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I never believed in true love until i met him

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

Emily was walking in the woods taking pictures of wildlife when a guy pushed her against a tree she tried to push him away but he was stronger then her
"Help please"
"Shut up no one can you you"
"Please let me go"
He looked at her then leaned in close to her neck she felt his teeth go into her neck she cried out in pain and yelled for help even through she was in the woods and no one could hear her out of no where a big beautiful silk black wolf came out of the trees she was so scared the guy let her go she fall to the ground she put her hand to her neck she was breathing hard the wolf walked in front of the guy he had two knifes in his hand
"Bad dog could you not see i was busy"
The wolf growled at the guy until he heared crying he looked at her and saw tears going down her face then looked back at the guy and showed his teeth emily couldn't move the wolf jumped on the guy they fall to the ground the wolf on top of the guy the wolf bit his arm the frist knife went in to the wolfs chest the other one went in to the wolfs shoulder bring it down to the wolfs paw the wolf cried out in pain then fall to the ground emily put a hand over her mouth to stop from screaming she was about to get up to run but the guy grabbed her by the hair and brought his hand to her neck squeezing cutting her air off he stared yelling
"Please let me go"
"You can beg all you want to it isn't going to do you any good"
he was about to seek his teeth in to her neck she closed her eyes hoping it would be over quick but nothing came she opened her eyes the guy was not there he was trying to get back up the wolf was standing in front of her like it was keeoing her safe she looked at the wolfs left leg and saw how bad it was the guy got up and looked at her then the wolf
"This isn't over this is the beginning and you will be by yourself one night and i will be around waiting for that night"
He left the wolf looked at her then fall to the ground shaking she fall to the ground and leaned against a tree her mind was messed up to think right now it was night the stars where bright she looked at the wolf and saw it was still breathing she heared people shouting so she yelled
she heared running toward her 9 guy's came out of the trees and stopped when they saw the wolf they looked at her a guy with red hair told two guys to check on her while they check on the wolf
"no it will hurt you"
The two guys walked over to Emily one of the guys bent down he had dark brown hair a tan he looked at he works out
"Miss dont worry nothing will happen to them are you ok?"
He sounded like he had a southern accent
"Am i ok I just had a guy bit my neck and suck my blood and saw a big wolf I don't know if I'm dreaming or not so no im not ok"
"Your not dreaming"
"Matt get her to the house"
"Yes sir"
"No I don't know who yall are"
Matt looked at Emily a smile on his lips she didn't like that the next thing she knew he threw her over his shoulder
"Put me down"
He toke off running with her hiting his back with her fist he got faster when he got to the house he asked a guy to get some water and give him a look the guy knew what he wanted he walked up some stairs into a bedroom at the end of the hallway he opened the door then closed it and put her down
"There I put you down"
Before she could say something the guy from down stairs walked in with a glass of water and give it to Matt then left
"Here drink this"
She looked at the glass then matt
"What did you do to it"
She grabbed the glass of water thrn drunk it after a few minutes she started to feel sleeply
"W-what was in the water?"
Before he could say anything Emily started to falling he grabbed her before she hit the floor and picked her up and walked over to the bed pulled the covers down lying her in the bed and pulled the covers over and walked out of the door.
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