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The Boss's Command

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2| You Don't Own Me

The next morning, Holden woke up to his alarm with a groan. Though he knew today wouldn’t be horrible, he still didn’t want to get out of bed. Much to his dismay, Holden got out of bed and got ready. He always gave himself a full hour to get ready so he could be sure he didn’t forget anything.

After getting ready, Holden carefully makes coffee in a to go cup, not making the mistake of having to pour it in like yesterday, and heading out the door. The walk to the office was not a long one, it was about 3 blocks, but it was nothing Holden couldn’t handle.

The minute he walked into the office something felt off, he couldn’t say what but he could feel it. He’d walk to his desk and set his things down. He logged into his computer to see an email from Haylee, their social media manager. She had sent him a welcome package from the imagery team. Somehow, he knew it was not to be friendly because of his outing with Grant.

“Guess who sent me a welcome basket.” Holden spoke over the divider of his and Tracie’s cubicles.

“Lemme guess, Haylee from the imagery team.” Tracie said boredly.

“Yup” I replied.

“What did I tell you.” Tracie sassed. I rolled my eyes, that woman always had to be right. “Have you met Nicholas yet?” she asked and Holden looked at her with confusion.

“Romano?” He questioned, not getting who she is trying to reference.

“What other Nicholas do you know that works for this company.” Tracie deadpans and Holden shrugged his shoulders.

“I’ve been working here all of two days, cut me some slack” Holden huffed, not wanting to deal with Tracie’s antics this morning. Suddenly her head darted to her computer screen and it confused Holden, until he turned around to see a very tall man who looked as though he held a lot of authority.

“Beliard, My office. Now.” he spoke deeply with power laced in his words.

“Good afternoon Mr. Romano.” Tracie smiled as the man walked away and he nodded at her

Shit’ Holden thought. This was the bad feeling he had from earlier. He sighed letting his head fall to his desk.

“I can’t help you out of this one.” Tracie acknowledged and Holden groaned, getting up from his desk. Holden made his way up to the top floor office, straightening his clothes, then entering Nicholas Romano’s office.

As he was approaching the desk he heard the word “Sit” uttered. He sat in the chair in front of the brooding man, taking in his features. His raven hair and striking green eyes, sharp jawline, and high cheekbones. Something about him looked both so classy and rugged at the same time, He was quite attractive.

“I assume you know why you’re here.” the stunning man states, getting straight down to business.

“No sir, I was not informed.” Holden answered with as much courage as he could muster up. The man made him nervous, of course he would, Holden was pretty sure he was about to lose his job. Maybe if he played dumb he would be able to get off with a stern warning.

“Well, my last assistant quit unexpectedly. I need someone to fill her place. You worked as a record keeper for Bianchi’s sub shop for a summer, correct?” Nicholas questioned Holden, confusing the poor boy to no end.

“Wait, I’m not in trouble?” Holden asked while biting his lip anxiously, waiting for clarification.

“Quite the opposite, Mr. Beliard. I want to promote you to my new personal assistant..” the man said, Investigating the body of the boy sitting in front of him, eyeing specific areas that pleased him.

This irritated Holden, Nicholas didn’t want a new personal assistant, he wanted a toy to play with and do his bidding. Holden knew he was above that. “I have to politely decline Mr. Romano. I don’t appreciate being looked at like an object rather than a person.” Holden respectfully refused his offer.

Though you couldn’t tell on the outside, this statement left Nicholas dumbfounded. Unfortunately for Holden, Nicholas was not above playing dirty to get what he wanted. “Either you take this job, or you find another place of work, It’s your choice Mr. Beliard. Though, I’m not sure any other well paying job will want to hire someone Nicholas Romano fired himself.” Romano threatened mentally smirking at his plan.

Though his previous comment hadn’t, this one had angered Holden. Nicholas knew he had struck a nerve, He knew that Holden needed this job. Against his better judgment, Holden spoke between his gritted teeth, “Okay.” Although he didn’t want this job, Holden knew he didn’t have any other choice.

“I’m glad you’re seeing things my way.” Nicholas mentally smirked, his face keeping the same bored expression. “You start tomorrow, I’ll give you the rest of the day to finish up any projects that you have started. You will be here at 6 AM.” The man spoke with power evident in his voice. Holden nods in defeat.

“You are dismissed” Nicholas ordered and Holden left with pleasure. The walk back to his desk only fueled Holden’s disdain for his new slave keeper, That’s essentially what he was, Nicholas’ Slave boy. The minute he made it back to his desk, Holden sat down in his chair with a huff.

“Who pissed in your cornflakes?” Tracie asked, typing at her computer.

“Guess who is the new personal errand boy for Nicholas Romano.” Holden sighs and starts rubbing his temples

“No…” Tracie gasped

“Yup.” Holden confirms and then adds, “I start tomorrow”

“Damn, this man really made you his bitch.” Tracie laughs, and Holden rolls his eyes. “This is the funniest shit I’ve seen all week.” she says wiping tears of laughter from her eyes.

