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A Story Told

By christinap137 All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 1

Words can’t describe how bored I was. Sitting there, in class with the only thing to do is look up at the teacher. I mean, that’s what you are supposed to do in a class but oh lord! It was so boring! My professor didn’t make it better either, with his dreadful monotone voice. I glanced out the window looking at the gloomy, rainy August weather. I wasn’t quite fond of rain, but living in Oregon probably didn't make it better. I like sunshine and the heat giving me hot flashes. Weird, I know, it’s just the way I am; and hungry. What time does this class end?

“Emma.” I jumped. I turned my head toward the voice and began to look at my professor, who was staring right at me along with the rest of the class. “Care to answer my question?” He said with his hand placed on his hips. Umm, question?

“Sure, what was your question?” I said trying not to look at the rest of the class. I hated that, I felt like I was an animal at the zoo.

“If you were listening you would have known.” He remarked.

“Sorry, I said lowering my head.” I slumped in my seat. Luckily, my professor saw how embarrassed I was and proceeded teaching. How did he even know my name? There must be about 100 students in here. I looked back at the clock, and then yep, it’s time to go. I stood right up and hurried out of the classroom.

Walking down the halls I could over hear other students complaining about exams and yada yada. To me, college isn’t that hard, mostly because freshman year I actually did studying and such while others partied. Partying isn’t exactly my style, I like books and would rather spend my time at the library with a good book, chowing down on some apple slices.

“Hey Emma!”

I turned around, and standing there was a boy from my class, I didn’t know his name, but the way he looked tells me he was very popular. “Oh hey-, umm.” I struggled.


“Yes, Ethan. I was about to say that.”

“I’m surprised that you don’t know my name, we’ve been in almost the same classes for the past 2 years.” He giggled. Have we? Must have never notices, because I don’t really care.

“That’s… cool.” I said rather sarcastically. His smile faded.

“So, I was wondering if you wanted to grab a coffee with me sometime.” He proposed. Coffee? Seriously? Blek I hate coffee.

“I’m not really a coffee person.” I said trying to shake him off.

“Wow, you are one of the first girls I heard that from.” He laughed

“Okay, well I’m going to go now.” I hurried away.

“Wait! I’ve actually have been trying to get the courage to talk to you these 2 years,”

“Really? Why?” I was more interested now.

"Well, you are super pretty an-" I lifted up my finger. There it was, another boy who just wants to get in your pants.

"I'm just gonna stop you there buddy, I'm not looking to be in a relationship right know, sorry." I said. He didn't look very pleased when I said that. He clenched his fist, maybe he wasn't used to being rejected? That thought made me giggle a little bit.

" Fine, no one wants to date you anyway bitch." He proceeded to walk away.

"I thought you just did!" I shouted back at him, he gave me the finger. Now in this kind of situation, I am in fact not shy, I'm just shy around large groups of people. When people start to piss me off, my shyness vanishes.

Now, how about going to the library? That sounds fun. I don't like to go to my school library, no. It reminds me of an office, very boring. I love to go to the community library, its very old yet it looks so grand with latter's and everything. There must be millions of books there, and no students either. As I make my way outside, I forget that its super gloomy and the sun was nowhere in sight. Looks like it might rain. The library wasn't that far from the campus. I lived in the city, so almost everything was around the corner. I take the bus and it was only a block away, and then my apartment was only 2 blocks away. I was fond of walking, so instead of the bus I decided to walk today. As I thought of the books that I wanted to check out, I felt a raindrop. Then another, and then it started to pour. I panicked and started running. I was wearing a white tank top, a very cute one, but it would be very easy to see through if it got wet. At least I was wearing my favorite pair of jeggings and converse. I couldn't go inside a very busy place, people would see my bra!

I then noticed an antique shop up ahead. That's weird, it wasn't there yesterday. I darted inside. The first thing I saw as I stumbled in was rows and rows of knickknacks, and was very cramped. It was a little dark too, good, no one can see my bra. It smelled like my grandmothers house, which isn't a bad smell, its quite comforting. "Hello?" I said. I looked behind the counter, there was no one. There was a bell at the door, so the owner must have known I was here. I looked outside, it was still pouring. So I proceeded to look around. I hope the owner doesn't think I'm gonna steal anything since I have my backpack. Everything on the shelves had been set up very neatly, and everything seemed to be foreign antiques. Everything in there was very cool to look at but one thing caught my eye, a book. Of course. I picked it up. It was red and very antiquated looking. The title seemed to be scuffed off and if I were to guess it, the book was much older than me. It had a lock on it, so maybe it was a journal? Seemed a little big to be a journal.

"Finding everything all right?" I jumped at the voice. A small old women stood right beside me with a big smile. "Oh I'm so sorry sweetheart, did I scare ya?" she giggled.

"No, you just startled me that's all." I laughed along.

"Quite a down pour huh?" she asked walking back behind the counter.

"Yeah, I got caught and stumbled into your store, its very cool."

" I see you might have found something to your liking?" I realized I was still holding the book.

"Oh, this? Yeah its very cool." I said. I looked up at her and her smile quickly faded.

"Oh I see, that book, I've been trying to get rid of it for years, but nobody seems to want it." she said still looking at the book.

" Do you have a ke-"

"No key" she interrupted.

I looked back down at the book rather disappointed. "I see, well how much-"

"Its free." she exclaimed very urgently. I felt a little uncomfortable now.

"Really? Oh wow okay thank you." We stood there a couple seconds in silence.

"Just don't ever open that."

"Why no-"

"Just don't." she was staring right at me now with rather serious eyes. I gulped.

"A-alright." I stammered. I could see the rain was lighting up.

" Well I better get going now, thank you for the book!" I proceeded to walk out and before the door closed I heard "No returns!"

After that encounter I didn't go to the library at all, I went straight home.

I walked into my studio apartment that had almost nothing but a mattress and kitchen setup with my clothes scattered everywhere. I set the book down on the counter and proceeded to my fridge.

"Lets see, how about a grilled cheese sandwich." I then pulled out the bread, cheese and butter and heated up a pan. After it was done I grabbed the book, and a hammer and headed to my bed. I'm gonna open it, what would be inside that was so scary? Mold? After just one hit, the lock crumbled. I opened the first page, it was in a complete different language. I began to read it out loud when suddenly a bright light shined and then everything went black.

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