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Gun Wounds

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In the city of Boston, meet the fabulous yet terrible fate of two men who met by chance. Do you think they will survive ?

Romance / Action
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It was grey and windy ever since last month. Rain was pouring and people seemed more sad everyday. Yet, today is a good day. Boston P.D is throwing a party to honor this old Bill and his 30 years of hardworking in the city. Everyone is invited, impossible to deny the invitation.

Policemen would bring their wives or best friends, some would even bring their dogs to the party. Here, everybody’s laughing, drinking, cheering and celebrating the life of a very well behaved man. No big surprises when Bill decided to make a speech, all teary and showing off a big smile on his face. His children are watching him from the guests’ table, as proud as they would ever be.

The party lasted at least 5 hours, it ended at midnight. In the gloomy streets of the city bathed in the darkness of the night, two policemen who were invited to this party are wandering around. They are drunk, they don’t walk straight, one of them would shout, sing, insult, hit and even vomits on the same streets. His good friend is by his side, helping him out.

- Damn, that was hell of a party don’t you think?!

- Yeah right, it sure was.

- I still can’t process it though..

- What do you mean ?

- Is Bill really leaving us ? Like really leaving us ?.. here I thought he would stay long enough to see me graduate or something..

- That’s how it is. We can’t hold him with us, can we.

The second man wraps his arm around his friend’s neck and starts to bring him to his home and wife. While walking, he starts to have hiccups and laugh out loud for no good reasons.

- Heyy..

- What now ?

- I was thinkingg... You should get a girlfriend sometimes.

The second man chuckles.

- Why so ?

- You’re always so lonelyy, boring and serious.. the company of a woman would cure you from your loneliness y’know..

- I don’t need a girlfriend or so a lover.

- Seeeee? That’z what I said. Boooorinnnng.. why so seriouz?

He doesn’t answer.

- Well I don’t care.. on next Tuesday you have a date. Me, you and a very charming girl I met online. You’ll see, it’s gonna work between you twoo..
- I bet.

He sighs deeply. “In what kind of story am I getting dragged in..” is what he thought. Ten minutes later, he finally bring his friend home. His wife screaming is not helping him getting better from his hungover. The man salutes her and leaves his friend in “good hands”, he leaves soon after.

Next day, Monday 15th

He wakes up at 6 o’clock as every other day and goes to the station. Looks like Bill’s last party had a good effect; Sun is back in Boston. When he opens the door, a cute voice is echoing to greet him, Mrs. Gretchen. She works at the station as a host, she greets everyone every mornings and evenings, she is always present at any moments. She’s been doing this job for no less than 15 years and she’s not bored at all. He respond to her by nodding his head and then walk past her office.

A young man with messy hair is lending him some files as soon as he arrives in his office.

- Hey, here’s for you Officer! Have a nice day today as well.

- Your hair are getting messier everyday. Take better care of yourself kid.

This very shy boy is a sorta intern at the station and lately, rumors’ been spreading about him getting molested by his ex girlfriend.

- No need to worry for me, I’m always doing fine.

- If you say so.

He nods and almost run to the next office where he need to deliver files. “This kid is sure having big issues.. gotta keep an eye on this guy.” is what he thought. The man is half reading the files and stops on the fifth one.

- Quinn !

A policeman from the opposite corner raise his head and looks at him.

- Quinn hey, c’mere, it’s about the case we talked about recently. There’s new discoveries.

Officer Quinn hurries up to his office and get behind him to read the file.

- See that ? It ain’t good..

- Fuck it, I knew that Carter was guilty somehow. Come, we have to interrogate him quickly !

- Got it.

They walk as fast as they could to station’s cells, gets that Carter guy in another room handcuffed to the table and then, sit in front of him. Quinn is almost throwing the paper at Carter’s face out of anger.

- See that Carter ? That’s that little girl’s body we just found this morning. Are you gonna keep on denying this ? We KNOW you’re the one who sold the gun to that kid Marlo, how long are you gonna make us wait ?!

- I didn’t sold it, like I told you! Look, I know how hard it is for her parents not to know who did what but I swear man, I didn’t do shit ! I haven’t sold it !

The man is now showing a piece of paper to Carter, it is a list of names.

- Maybe you’re covering somebody Carter.

- What? Why? Who would I cover?

- I don’t know, read the paper and tell me. Who would you cover?

All these names are sellers and gun buyers, the first transaction goes back to last month. Countless guns have been sold since then.

- Care to explain why your cousin’s name’s on the list ? Is it a coincidence maybe?

- No, he didn’t do it, I swear! I can confess for this crime please but don’t put him in jail, god he’s only 20!

- Unfortunately, with all the other evidences we have, we can’t turn blind eye again.

- Then I’ll confess for him alright? I don’t want his life to end so quickly. I will confess but please leave that kid out of it, he doesn’t deserve it, he don’t know what he done yet, I swore to protect him, all of them. If it can change anything, I’ll say I’m the one who sold it.

Both policemen are slightly glaring at each other before standing up and walking out the room leaving Carter panicked, still handcuffed.

