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Synthia Johnson was abused by her husband to the point that she died... wishing she could go back to before she made so many colossal mistakes that led her to there. Surprisingly she wakes and realizes she hasn't even reached her fourteenth birthday. She can change so much in her life and the lives of her loved ones. will she be able to stop the wrongs from her past? can she actually love? Can she totally avoid her 'husband' this time around?

Romance / Fantasy
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I’m lying on the floor of the small two-bedroom cabin in the master bedroom. I’m bleeding out, if only I could get up. My ‘loving’ husband just beat me, while I was carrying his child. I’m done for he was so drunk there’s no way the baby is alive. Steel toe boots make one hell of an impact. I tried shielding my stomach, but I felt my spine crack several times before I wasn’t able to. But hey he left the face untouched; my parents will get to see their only remaining child dead without a fucked-up face. And no grandchildren.

I’m only 24, 8 months pregnant and barely married 4 months. Now I’m dying. I shouldn’t have even really got involved with him he is 12 years older than me and it’s not like he is so successful with a real career working for a hardware store drinking most of the money, made me quit my job after we married. Not that my job was anything special because my stupid shit started way before I met Peter. I was such a stupid girl, and woman. Oh, please God, I regret my life I wish I could go back. I don’t feel anything anymore, but I see my brother in the corner. He’s sad? He shouldn’t be sad I’m coming to him in heaven or hell. Whichever he’s at, I missed him it has only been a few months since he left us here. I close my eyes.

I am waking up and this bed feels weird. The sun seems awfully bright for the cabin. There is only one window in the bedroom at the cabin… I crack one eye open. Seeing 2 large sets of windows. My parents’ home until I was 18? This place has been rubble for 6 years since a hurricane. Dad lost his business in that too. Insurance was a rip off said it was an act of God. I don’t ache from the beating. Wow. I get up and looking around. I was a slob a lot of the time as a teen. I go to the bathroom and take care of business. I grab a brush and look at the image in the mirror…

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