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The Boss's Command

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Holden Beliard starts a job at a new job at Romano Corp. the highest-grossing media company in the nation. When he comes into the office to start his first day as one of the finance managers for the company, he gets an upgraded position. Personal assistant to Nicholas Romano, Owner of the company. Nicholas Romano, Arrogant CEO of Romano Corp. The family company that was passed down to him, that he was determined to run with an iron fist. That was until Holden came along. Tough CEO meets Headstrong Assistant, That ought to play out well.

Romance / Other
Eric Hue
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1| Brand New Day

Holden Beliard’s first day at Romano Corp was certainly interesting. On his first day, he somehow managed to spill coffee on himself and forget his paperwork causing him to be late. Let’s just say the start of his day was not optimal.

Luckily his best friend, Tracie, was nice enough to get him this job, he would be working as the assistant finance manager. When he was a sophomore in high school he decided to do dual enrollment and his junior year he started on his business major with a minor in photography. Now he is 20 and has a degree in business, making him perfect for the position.

As much as he loved staying home all day he needed to have a job so he could pay his rent for the apartment he used the last bit of money that his mother had left him when he was sixteen. His mother was always thinking of his future before she passed, she just wanted to make sure he was set for success.

When Holden had finally stepped into the office for the first time, everyone stared at him like he had a third eye. Supposedly Tracie had told everyone that she got Holden a job but not about how young he was. “You must be Holden” a cheery man held out his hand for Holden to shake.

“I’m Quinn, I’ll be your Supervisor until Tracie gets back tomorrow.” Tracie had managed to get him this job over the phone while in the Bahamas on a cruise. That woman could do anything she set her mind to, she had her ways.

“I’ll show you to your desk and kinda show you around.” Quinn smiled, his loose brown curls bouncing as he perked up. ’Man this dude is perky’ Holden thought as he followed the cheery male through the office.

Through the little tour, Holden learned the names of all of his new co-workers in the finance department, and also where the break room and bathroom were.

“Welp, here we are, your new desk. If you need anything Tracie will be in the cubicle in front of you, and I’m right on the side of you, across the walkway.” Quinn says, but then whispers, “If the boss comes over here just be polite and don’t talk back, he’s got some anger issues and I’ve seen him fire a girl before she even sat down because she looked at him the wrong way.”

“Wow, this dude must be a real prick.” Holden thought aloud and Quinn quickly shushed him.

“You never want to get caught talking shit about the boss, he will fire you in an instant.” the curly haired boy warned

“But you just- nevermind duly noted.” Holden responded not wanting this conversation to continue.

“Good, well if you need me you know where to find me.” Quinn’s demeanor quickly changed back to his peppy disposition from earlier as he left back to his desk.

Holden then opened the computer on his desk to see at least 10 different emails from coworkers saying welcome and a few different spreadsheets they needed to be done by the end of the day.

One person’s email particularly caught his eye and it was from Grant who was a few rows over from him it read;

You got Quinn as your tour guide today right? Lol he’s a trip, but definitely the peppiest person here. If you need anything don’t hesitate to email me. Maybe we can go for coffee during your break? Let me know if you’re up to it.

Grant Jackson

Holden then quickly replied to the message making sure that he got the chance to go out for coffee with Grant. Grant was one of those guys that looked like he stepped right out of one of those corny tv shows where the girl falls in love with the boss, except he played the boss. He was definitely easy on the eyes.

The three hours between the start of the day and Holden’s lunch break felt longer than they actually were. Between the spreadsheets and the paperwork for the whole department, he had his hand full. The New York days normally went by fast for him but today was not one of those days.

By the time his lunch break came along, Holden’s brain was about ready to explode. With all of the new info that he needed to organize the files for the finance department, he just wanted to not think about it.

“Ready for that coffee?” Holden heard a deep yet soft voice say above him.

He looked up to see Grant with a gentle smile on his face, his kind blue eyes looking into his soul. “You have no idea.’ Holden Chuckled and Grant helped him up. “thanks “ Holden thanked the taller man.

The two made their way out after Holden told his supervisor he was going on break. The coffee shop was maybe about a block away from their building and maybe 5 minutes walk away. “So, how has your first day with us been so far?” Grant asked.

“Certainly interesting, I spilled coffee on myself this morning at home so I had to change, and then I forgot my paperwork at home and had to turn around after making it halfway to work.” Holden explained with a small giggle at the end. At least he could laugh at the situation.

“Well, it’s good you aren’t too down about it.” Grant said being optimistic. “I’m glad I snagged you for your break before anyone else did.” he chuckles deeply.

The chuckle made Holden smile, he was glad he could make the man in front of him smile. Grant’s friendly smile made Holden’s heart warm. “Ok, to clear everyone’s speculation, how old are you exactly?” Grant asked.

“I’m 20” Holden chuckled.

“Wow so much for thinking you were of legal age.” Grant joked as they walked into the coffee shop. “So what are you getting?” he asked.

“Probably just a simple iced coffee with sugar and cream.” Holden informed the blue eyed man.

Just as Holden had finished speaking, Grant had stepped up to the counter and ordered both his drink and Holden’s. Before the younger male could protest he had also paid for the drinks.

“You didn’t have to do that.” Holden huffed, which made Grant smile.

“Well I wanted to, think of it as a gift from a new friend.” Grant smiled, his blue eyes lighting up like a Christmas tree.

“Fine, but I’m buying you dinner in the future.” Holden pushed with a snide smile.

“The Holden Belliard, buying me dinner. I’m so honored.” Grant gasped playfully, then began to laugh at his own antics. Holden chuckled along with him, their drinks being called out shortly after. Holden grabs the drinks for the both of them and comes back to the table they had picked.

