The Ice Dragon's Voice

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Hello Everyone,

This is a new series I have started working on and I am dedicating this new project to my grandmother who has been my biggest support with being an author. The storyline, characters, places are all my own imagination that I have worked hard on with this new series of books.

I do own the rights to this new novella series, and I ask that no one please does not take my work and use it for themselves. Thank you!

© The Ice Dragon’s Voice Selene F. Hearthorne 2022

The translations I used for the Russian language go to using the knowledge of google translate.

Here are the words and sentences in Russian to English:

моя сладкая красавица – my sweet beauty

принцесса – princess

моя красота – my beauty

понял – understood

вы гребаные ублюдки – you fucking bastards

Сын – Son

Отец, это моя спутница жизни, Хлоя. – Father, this here is my partner, Chloe. Бля, опять не та сука – Fuck, not that bitch again

садись в чертову машину – Get in the damn car.

Хорошо, отпусти меня, и я войду. - Okay, let me go and I’ll come in.

Все быстро переодевайтесь и встречайте меня в кабинете начальника. - Everyone quickly change and meet me in the boss’s office.

Красота - Beauty

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