Thanatos's Phoenix: Outlaws Guardian Protectors MC

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It is a fight for survival for two hardened souls who have gone through enough in their lives and are trying to overcome their dark past; one was an ex-navy seal which is now the Enforcer of the Outlaws Guardian Protectors. The other is a young female fighter in the underground fight nightclub abandoned by her family when she was only five. These two meets under harsh circumstances when the MC Enforcer saves her life a year before being attacked by unknown assailants. They both do not expect to happen something that neither of them has ever experienced. Will, there be justice served for her, or will they burn from the harsh world around them and wants to tear them apart?

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Prologue - Ciera

It has been a year since a few unknown assailants brutally attacked me. My lawyer has been trying to get me to remember that night when the only thing I can remember from that night was a motorcycle club symbol on the back of the cut my saviour was wearing when he saved me that night and brought me to the hospital.

I had just moved to Warson Woods after what had happened to me back in Kansas City. I was shaking my head to rid my mind of the memory of that horrible night. I quickly packed up my gym bag, made my way out of the local gym, and headed off to work at Joe’s Wolf Den. It is a small local bar where many people spend time together after a long day at work.

The feeling of driving on a motorbike has always made me feel so free and not confined when driving in a car. I put my gym bag in my saddlebag on my black ninja motorbike with that all in mind. I put my helmet on, got on my bike, started the engine, and drove into traffic.

Once I made it to Joe’s Bar, I parked my bike next to a wealthy, red, almost black Harley with a symbol of a blue skull with Black angel wings. I narrowed my eyes in thought, trying to remember where I had seen that symbol before. Shrugging my shoulders, I grabbed my bag from my bike and helmet in hand and made my way inside the bar to get ready for my shift, working as a server.

I have been working here for a few weeks now, and I enjoy my job most nights and a few other nights where I must take out the drunk idiots before anything happens like a bar fight. I quickly got into my uniform with a heavy sigh that consisted of a long-sleeve black shirt with the bar logo, tight black pants, and my runners. I grabbed my long raven black hair and put it up into a high ponytail, making my way towards the bar front to meet with Chaz and Fae.

“Hey girlie, glad you made it” I shook my head, grinning at Fae and her hyper voice when I could see her bright blue eyes shine with mischief and a bright smile on her face. She was wearing the average amount of makeup and her bartender uniform with the bar logo on the back of the shirt, and she was also wearing her black combat boots to match her outfit.

“Yeah, I just got here after working out at the gym for a while,” I said softly with a rasp in my voice. I grabbed my black apron and tied it around my waist with my notebook and pen in hand.

I waved Fae goodbye and headed off to tend to the bar patrons with a bright fake smile upon my face and continued to work all night long dealing with many different customers and clientele that walked into the bar.

I was making my way towards the back room after a few hours of working my shift to take my first break when I heard a loud crash coming from the central part of the bar. I gave out a harsh whine of annoyance, knowing I would have to go out there and deal with the idiots who were fighting in the bar.

When I got out there, I saw Chaz with Joe and another man that looked familiar to me, but for some reason, I could not remember where I had seen him. I ignored the hard stare of someone watching me, and for some reason, it did not bother me as it would typically be with others.

“Joe, what happened?” I said softly as my voice was damaged a year ago.

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