Her Savior, His World

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Zoe Johnson has no family and no friends. She decides to leave her small town and start a new life far away from all the drama. When her new boss's grandson shows interest in her, she can't help but fall head over heels. For the first time in her life, she feels like she has found what she has always desired, love. It all comes crashing down when she walks in on her boyfriend having sex with another woman. Completely broken, she ends up in the arms of a stranger, a stranger who is also in need of healing.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

He must have forgotten that I was supposed to come up here this weekend to spend Valentines with him. I was so stupid to believe that he actually loved me. No one has ever loved me. My parents left me, I have no friends, and now my boyfriend cheated on me. We had been together over a year, and I thought on this weekend together he was going to propose, but now I know that’s never going to happen. I slammed my SUV in drive and spun out of his driveway. The snow was really coming down now, I was hoping I could make it back down the mountain before it got too bad.


I got this funny feeling in the pit of my stomach whenever I pulled up to Brett’s cabin. There was a vehicle there I didn’t recognize and I couldn’t get anyone to come to the door. I turned the knob and it was unlocked so I didn’t think he would mind if I let myself in, it was freezing outside. Once I was in, I hung my coat by the door and pulled my shoes off. I then made my way to the living room when I heard a noise, moans coming from the direction of Brett’s bedroom. I forced myself to walk to his door and when I opened it, there he was in all of his naked glory pounding into a big tit, skinny, blonde bimbo. They didn’t even notice I was standing there. I started feeling sick on my stomach and knew I needed to get out of there immediately. I grabbed my coat and boots and ran to my car.

I could hardly see two feet in front of me. The blizzard had set in and my eyes were swollen from where I was crying. I had to get back down the mountain because I had nowhere to stay up here and I couldn’t spend the night in my car, I would freeze to death. Before I knew what was happening my car was spinning, I had lost all control. It slammed into a big rock on the side of the mountain. I sat there for a minute trying to calm myself down. I tried to open my door but it wouldn’t budge. I couldn’t find my phone, not that it mattered because I didn’t have any service up here anyway. All I kept thinking was that I couldn’t die up here, frozen and alone. I wrapped my coat tighter around me feeling sorry for myself and cried even harder.

I had moved to this town to start over. My parents had been killed in a car accident and I needed to get away, away from all the stares and whispers in our town. I had met Brett when I started my new job, you could say he was like my boss. His family owned the firm who hired me. He had helped me heal a little and gave my confidence a much-needed boost. I am by no means model material but I don’t think I am terribly ugly. I may have a little more junk in the trunk but I love my curves, I thought Brett did to. A knock on my window pulled me out of my walk down memory lane. “Are you okay in there?”

“Yes, I am fine but I can’t get out, the door is jammed.” The stranger tied to pull open the door but couldn’t get it to open. “Cover your face with something, I am going to break the window.” I pulled my coat up over my face and then I heard the glass break. “Can you push yourself up?” I used my legs to push off from the floor. He grabbed me under my arms and helped me through the window and we fell to the ground with a thud. “Are you okay?” that deep voice rattled my chest and caused a shiver to run through me. “Yes, I am thanks to you.” I knew I needed to move off him but I couldn’t bring myself to. “We need to get a move on before we freeze to death out here, come on.” I got off him and as he stood my breath left me. He was tall and scruffy with broad shoulders. I really couldn’t make out much else through the falling snow and all his clothing. When I realized that he was riding a horse and expected me to climb up on that thing I panicked. I had never ridden on a horse and this thing was huge. “What’s wrong, have you never been on a horse before? Come on he won’t bite.” He grabbed my hand and placed it on the horse. “See, he’s real gentle. Now let’s get you on so we can get out of this weather.” He picked me up and practically threw me over the horse then he climbed on behind me. With a click of his tongue, he began to move in the direction of what I am assuming is his house.

“What about my car, I can’t just leave it here.”

“Your car is not going anywhere, trust me, it’s not drivable. It’s already off the road so there are no worries there either. It will be fine.”

It wasn’t too long of a ride and to be honest, I was enjoying it. We came to a stop in front of a beautiful cabin. I could see what looked like a barn in the distance, but the snow was coming down pretty heavy making it hard to see. He slid off the back of the horse and put his hand out for me to take. When I slid down my dress came up but I was too cold and sore to care. I tried to take a few steps but fell. He scooped me up and carried me inside where we were greeted with a fluffy, brown dog. He sat me on his sofa in front of a woodstove and walked away. I heard some dishes rattling so I assumed he was in the kitchen. I took the time to look around and noticed we were in a beautiful cabin. It was very rustic but had a homey vibe to it. I also noticed that it was very clean and put together. He walked back in the room followed by his dog and handed me a cup of coffee. “Here, this should help to warm you up.” The dog sniffed at me and I reached out and rubbed his head. “This is Ruby and my name is Seth, Seth Snyder.” His deep, manly voice was almost hypnotic. “Hi, my name is Zoe, Zoe Johnson. Thank you so much for saving me, I thought I was going to freeze to death out there.”

“What in the name of God were you even doing out in this kind of weather, you could have got yourself killed?”

“I was supposed to be spending the weekend at my boyfriend’s, well now ex-boyfriend’s house up the road. Needless to say, that didn’t work out and I had nowhere else to go but back down the mountain.”

“Well, the way this blizzard is sitting in, you should have stayed put. It’s no time to be out driving around.”

“Look, I’m sorry for the inconvenience but I will call a tow truck and catch a ride back to town.”

“Sugar, they ain’t anybody with any sense going to come up here and get your car tonight or take you back to town, it’s too dangerous. You will have to stay here, at least until this storm passes. So, first things first, there is my bathroom, you can get cleaned up in there and then I will put something on that cut of yours.” He pointed to my head. I reached up and “Ouch.” I didn’t even realize I had a cut on my head. “I have some clean clothes you can put on; I know they will be to big but warmer than what you currently have on.” I looked down at my dress and realized it was ripped and so were my stockings, how embarrassing, I bet this man thought I was nuts for being out here dressed like this. I put my cup down on his table and made my way to his bathroom. When I looked in his mirror, I was mortified. My hair was all over the place, I had a gash on my head, and my clothes were nasty and torn. I tried to lift my dress over my head but a sharp pain went through my shoulder and I let out a scream. Next thing I know, the door was flung open and he was standing there, “What happened?” Oh my god, could this be any more embarrassing? “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be so loud. I was trying to take my dress off and a pain went through my shoulder.” He looked at me and placed a stack of neatly folded clothes on the counter. “Here let me help you.” He managed to get my dress off without causing me to much pain. “Sit down.” He pointed to the toilet. When I did, he pulled my stocking off and then began examining my shoulder. “Doesn’t look like it’s out of place, probably gonna be sore though. There’s a pretty nasty bruise forming. You must have hit it when you crashed. Go ahead and get cleaned up and I will put some medicine on it to when you get done. He began to walk out then pointed to the stack of clothes, “Oh, by the way these clothes are for you.” With that he left me in the bathroom alone.

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