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By Keonna Hines All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica


What happens when a abused good girl turns bad? abused and a betrayed Kabella decides to restart her life in Oregon. add a unplanned pregnancy with a playboy billionaire , a pissed off family plus a his crazy ex fiancé, and a crazed stalker. You'll get a taste of Kabella's life.


“I said I was sorry how many times do you want me freaking apologize. We were having a little fun.” The stupid whore didn’t get it, was she that vapid and shallow? Was I not clear why I was so pissed? I watched her as she started to pull her clothing off the floor.

“Bell I didn’t mean to hurt you, I love you I just made a few mistakes. A man has needs and you wanted to stay a virgin until you was married it’s a win win baby.″ Was it so bad that his voice now made me want to put a bullet between his eyes, Trent use to make my body tingle with just his voice alone. I think I’m in shock I must be since I’m sitting here taking to myself while these two lying pathetic fools try to convince me that I’m in the wrong, that this is some dumb mistake.

Taking as much air into my lungs as I could I tried to focus on staying calm, But fuck that! They could rot in fucking hell for all I care. All the pain and bullshit i put up with for this woman who is suppose to love and protect me and she does this to me. Forget all the nights her husbands fist conneted to my face or how many broken bones i have gotten protecting her. She gave me life but yet she has Never protected me. I wonder if she even cares or love me.

I walked to the lounge chair that I bought last week when I moved in with Trent. We met 3 years and 9 months ago in my freshmen year at UCLA. He was everything a girl could want. Rich, Popular and good looking I knew I made a mistake when my friends started looking at me with hate. Like i stole their favorite pair of heels.

This morning all I just wanted was to make the deans list and graduate with honors to make Trent proud, Stupid I know. Making the sure my grades were up so his stupid politcal daddy will like me. I was so happy walking down that stupid stage to accpet my award. That was untill the reception and his friend Brice asked where Trent was then laughed, LAUGHED! God i must be stupid to think i could really make it on my own. To think something good could happen to me.

All i can do right now is replay this morning in my head everyone laughing at me. It took everything in me not to kill them right now. Brice Patterson is Trent’s bestfriend he knew everything that had happened in the last 3 years and didnt hesatate to share when he found out that Trent had cut him from the CFO position in the new company Trent was opening. By having me in the picture Trents daddy gave him the money to open a investment firm. I was a meal ticket to him.

This whole time i was suppose to be the trophy girlfriend as Brice nicly explained, Pretty, Smart and nice body. It made me want to hurl just thinking that i was going to marry this man who apprently is fuking my mother for the last year and before that my sister. God i'm stupid!

“You know the funny thing is I’m not hurt, I’m pissed the fuck off. My boyfriend mom really? I’m sure dads going to love that, And you.... you dumb fuck did you forget your nothing without me.” I think I’m doing good keep my voice calm, My sister once said it was scarier then me screaming.

The shift in the room was instant. They finally understood what was about to happen and I was going to make sure they understand never to fuck with me again. I took my cell out of my back pocket with slow movements I wanted to drag this out even though I knew my actions will cause not only them but myself pain. Dialing the number without looking down I pressed talk and waited.

“What the fuck did your mother do now?” My father deep voice boomed through the phone. There’s no going back now.

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