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Falling For A Human

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Vampires, Werewolves, Shapeshifters, things that go bump in the night. Are they just fairy tales or are they real? Blade, half-human living in Transylvania, hidden deep in the woods always knew he was different, he just didn't know exactly what he was. He stayed isolated from the townspeople, only venturing into town for supplies. His parents were murdered when he was sixteen so he had to take care of himself. There were many creatures deep in the woods, dangerous ones. As long as they left him alone he never bothered with them. That was until one night he rescued a young woman who fell prey to a pack of evil werewolves. But the woman had hidden secrets, ones she herself didn't know until the mystery slowly started to unfold.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Blade's parents were murdered when he turned sixteen by those unknown to him. But he swore that someday he would find their killers and get his revenge. He grew up deep in the woods surrounded by creatures the world thought only existed in books. If they only knew the truth they would never sleep again. He really wasn't sure what he was, only that he was part human. His parents wanted to protect him from the truth, when in fact they only succeeded in putting his life in danger. But he was a fighter, his father taught him to fight, taught him skills that he would need in the future. His mother was human, his father part vampire, part shapeshifter. Blade's grandfather also had married a human, he himself was a vampire. So he had to wonder what he was, then figured out he was a bit of everything.
He lived a lonely existence, longing for love, someone to hold in his arms at night. He wanted a family and to live a normal life, but he knew that was not in the cards for him. He had to forget about love, to survive and find his parent's killers. At the age of twenty-six, he was still learning all of the different shapes he could turn himself into. His favourite was a bird, he could fly anywhere and perch on a branch and watch as the normal people went about their lives. It made him jealous at times to see those in love, holding hands and kissing. Making out in the bushes, their bodies joined as one as they grunted and groaned.
One night he heard the howl of several wolves, it was the sound they made when they found prey and were about to pounce on them. But this was different, not the usual one when they were after a wild animal. So out of curiosity, he went to investigate, turning himself into wolf form.
He ran towards the sound of growling, stopping just short of the spot where the wolves were, surrounding their prey, there were four of them. His heart started beating faster when he saw the object of their attention. A female human, blonde hair, wearing shorts and a tank top with a backpack on her back standing in the circle the wolves had formed. He couldn't just stand by and watch her being torn to shreds by the beasts.
Letting out a loud growl he raced towards them, baring his canines he took them by surprise. Braking through their barrier he stood next to the human, baring his teeth and growling. There was no scaring them away so the fight began. He took out the first three with no problem. But the fourth one, who must have been the leader of the pack was not as easy. They fought, their teeth sinking into each other's fur. He was able to pin the leader down, sinking his teeth into his neck but he managed to get free and took off running deep into the woods.
The human was frozen with fear, unable to move. He let out a howl and turned his back to the woman and turned back into his human form. He stood there naked before her and heard her scream as she tried to back away. She hit her back on a tree trunk and let out a blood-curdling scream before she passed out. Going over he picked her up in his arms and carried her back to his place.
She felt so light in his arms and when he looked down at her he felt a weird sensation in his heart. Laying her down in his bed he removed her clothes, his eyes staring at her breasts for a few seconds. She was so beautiful, every inch of her and he felt his manhood twitching as his eyes traveled down her to the area he wished he was in. But he wasn't one to take advantage of a helpless female. So he cleaned up her wounds and placed one of his shirts on her before pulling the covers over her. He sat on the chair next to the bed and watched as she slept until he too drifted off to sleep.
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