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The facemask girl

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It's hard being that JUDGED girl always having a remark of whatsoever so when COVID hit it was like her life was going to change Meet vanessa Oscar the typical studious type never misses a class and always punctual to no matter what she was that girl that everybody knew but no one really could get her And then there is Micah okonkwo the not so typical jock you would expect having that tall dark good looking model like body was good he had girls gushing over how good he looked Well except for Vanessa she just made him feel like she couldn't care less about his looks or his style or his money It was the beginning of freshman year and they didn't even know they could actually catch feelings for each other Stay tuned cos it's one hella ride for these two😚

Romance / Humor
Mukoro Vanessa
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Ten months ago

So where are we going to I asked flora

Maybe to CSU but I'm applying to Harvard and CSU to explore my capabilities and everywhere

Oh I don't think I can even choose cos my dad already said I should go to Igbinedion university at my country Nigeria I replied with a tight lipped smile

Ok but if you change your mind then CSU it is right she asked curious

Yeah I don't just know if they would like or appreciate me all the shit here at school is killing me your too this and your too that I said with a sad face

But at least no Hannah she smiled

Yeah no Hannah I replied smiling back

The bell rang and it was finally lunch time and God himself knew I was happy I made my way to my table flora and I were always on the table or maybe when our on and off friend trey decided to sit with us and then the dumbest crew that could ever surface the earth came Hannah Micah and the rest of the football team it was weird right one girl in the midst of so many boys but Hannah couldn't care less

Micah was different he was prone to being the quiet quarterback of the school but he was good at what he did he was extremely good looking I tell you but my crushing days were over this was my era of not thinking of leaving high school and never talking to anyone again well apart from flora the babe has been with me since freshman year and I loved her like how I loved spaghetti

There he goes again flora whispered

Who again I replied

Micah he's staring at you again she giggled

Flora stop this trash he is probably lost in thought I said sipping my yogurt

Or maybe he likes you

I had to laugh and flora smiled and said he just smiled seeing you laugh

Ok flora your getting weird stop

Then Hannah called out my name

Vanessa please stop eye fucking my boyfriend

I just kept quiet already tired of her

Nine more months I kept on repeating in my head

Can't you hear me or cats got your tongue she said again

I just kept quiet

Oh I get it she's probably deaf ...................just like her sister she laughed and everyone gasped

I lost it

Are you mad tell me are you mad because I don't want to say anything doesn't mean I don't know what to say what the fuck concerns me with your boyfriend he is the last fucking person on my mind I never even glanced at him your just crazy let me say that your just crazy your so called boyfriend isn't even saying anything and you think he loves you stop fucking dreaming sweetie stop dreaming and you actually dared to call my sister for that I don't have any words your just shameless to all the people that like you are shameless they don't know anything about you should I say your shit out loud so they can all know huh

Then she just had tears in her eyes

No right cos your scared but you didn't think of that when you were busy insulting my sister at least my sister is deaf and beautiful unlike you with a nasty character and a stupid ass face I quietly sat down and kept on eating my food knowing every single person was watching me

You got that out of your system flora said smiling


And the bell finally went off with me leaving the cafeteria first

Class had finally started and it left me wondering what a freaking Nigerian boy would like in Hannah of all people

If my father did not know Micah and his father he probably would've never come to America and life would be easy

God himself knows I don't want any contact with this boy anymore and maybe going to Nigeria wasn't such a bad thing at least a break from drama I smiled to myself no Hannah no Micah I put my facemask back on and kept listening to my teacher and felt better thinking of how I would turn out happier in a couple of months

Ten months later

I'm finally here after freaking eight hours

Dad didn't even let me go to rest just straight to school and I saw so many people staring out of fear of my insecurities I put my facemask back on and felt a tap on my shoulder only to see him

And God knows I wanted to cry

He had that stupid beautiful smile on his face and like always he said

Hi I'm Micah in case you forgot since your drooling at my face

Yup this is definitely Micah okonkwo

Funny story I met one of my teachers at my old school in another state and I froze and kept on rubbing my eyes in case it was a dream

I felt dumb

Vote oh abeg vote this is my fist book here

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