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Beautiful Mistakes

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Meet Brianna George who believed not in love. Meet Dave Williams a Playboy. What happens when these two guys meet?

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

Save our company

PS: This is my first book, you might find it sloppy and also the first time publishing my writing. There are grammatical errors too as I haven't edited it yet. First book countless errors I repeat
However, feel free to point out my mistakes and if you have other thoughts based on the Novel please share it.

Chapter 1

She silently entered into the house

Meet Brianna George who believed not in love.

Meet Dave Williams a Playboy.

What happens when these two guys meet?

"Brianna where have you been" Catherine her mom asked.

I went out with my friends. She replied

Freshen up. Once you're done, I and your dad have something to discuss with you. Meet us at the second living room. "Okay Mom". she answered.

The George family. A family of three which consists of the father; Markus George, Mother; Catherine George and their beautiful daughter Brianna George. Brianna George a twenty one year old, who finished from college recently

" Anna Anna" Catherine called

One sec mom. she answered from her room .

Dad, mom am here you called me...

Yeah sit down. Catherine answered

You know the situation of our company recently.Things are hard,our shareolders are removing their shares, we've turned to everyone we know. No one is ready to help. The only person who is willing to help us with this is the Williams family and... George Markus was a bit hesitant...

Dad, what's the matter? What did they asked you to do? Don't tell me you're trying to sell it off to them.... Brianna asked with worry all over her face

No Anna, we are not selling it. He answered. The only thing we can do is for you to marry from one of the Williams family.. That's the only way to save us from this mess. If not the company is gone. Markus explained

"Wait Dad the same Williams" she exclamied

"Yes Brianna the same Williams" he replied

"But dad why will they want that? She questioned

To strengthen our business.we will be in conjunction with the Williams Cooperation and marriage is the only thing they want... To make it strong ... He explained

So who is that guy? She asked

Dave Williams. He answered

Dave Williams! She exclamied

Yes dear and we have only this week to decide on it. Said Catherine

You know what dad... I will get back to you later tomorrow and let you know my decision about it. Said Brianna

Please dear think about this and give us a positive response. We are talking about a company we've builded through thick and thin for the past twenty- four years. I know it's not easy for you. You don't know him, talk less of loving him.. Just give a positive response, pleaded Catherine.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, The sound of the clock ticking was the only sound Brianna could hear. At this very moment she was scared of what her parent told her.

Flash back:

"The only thing you can do is for you to marry from one of the Williams family, just to save us from this mess and the guy you'll be getting married too his Dave Williams. Who doesn't know Dave Williams? The Top player in the whole City. Gawd what is this!! She exclamied.So this Virginity of a thing have kept for the past twenty - one years will be given to a player just like that

Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong. Her phone rings.

Her: Hello tiana

Tiana: Hey girl, how are you?

Her: I'm not fine.. I'm not.

Tiana : Hey, what happened... Are you at home?

Her: Yes

Tiana: Let me come over to your place then

Her: No no.. let's go to our usual joint.. I'II be there in the next thirty minutes

Tiana: See ya

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