“I’m glad you are finding humor at my expense.” Holden deadpans

“I’m sorry honey, but this shit is too funny not to laugh at.” Tracie chuckles, her laughter starting to die down. Holden rolls his eyes once again. He didn’t find the situation quite as funny.

“They grow up so fast. I got you a job and you’re already being promoted.” Tracie wipes a fake tear from her eye and starts laughing again, making Holden groan.

“Come on Holden, It won’t be that bad.” Quinn said from across the way, his optimism making Holden groan. “You’ll probably be getting paid more.”

“If I wanted to get paid to take care of an egotistical asshat I would just babysit my neighbor’s 12 year old.” Holden muttered to himself and Quinn gasped.

“Don’t say things like that, you’re lucky you got promoted, I would kill to have that job.” Quinn reprimanded Holden with a slight red tint brushed upon his cheeks.

“You can have it then.” Holden groans logging into his computer to see an email from Grant. He had completely forgotten about his lunch with the stunningly handsome male. He looked at his watch, 10:45 it read. Good, he had not missed it, that was the only thing he was looking forward to other than going home.

“Another email from Grant?” Quinn would ask.

“Yeah, he was just confirming our plans for lunch.” Holden comments, replying to the email.

“Ooh, Someone is getting awfully close to Grant.” the cheery male teased.

“It’s not like that, Grant and I are just friends.” Holden spoke and continued to type on his computer.

“Special friends.” Quinn poked fun at Holden. The Beliard boy rolled his eyes. As much as he didn’t like Quinn’s constantly cheery disposition sometimes, it was better than Nicholas’ glances and snide remarks.

Holden shook his head and continued working on the spreadsheet he had started this morning. Sometimes Holden believed he was overqualified for his job, but then he reminds himself that there is no need to be a cocky asshole.

Noon rolled around and Holden eagerly got out of his desk to head downstairs when he was stopped by Marina, another girl who worked somewhere in their department, he could recall exactly where.

“What are you up to for lunch Holden?” the blonde haired girl asked Holden and he mentally sighed.

“I’m going to lunch with Grant, Which I’m already a little bit late for.” he smiled, pressing the elevator button. Holden didn’t want to deal with some entitled blonde girl’s drama right now.

“Oh, Well let Grant know that I said hi” she grinned politely, walking away as the elevator doors opened and Holden walked in.

Holden’s foot tapped to the beat of the music in his head whilst he waited for the elevator to approach the floor he would get off on. Just as he looked up from his phone, A ding could be heard and the metal doors opened. Holden’s eyes met the back of Grant’s head, as the man turned in his direction to meet his gaze.

The blue eyed man smiled kindly, that was one thing that Holden liked the most about him, He always had that gentle smile on his face.

“Ready?” Grant asked him with the same smile.

“Yup.” Holden would answer, following the man out of the


They began to walk outside of the building and Grant would say “So, where are we going?”

“There is this really good family owned sub shop a couple of blocks away. I’ve been going there since I was 7. It’s my favorite restaurant in all eternity.” Holden replied to the question with a giggle. Grant nodded with a toothy grin at the response given to his question.

The two continued to walk down the street, having a light conversation as they walked. The walk was peaceful just like the one before, being able to take in the atmosphere and the thing around them.

“So, Mr. Kentucky, what ’s it like?” Grant inquired.

“What’s what like?” Holden stated with confusion.

“Kentucky, I’ve lived here all of my life. Ever make friends with a chicken?” Grant teased with a chuckle.

“Not every person in Kentucky has a farm, but yes. His name is Maurice.” Holden chuckled along with Grant as they walked into Bianchi's, the sub shop mentioned earlier.

“Holden!” A little boy screeched from behind the counter, running out from behind it and attaching himself to Holden’s leg.

“Hey bud.” Holden smiled ruffling the little boy’s hair, he couldn’t have been more than 7.

“Nonno! Holden is here.” The little kid called to the back of the store, before going back behind the counter to find his grandfather. An older Italian man comes from behind the kitchen doors with a smile on his face, his white mustache comically following his mouth.

“It’s good to see you Holden.” The man smiled.

“You as well Mr. Bianchi.” Holden said with a wide grin upon his face.

“For the thousandth time, just call me Bernardo.” The smile stayed on Mr. Bianchi’s face.

“And as I’ve told you a thousand times, never gonna happen.” Holden chuckled.

The old man noticed Grant standing beside Holden with an awkward smile on his face. “Who might this be, Your boyfriend Holden.” Bernardo poked fun at the two causing Grant to chuckle and Holden to blush.

“We’re Just friends Mr. Bianchi, but this is Grant, A co-worker of mine.” Holden Introduced the two. Bernardo had been like a father to Holden, especially after his own had died serving in the military. He had been there for Holden when his mother had been working night shifts as a waitress when he was younger and in middle school.

There were many nights when Bernardo had kept the shop open so Holden could stay there after school. His Mom had trusted the Bianchi family with everything, including Holden’s life. Mrs. Bianchi had been his babysitter for a brief time but once he had been old enough she just let him around the restaurant and he had become very fond of the family and them of him, they considered him to be family.

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