Timeless Love: Second Chance

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“ I, Damien Moreno, Alpha of the Moonlight Dwellers Pack, reject you Selena Euton as my mate and Luna.” The only thing that Selena remembered before dying, were the faces of the people that she trusted and loved with all her heart. But they just stomped on it, and used Selena as a doormat to their happily ever after. Feeling betrayed and used, she only wanted one thing - Revenge. Selena Euton, the true future Alpha of the Moonlight Dwellers Pack, who was betrayed by her ex best friend, Kayla Young and her ex husband, Damien Moreno. Time travelled to the past when she was sixteen. Exactly two years before she and Damien discover that they’re mates. But this time, she won’t make the same mistakes that she did in the past. Because she seeks revenge and nothing else. Rafael Vuoso, an attractive and mysterious guy, who is an Alpha of the Crimson Howl Pack, still hasn't found his mate, but he's not losing hope. One day, Selena and Rafael suddenly meet each other. And they both have no idea that this meeting will change both of their lives in the future.

Romance / Drama
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1. The Betrayal

╔══ ❀•°❀°•❀ ══╗

[Selena’s POV]

Today was supposed to be the best day of my life, the start of a new page in my book....

It is my wedding day after all. How could it go from happy and bright, to so dark and sinister in one evening?.....

....I should’ve just stayed quiet and never jinxed anything today...

It was the evening of my wedding day and I was getting comfy in me and my husband’s bedroom, admiring the view and the happy faces of my pack members having fun at the afterparty. I tried not to cry at the thought that my family was not there, celebrating with everyone else and leaving me here, all alone.

Mother... Father... Reece... Isaac... They were all gone. I didn’t even get a chance to see them for the last time when they were still alive. I shouldn’t have screamed such horrible stuff at my parents before they left for their trip. And I shouldn’t have distanced myself from my brothers. Now I have to bear this pain in my heart for the rest of my life.

Then I heard the door of our bedroom slowly opening and I could smell my mate’s scent already. It was the scent of cinnamon, my favorite spice. I happily turned around to face my beloved husband, Damien, who became an Alpha of my pack, the Moonlight Dwellers, and I was now his Luna.

But to my surprise, Damien was inside the bedroom with my best friend, Kayla. At first I didn’t think anything strange about these two, but then I saw that they were holding hands. This now completely threw me into confusion.

“U-um.. Dear? What’s going on?” I asked, while trying to sound as calm as possible.

Damien looked at me with seriousness, yet disgust on his face. “Don’t call me that! I’m tired of all this acting and being the loving husband and mate of yours.” He said, while Kayla was smirking like she had won the biggest lottery ever.

“Our poor, naive Selene~” was all she said, but right now, my focus was on Damien.

“Damien... W-What are you talking about? What’s going on with you?! What have I ever done to you to make you do all this!?” I shouted at him. I felt a single tear drop running down my cheek.

“I just used you. For myself and, of course, my gorgeous partner’s sake.” Damien said to me, while slowly wrapping his arm around Kayla.

“..Isn’t it right, baby?”

And that’s when Kayla started to giggle louder and lovingly looked at Damien. “Why, of course!~” She chirped happily before looking at me. “It was a piece of cake to manipulate you, Sele~ You listened to everything that I was saying and advising on~ Good job!~” Kayla finally said something that was now helping me to paint a better picture of what was going on right now.

Not knowing what to say, I stood speechless for a moment. Looking at them, with a shocked expression frozen on my face. “W-wha-” That was everything that I managed to say, before I heard a loud sound and lots of pain in my right leg.

“AAAAAAAAAA!” I screamed before falling down on the floor. That’s when I realized....

I got shot in my leg...

“Dammit. I missed.” Damien clicked his tongue before coming closer and kneeling in front of me. He was pointing his gun at me while smiling. “You see, Selene. I was quite jealous of the fact that you’d become the next Alpha of this pack. Then I found out that your bestie was also jealous of you and your family. So~ We decided to use you for our happily ever after~” He looked at me with a sinister expression on his face.

“We are almost at our destination, we just need to dispose of you~ The last of what is left of the Euton family. Then me and Kayla are going to be happy.” While Damien was saying all of that, Kayla slowly approached us and wiped my tears that were running down my cheeks without me knowing.

“You were stupid enough to trust both of us so blindly~ And now you are going to enjoy hell, while me and my lovely Damien are going to live happily. Thanks to you, Selene dear~” Kayla said, before they both began to laugh at me.

I felt my entire life was just destroyed and they didn’t even do anything... They used me to do everything... I am such an idiot.

Damien, without any warning, shot me again, but this time it was my right shoulder.

“You think you are in pain? Oh you have no idea what’s coming next, dear.” He laughed.

“W-w-what are you t-talking ab-bout?” I asked, my voice shaking.

That bastard just smiled at me, before speaking. ”I, Damien Moreno, Alpha of the Moonlight Dwellers Pack, reject you Selena Euton, as my mate and Luna.”

Once he said these words, I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces. I wanted to scream loudly from the pain that this caused me. But I didn’t want to give them the pleasure of this, so I just looked at them, angry.

