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We Come Back: Volume I By the Light

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Would you accept reincarnating love if the package it came in had sharp-horned edges? Be weary; the impertinent stranger beside you in this life, might be of substantial importance to you in the next. The first in a series of fiction novels, based around the concept of reincarnation between "heaven" and Earth, it focuses on two personified creatures that are bound together lifetime after lifetime. The seasons of Summer and Winter are constantly in love, but often apart. The series shifts between the "afterlife" and Earth, and the extreme struggles these personified creatures face. Jack Staun, an Irish brogue full of piss and vinegar, exhibits signs of deep love for a complete stranger, Astraea, who is a painter from the "afterlife." This book takes you through so many different mythological and historical elements while it still retains the basic core concepts of reincarnation, the transformation from distain to love, and the sacrifices that we make in pursuit of our needs. It's a book for all who like reading ways of explaining the unexplained with touches of magical realism, human error, and strong drive at the forefront. Loyalty, and a possible explanation of how we might know someone before we’ve met them, are underlying themes that force the reader to explore deeper into their subconsciousness.

Romance / Drama
Rose Taylor
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There are many various times throughout our lives, when we meet someone and we feel as if we had seen that look in their eyes a hundred times before. We hear a stranger’s voice, and feel immediately as if that melodious tone had traveled through our ear canals as steadily as a river flows downstream. Though we may not have ever met said person before, we find that we are more comfortable with them than some people we have known our entire lives.

There are times when you wake up from a dream, only to recall every detail with such description that you wonder, could that have been real? Certainly, you can see by the blankets on top of you and the light coming in from the window at the break of dawn, that if it was real and you were involved, than it wasn’t in this lifetime. Or perhaps, you have managed time travel in a swirling accident?

So, what if it was real, what if reincarnation affected everything that happens in this life? What if your life was like a road that has forked and whether or not you choose the left or the right side, you are guaranteed to have the same inevitability either way? Would life become more personal or less? Would you learn to trust those moments of a deep bond with a stranger, whom you might have known before?

Perhaps this story will help you to understand that though there are many events in our lives that are unexplained, connections that we cannot trace, it does not make them any less real. Whether or not we choose to ignore these connections, they will come back, lifetime after lifetime, because we are forever connected to who we were and who we will be. What if we knew that we were not alone through these lifetimes, and that we do, in fact, come back?

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