

But let’s rewind, to understand why did we get here, shall we?

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