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His Cold Heart

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"She was the light that saved him from his own darkness, only that she didn't know she was glowing." For Amber Smith, meeting the Levy twins had been both a blessing and a curse. Easily becoming best friend to Diana Levy, life could never be better, or worse. Because now, she's in the constant presence of her hot brute of a brother, Dylan Levy, who seems to have made her a target for his pranks, through elementary school and now highschool. Torn between her hatred and desire for him, Amber isn't sure if she could ever stand up to him. Until one day, he's gone. ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ After a year of being MIA, Amber learns of Dylan's return, hoping that time has changed him. Only problem is that he's much worse, and Amber's feelings aren't dead as she thought. *This book contains sexual content, cuss words and violence. Expect action on your first reads. Intended for 17+ readers*

Romance / Erotica
Lilah Morgan
Age Rating:


Watching from her window, little Amber gazed at their new neighbors, feeding her new found curiosity.

Her hazel gaze locked on two little bundles following after a woman, all three of them seeming to carry something from the car.

When they all had disappeared into the house, Amber hoped off the little stool she had stood on, the ran to her mother.

"Mommy, are those people our new neighbors?" She asked, looking up at her mother.

Smiling at her little bundle of joy, her mother crounched low, now level with her daughter's height.

"Yes, they are. Infact, I made cookies so we could say hello. Would you like to do that?"

Amber nodded eagerly.

"Alright. Just give me a few minutes." Her mother grinned, before returning to the kitchen.

Amber sat on one of the kitchen stools, her foot impatiently tapping into a rythym, as she watched her mother pile a dozen of cookies on a plate.

When she could barely take the waiting any longer, her mother chirped.

"All set."

They both walked out their house, the plate of freshly baked cookies in her mother's hands. As they drew closer to the new comers, Amber couldn't hold back her little tremors of excitement, giddiness, and nervousness.

She hadn't even asked for the baked goods, even though chocolate chip cookies were her favorite, well, one of her many favorites.

Her mother rang the little bell at their new neighbors house once they were there. Amber didn't know what she expected to see once the door creaked open, but she willed herself to wait.

Soon, a woman, whom Amber could only presume she had watched earlier, came out.

Her sandy blonde hair was almost similar to her mother's, only that hers fell to her shoulders, framing her face, while her mother's was in a ponytail.

Amber thought she was beautiful. The woman cast them a kind smile, her gaze traveling from her mother then to her.

"Uhm-hello?" She seemed uncertain.

"Hey. My name is Cassidy, and this is my daughter, Amber. We're your next door neighbors." Her mother jutted her chin in the direction of their house, smiling at the other woman. "Welcome."

"Hello Cassidy. Hi Amber." The other woman greeted.

Amber silently watched as her mother and the other woman exchanged pleasantries, before she invited them in her house.

Inside, the walls were painted a creamy white, and Amber found herself staring at the hugeness of the house. It was even bigger than their own.

She found herself bumping in a lot of unpacked boxes, but nevertheless, she didn't stop looking around.

She only halted in her movements when she came face to face with two children, who looked alike, but at the same time were different. A girl and a boy.

Both children were blonde, their pale skin making their cerulean eyes and pink lips stand out. They couldn't have been prettier. While they both were skinny, the girl looked like the wind could blow her away.

The girl's hair fell all the way to her waist, while the boy's fell right below his ears, though some strands covered his eyes.

"And this is my niece and nephew. Diana and Dylan." The woman, who had introduced herself as Adelaide spoke.

"Hello, Dylan and Diana. Would you like a cookie?" Her mother held out the plate to them.

Both children huddled to her, each picking up a cookie. They mumbled their thanks, then nibbled on their treats.

Amber watched on, intrigued by the two of them. Even when her mother offered her a cookie, she didn't accept, telling her she wanted them for the other children.

Both Cassidy and Adelaide thought the gesture sweet, but Amber had decided those two would be in her life.


All three children sat in Amber's pink themed room, neither saying a word to each other.

While the boy stared directly at her, the girl looked around her room, awed by all the toys in it.

Cassidy and Adelaide had both hit it up, the other woman deciding to help the other around the house, making her feel more welcome.

At the adult's suggestion, all three children had walked to Amber's house to play. And now they were sitting in her room, the silence stretching between them.

With the boy's gaze making her uneasy, Amber turned her attention to the girl. She found her still staring at her toys.

"Would you like one?" Amber asked. The girl tore her gaze away, fixing it on Amber.

The girl slowly nodded, then seemed to stop herself, as if she were doing something wrong. She bit her lip, before looking back at her brother.

When he nodded his consent, the girl turned back to Amber, nodding vigorously her hair shaking along.

Amber had found their exchange odd, but at the girl's enthusiasm, she forgot the matter.

With a smile, she asked. "Which one?"

When the girl hesitated, Amber picked up Catalina, her favorite barbie doll. Walking to her bed, where both children sat, she placed the doll in the girl's hands.

"This is Catalina. She my favorite, but you can have her. She reminds me of you." Amber said, referring to the doll's blonde hair and blue eyes. "You can call her Cat, or whatever you like."

"Cat's just fine." The girl stated. Her voice was so low, but Amber heard the words.

Beaming at her, Amber introduced herself, "My name is Amber."

"I'm Diana, and this is my twin brother, Dylan." The girl, Diana said, while pointing to her brother.

The boy, Dylan watched them silently, never saying a word to them.

Why is he so quite? Amber wondered, but then, decided to shrug it off.

Pulling Diana off the bed, Amber introduced all her other toys to her by name, and soon, the both of them were playing. Diana even managed to smile, and Amber couldn't have been happier.

Through it all, she had cast glances to the boy, finding him staring at his sister and her while they played, sometimes staring out the window.

Deciding that neglecting him was rude, she walked to him. She found him still staring out the window.

"Would you like to play with us?" She politely asked. When he turned his gaze on her, Amber felt herself gasp.

While his sister's eyes were warm, his were cold. His gaze told her he knew much more than she ever would, and it reminded her of an adult.

"No." His voice was soft and calm, but it hinted at something.

Amber frowned. Who didn't want to play? Opening her mouth to ask him why, he beat her to it.

"You didn't give me a toy."

"I was-"

"I don't want it anymore."


Deciding he wasn't much to spend her time on, she turned, planning to go back to playing with Diana.

Her breath left her as she was tugged back, almost landing herself in Dylan's lap.

She found his hand wrapped around her wrist, his grip firm and strong. For a boy his age, he had immense strength. Her face was so close to his, she felt his breath on her cheeks.

"I want you to do something for me."

"What is that?"


Cry? Is he insane?

"No." Amber defied him.

"No?" He raised a brow at her, as if her answer was something she shouldn't have said.

"No. I can't cry just because you said so."

"Is that it?"


Suddenly letting her go, his face inched closer, their noses almost touching. In a cold tone, he whispered.

"Then, I'll make you."

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