“Oh? Is our little Selene trying to act all tough? Well, too bad~ We’re gonna see you suffer fully until your last breath!” Kayla said, before taking out a knife from her pocket and proceeding to stab me a couple of times.

I don’t even remember how many times she stabbed me, but all I could remember was my screams of agony, the tears running down my face nonstop and Damien laughing at how his partner in crime was being so cruel towards me. I was his mate for fucks sake!

I didn’t want to die while being attached to this bastard, so I gathered up my remaining energy and when I was not coughing up blood, I spoke the words that I was ever so proud of.

“....And I, Selena Euton, accept your rejection. And I hope that the Moon Goddess will make you suffer for what you have done to me and my pack.” After I said these words, I felt... at peace. At least in my next life I won’t be attached to this bastard.

At this point, I was barely feeling any of my body parts, my eyes were trying their best to just stay open. But to my dismay, I was slowly but surely sinking down from this life. While my ‘oh so trusting’ people whom I cared deeply for, were laughing at me, seeing me silently suffer.

I will get my revenge... Damien Moreno... Kayla Young... You will regret what you have done to me and to my beloved pack. I will make you pay.′ It was the last thing I ever thought, before leaving this world for good.


[The Moon Goddess’s POV]

I saw everything... My poor child.. I can’t believe the pack that I blessed would get such a downfall after all of these years.

And Selene.. My bright, honest but sadly oblivious child. They used you as a doormat.. I can’t let this happen. I cannot allow my children and those I gave my blessings to, to just disappear that easily.

I will give you a second chance, my child...

[Selena’s POV]

“My child... wake up..” I heard a very faint but at the same time gentle voice, who was asking me to wake up. “My child.. come now. Open your eyes.”

This time I could feel someone’s hand gently touching my cheek, which somehow slowly allowed me to open my eyes.

But once I opened them, I immediately shut them again due to how bright it was.

“I see you are awake, my child.” The voice said with a light giggle. It was now my goal to see who this person was talking to me right now.

I tried my best to open my eyes and focus my sights on this person. Slowly but surely, the full image of them appeared in my sight and from what I saw, my eyes widened upon realisation.

“M-M-Moon Goddess?! H-how!? W-what? How am I still alive? W-” Before I even managed to finish my pile of questions directed at her, the Moon Goddess silenced me by gently placing her finger near my lips.

“Shhh.. I will answer all of your questions, my child.” Her voice sounded so warm and gentle, it felt like my own mother was now talking to me.

“First of all, how are you feeling right now?..” She asked gently, knowing well that it would be difficult for me to relive what just happened.

“I got.... I got betrayed... by the only people whom I trusted...” Tears started to run down my cheeks once again. “...I feel... so stupid.. How could I even manage to trust them this much!? Especially Damien... he was my fated one after..all... I..” At this point, I just proceeded to cry my eyes out, while I could feel the gentle embrace of the goddess, who just silently listened to me.

“Let it all out, my child. Let it all out..” That was enough for me to cry for what felt like hours and I felt better after that. “Thank you.. so much.” My voice sounded very tired from all of letting out my emotions.

The Moon Goddess just looked at me with a small smile on her face. “Now that you let it all out... My child. What do you think about getting revenge on them all?” Her question caused me to look at her with shock in my eyes.

I wanted to make sure if I heard her question correctly. “R-Revenge?” To which the goddess simply nodded, patiently waiting for my decision.

Revenge... At first I wanted to decline her offer, but.. I thought about it for a while. ′Why should I even spare these assholes? They didn’t spare me at all..

I looked at The Moon Goddess with anger and determination.

“Yes. I do want revenge on them all. They had the audacity to not only ruin my life, but they also dared to touch my family’s pack, our pride and joy...” I clenched my fists before finishing my sentence.

“..I want them to pay."

This was enough for The Moon Goddess, so she finally spoke. “Then I will guide you in your new life, my child. I will allow you to keep all of your memories from your past life. So that the information will be at your disposal...”

“New life?..” I asked.

“I’m going to return you back in time, my child. I am going to send you two years before you meet your mate. Because I believe that you want to be prepared for that moment, right?” The Moon Goddess really surprised me but at the same time, she hit the bullseye with that statement of hers.

I just simply nodded.

The Goddess continued. “But I want you to have a way to communicate with me whenever you need my guidance. So... I will be giving you an ability to contact me. I am going to grant you knowledge of how exactly to do that. So don’t worry about that for now, my child.”

My mind was going haywire at this point. I got so much information at once, but at the same time, I’m getting my well deserved second chance of being a better person.

The most important thing though - my revenge. And I am going to execute it no matter the cost.

This time, no love, no friends, only my pack and my family. ...I’m going to devote my entire existence only to them.

“Thank you once again, Moon Goddess... I will make you proud!” I exclaimed loudly before I felt like I was about to fall asleep once again. But not before I heard her saying.

“I know you will, my child... I know you will.” She clearly sounded happy.

╚══ ❀•°❀°•❀ ══╝

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