“So Mr. Belliard, what’s your story?” Grant asked goofily.

“Well, I grew up here in New York City, but I’m originally from good ole Kentucky. I moved here with my mom when I was 7. I went to Aviation High School and did dual enrollment at Kingsborough Community college where I got my degree in business with a minor in creative writing.” Holden explained and Grant had a puzzled look on his face.

“What about your father, I didn’t hear you mention him.” Grant asked and Holden’s face fell a little bit. The subject was still sensitive after all of these years.

“Well, My father was in the military. He died fighting for our country when I was little.” Holden informed the now apologetic Grant.

“If I would have known that I wouldn’t have asked. Well, at least you still have your mom right?” Granted questioned hopefully. But only to be disappointed when Holden shook his head.

“She died two years ago, right after I left to live in the college dorms she passed in a car accident. A drunk driver ran her off the road, right off of the Williamsburg bridge into the water below. By the time the police got there she had drowned.” Holden said with a lump present in his throat.

“Wow, I’m so sorry. You don’t have anyone left do you?” Grant apologized with a worried look on his face.

“I have Tracie, even though she Isn’t blood she’s still family. She’s been my best friend since sophomore year, she graduated the year right before me. That woman is my rock, I don’t know I’d be here without her.” Holden changed the topic, not wanting to stay in a gloomy mood.

“Well It’s good you have someone to depend on, well now two someones.” Grant smiled sweetly. Holden looked at his watch, they had been talking for almost half an hour. He needed to be back at the office in eight minutes.

“We should probably go back to the office now.” Grant mentioned as if he had read Holden’s mind.

“Yeah.” Holden agreed, throwing away his empty coffee cup and heading for the door.

The walk back to the office was not long, but still filled with conversation. The two talked about work and things they dreamed of doing or jobs they’d rather have.

“Give me your phone.” Grant asked with a small amount of force.

“Okay…” Holden says unsure of why Grant would ask for his phone.

Grant’s fingers could be seen tapping on the phone screen but he then gives it back with a smile on his face. “What exactly did you do?” Holden questioned.

“I put my number in your phone, if you need anything don’t be afraid to call.” Grant smiled gently as they approached their building

After the two had returned back to the office, Holden went back to organizing spreadsheets and company bills. The rest of the day went smoothly and was fairly boring other than the occasional word from Quinn, asking about the coffee outing with Grant, and other things along those lines.

Holden enjoyed his first day, though he was ready to be home in his bed. His ride home was fairly nice, the taxi driver was polite and there was not much traffic. The minute he got home, Holden kicked off his nice boots and groaned in relief, ’Thank god, my feet don’t have to be trapped in there anymore’ he thought.

He made his way to the couch and sat down, finally after a long day he could relax. Just as he began to get comfortable there was a knock at the door. He sighs so much for alone time.

“What’s up you sexy bitch!” Holden’s best friend screeched in excitement. Looks like he would be having a quiet night either.

“Back from the cruise I see” Holden chuckles.

“Yeah, that was just what I needed. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job but that shit gets tiring after a while.” she sighs and Holden nods.

“I know exactly what you mean considering I had your job today. I have never had so many spreadsheets in my life.” Holden explains.

“Girl, lemme tell you. Just wait until tax season. You are going to want to drop dead.” she says dead serious.

“I believe you.” Holden agrees.

“Anyway, did anything interesting happen at the office while I was gone?” Tracie would ask.

“Not really, I met everyone in our department and went out for coffee with Grant for lunch” Holden shrugged as Tracie’s eyes widened.

“Hold the fucking phone, You had coffee with Grant as in Grant Jackson our Financial Analyst?” Tracie gasped.

“Yeah, he is a fairly good company. He paid for my coffee and I’ll be bringing him to dinner in the future.” Holden Explained nonchalantly. “I don’t see why you are making such a big deal of this.” Holden added to his previous statement.

“Because Grant is the one guy in our office who is single, well other than you but besides the point. If he is taking a liking to you you better watch your back. These bitches are petty as hell, That’s why me and Trevor didn’t work out.” Tracie warns, but then adds “That bitch kelly, man stealing whore.”

“Thanks, but nothing is gonna happen between me and Grant. We are just friends.” Holden shuts down Tracie’s antics.

“You better hope the fuck not. One girl got Miralax in her coffee because she and Grant went to a work function together. Never seen a bitch shit so many times in one hour.” She says making a face of disgust and sympathy.

Holden’s phone pings with a message. ’Speak of the devil’ he thinks reading the message from Grant.

Grant: Hey, would you want to go out for lunch tomorrow during your break? I really enjoyed myself today. ;)

Holden: Sure, I know a really good sub shop block or two from the office.

Grant: Alright, I’ll meet you by the front doors for your break.

“Who was that?” Tracie asked and Holden shook his head.

“Grant, he was asking me out to lunch tomorrow.” he explains and Tracie sighs.

“Alright, it’s your funeral.” Tracie gave up, throwing her hands in the air.

“I’ll be fine, I promise.” Holden tries to reassure his best friend and she shakes her head.

“I’d better be getting my ass to bed, I gotta be awake when I get to tell you that I was right. Tracie says, heading to the door.

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Holden comments as he opens the door for his best friend.

“Yup.” she says as she exits Holden’s apartment and he closes the door behind her. Though he loved his best friend, Holden was ready for bed. He dragged himself into the shower, washing away the day along with the smell of coffee that still lingered on him from this morning. He then quickly brushed his teeth and his loose curly hair.

After he had done this, he was half asleep. His hazel eyes were heavy and his body heavier on his legs, by the time he got settled in bed It hadn’t taken him long to fall asleep.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be easier’ he thought before drifting to sleep.

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