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King Michael.

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♤♤♤♤♤》》》》 The vampire romance. ♤♤♤♤♤》》》》 Vampires. Yes they are real not a myth. They live among us, they have friends and family. They are hot and sexy as if the God sculpted them himself. But you never look into their eyes long enough. They are your worst nightmare. Vampire are monsters. Ellie is a 19 year old in high school just about to end her school. What happens when she uncovers that vampires are real. What happens when she realizes that she was adopted. Michael is 25 years old and a king. He loves to see people in pain. His regin has given Vampires of his kingdom pride and himself an image of a monster. He is an example of monster. He is hot, he is intelligent, he is sly, he is gifted and he cares for his kingdom. What happens when he stumbles across his mate in the middle of the night, in dark woods where humans are forbidden to venture.

Romance / Fantasy
Black rose
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Chapter 1 Ellie

" Hey Ell, how is it going ?" A male voice aid from the other side.

" Fine. Same like yesterday, and day before yesterday and the day before that. "

" You need to pay more attention on your studies. "

" I am paying attention on studies Micha. It's just so boring without you."

" I will be back soon. Wait for me."

" yes. Micha ?"

" Hmm ? Why wouldn't you let me know where you are ?"

" Ellie I am at a place you don't want to come. the day will arrive soon when I will introduce you to everyone from my family and my people."

" Your people?"

" yeah, my people."

" Well, then I will wait for that day. I miss you. See ya. "

" Bye, Ellie. "

Ellie ended the call and ran to her study room.

She was 6 years old when she had this conversation with her best friend Michael. She loved him, how he took care of her, how he always helped her in everything. But he had to go, he said his parents had to shift to Atlanta, where his father got new job. It was only for 2 years or so he said. But when he left Ellie was so little but she realized that she was attracted to him, that she wanted to spend most of her time with him.

It's been 13 years since then, he never returned nor did he picked her calls. At first he used to talk to her everyday but then slowly the everyday turned to days, then weeks, then months now he doesn't even pick her calls. Ellie was so angry at him. How dare he not pick her calls ? Today was her 19th birthday, 13 years without him. Every birthday she went to the nearby orphanage and played with the little kids and helped the elders. Then she would go to the pet day care and feed the little stray dogs they have. She had school today and it was the last month so she decided to first go to school and then she will carry out her daily birthday routine later. Ellie was in her room getting ready for School when she heard her mother shout for her. Ellie had 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Her mother's name is Samantha and father's name is Henry. Her brothers, Jake and Jamie; her sisters Ava, Amelia and Alice. She was the third kid after Jake and Jamie. For some reason her mother and sisters hated her but her father and brothers were very supportive to her and let her doing anything and everything she wanted.

" Ellie, come downstairs and make us breakfast."

" It's my birthday and it's your job to feed us. "

" Well, I am paying for your school fees so you can atleast do that much. "

" You are paying everyone's school fees why are they not told to make breakfast, luch or dinner ?"

" Well, they are boys."

" Then why not the girls ?"

" they are still younger."

" What ? This is ridiculous. "

" Samantha make the breakfast, today is her birthday let her live one day."

" Well, you don't say anything in this. All she does is be locked up inside the room and do nothing."

" Yeah ? And what do you do ?"

" I take care of 6 people in the house, is that not enough ?"

" Well, Ell is the daughter of the house as well."

" yeah, sure." Her mother made a dirty face at her.

" You know what, I am not interested in having breakfast at all . You can make breakfast for your family. Saying that Ellie took 2 apples from the fruit basket and left.

" Bye dad. See ya !" Ellie hugged her dad and left taking her car keys from the bowl on the way out of the house to the garage.

Ellie drove a Matt black audi which was given as a gift by her brothers on her 16th birthday. She loved it and took utmost care of it. On the way to school she missed Micha.

"No, I will not let him ruin my day. If he loved me so much or even cared a little bit about me he would have called me or came to meet me again as he promised." She spoke to herself. She turned up the radio and Selena Gomez, 'who says' started. She started to sing alone the track as she reached the school. She drove in the parking area where she saw few new cars and one specifically parked at her spot. She shrugged her shoulders and parked near it. She walked in the school where she was immediately hugged by a small blonde girl, her best friend, Scarlett.

" Happy birthday girl !!!" She shouted in Ellie's ears.

" Scar, you will make me go deaf. " Ellie said covering her ears as they parted their hug.

" sorry. But it's your birthday !! You are finally turning 19 !!"

"Yeah, finally !" Ellie said as she smiled brightly.

" Okay, after school we are going to my place change, then go for shopping, get you new cloths and shoes and then at night we can go clubbing!!!" Scarlett made plans as they both walked to their respective lockers and took books for the first three classes.

" No, not today. I have to go to the orphanage and then to the pet store. Sorry, Scar. Not today."

" But, it's your birthday we do that every year."

" yeah, but every years usually it's holidays. This time it's not. "

"Fine. We can try new thing this year." Ellie heard Scarlett say.

Ellie closed her locker door, locked it and said,

"Who are you and what have you done with my best friend."

"Well, it's your birthday. So it's your choice."

Ellie smiled at her best friend hooking her hand in hers they both walked to their first class of literature.


Hello my love,

What's up ? What's going on ? How are you ?

Hope everything is well and you are all safe from the pandemic. So I am starting a new story. I hope you like it, feel free to let me know what you think about this chapters whether you like the chapter or you need something different.

Give it a like ❤ and comment 💬 down below of how you like the start of the story. And if you do, I'll see you In the next chapter.


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