The Ice Dragon's Voice

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In the year 3033, A young human orphan girl lives in the orphanage of Rose Valley east of Theia Valley in Montana. She grew up in the orphanage due to her family's abandonment for not shifting at eight years old. She grew up to be a quiet, kindhearted soul with the power to use her voice and control the elemental of Ice. She was thirteen when she used her dragon powers accidentally on a mortal girl who was bullying her for being different. She and her dragon Amethyst both decided to keep their voice and abilities hidden from everyone until they could control their powers and learn how to shift safely. When her eighteenth (hundred-fifth teen years old) birthday comes, she will attend Raven Cove Ivy prestigious college in Theia Grove Valley. She will go through trials to become the ice dragon with her ability to use her voice to control her element and the environment around her. She has a run-in with the college's Four powerful popular Dragon Shifters, Three of them will one day take over their Clans to become the Chieftains. Liam Slivermyst 119 years old Dragon shifter of the Slivermyst Clan of Water Dragons, Demetri Darkmsyt & Orion Darkmyst 119 years old Dragon Shifter of the Shadow Dragons, Jason Firemyst 119 years old Dragon shifter of the Fire Dragons. Will these four male dragon shifters' ever find their lifelong mates and become the warrior and Chieftains alongside

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Character Descriptions

Chloe Lilianne Harken

Spring season (Mar 23rd) 18 human years/ 115 dragon years

Ice Dragon Shifter: silverish light blue scales with lilac eyes, twin horns curved on the head, large wingspan 20 ft wide, 10 feet tall Dragon with sharp claws and has the power to use Ice in both human and dragon form. Dragon’s name is Amethyst.

Shy, kindhearted full of life personality. 5′5 in height, long shoulder-length platinum blonde hair with oval lilac eyes, curvaceous hourglass body shape, natural D cup breasts with a slim waist, full natural red lips, heart-shaped face with high cheekbones. She had selective mutism since she was abandoned and accidentally attacked a mortal when she gained her dragon side and used her powers.

Mates: Orion “Rion” Darkmsyt – Twin brother to Demetri; Head warrior of the Darkmsyt clan; Attends the college alongside his brother; meets Chloe and finds out she is his lifelong mate that is the Ice Dragon with the voice and owns his own security business down in the valley of Theia Grove.

Orion “Rion” Darkmyst

Summer season (Jul 20th) 119 dragon years old; 22 human years old

Shadow Dragon shifter: Dark black scales with glowing red eyes, twin curved horns on head, large wide wingspan is 180 feet wide; 125 feet tall sharp claws and has the power to use the shadows and can control anyone’s mind. Dragons name is Knox.

Quiet, intelligent, calm personality. 7′0 in height, short shoulder length, shaved sides and nape – raven black hair, round garnet-red eyes, thick trimmed raven black eyebrows, oval face shape, high cheekbones, full bow lips, alethic fit bodybuilder physique.

Mates: Chloe Lilianne Harken – Attends the college to learn how to harness her powers; meets the four popular fierce Four of the college, studies world history of Dragon Shifters.

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