- Man, did they tell you who got you the list?

- No, I just got it from Carl this morning. Don’t know where he got that and I don’t care anyway. Now, what I care about is ending this case once and for all. We’ve been on it for one month, it’s enormous. I finally want to have a good sleep at night and no worrying about what we’ll tell her parents.

- I get that man, my first huge case was similar. Insomnia, frustrated, blood boiling at the sight of the potential killers of that pregnant woman.. but that’s how it is. You can’t get worked up over every case you’ll have, just so you know.

- Hey, I’ve been a cop for 5 years already, stop with that bullshit. I know how to handle cases, thanks, no need for pity.

- It ain’t pity man, just worried about you. Few months ago you were a mess dude, I’m still unsure about letting you back on the job so soon too. Take care of yourself.

He glares aggressively at Quinn.

- Hey man no offense ! What’s with that look.. I’m just saying.

- I am just FINE.

- Yeah yeah, let’s say I believe you. Just, don’t relapse please, I don’t think I’ll be able to back you up again on that, I’m risking my job here!

- Stay safe, I won’t do it again. I promise.

- Yeah well don’t be too sure. By the way, Maddie went to the party yesterday, was searching for ya. Where were you man?

- Outside with Patland, he was drunk as hell yesterday. I had to bring what was left of him to his wife.

- Goddamn, that guy ruined again your plans. Next time I expect you to finally have a moment with her, I’ll make sure Patland will be out of your hair for a while.

In the alley a man, who looked in a higher position than them, ask Quinn to follow him to his office. Quinn waves goodbye at his friend and follow the man. “A moment he says.. truth is, I’ve been avoiding meeting this woman alone.. or at all. I won’t have Patland to cover me next time, gotta think of a new excuse now.” Is what he thought.

He sighs deeply. Now that he’s back to his office, he close the door, sits in his chair and starts reviewing old cases he worked on. He would keep on until noon. Carl knocks at his door as well as every other office’s door to inform them of lunchtime. He gets up, open his door and join his partners in the station’s cafeteria.

While everybody’s eating, he’s lost in his thoughts. A woman sits next to him, he doesn’t even notice it.

- Y’know Michael, staring at that crappy sandwich of yours isn’t gonna make you any sexier you know that ? But if you wanna play the “dark boy” card, you win it.

He turn his head to the left and finally sees that woman.

- Maddie.

- Happy you didn’t forget my name yet. So what’s the matter ? Why so gloomy ?

- Nothing much. Just thinking.

- Thinking about.. ?

He ignores her. He runs his hand through his hair and then sighs again. He drinks his coffee in one shot and sighs afterwards.

- .. having a rough day? Quinn told me about the case you’re working on. Not an easy one indeed.

- Yeah right.

She pats his back softly with a sweet smile on her face but Michael turn his head around. After a while, lunchtime ended. When everybody went back to their quarters, he stayed to clean up the room. All kinds of food waste were all over the tables and he’s the only one who cares enough about cleanliness to deal with it.

Right after he finished wiping off the tables and emptied all the glasses in the sink, he gets back to his office. While walking back, he get stopped by Captain Firelet, the same man who called Quinn earlier.

- Hey, how you doin’ bud ?

- I’m fine, stop asking me. I don’t need people caring, that’s my job.

- Don’t go hard on yourself then, Friday’s your big day, don’t miss it !

- Yeah yeah, I know. No need to remind me.

“That’s right, Friday is ‘my’ day. Finally get to shine in front of my parents after five damn years. They never liked my job anyway but it’s not like I could skip that ceremony.. damn it. I wish I could have an excuse here too.” Is what he thought. He walks in his office, close the door and stares at the broken window that faces him.

- Seriously..
What the fuck is my problem..

The day ended faster than he thought. At 9:30pm, he salutes his colleagues then walk back home alone. The Moon will be his only mate tonight when he’ll get home to his TV and beers. The sad story of a lonely and broken police officer.

Next day, Tuesday 16th.

Michael wakes up as gloomy as he was yesterday. Not a smile on his face, not a mood today as well. Today is his shortest day of work, he ends his shift at noon and has to go meet Patland at a restaurant soon after. Knowing that he’s going on a date with some stranger girl is sure not a good news to him. He’s quite pissed to have to go on a date.

“I have to stay calm. This time, I’ll try to play nice or at least, to seem nice. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll be able to get this out of my hands and be finally done with all this girlfriends things. But maybe this day is finally the one where I’ll meet my fated person.. Let’s not hope so.” Is what he thought. He left his home, went to work early and repeated the same day as yesterday.

Yet, noon is approaching really fast and Michael is getting more and more anxious about it than ever. At the end of his shift, Patland was waiting for him outside of the police station, he almost had to drag him to the restaurant because Michael was absolutely trying to sneak out without his friend noticing.

And now, here they are. In front at an Asian restaurant in the middle of Boston surrounded by people and tourists everywhere.

- Asian restaurant ? Really ?

- What ? You would have rather an Italian one ? Look, it’s her who chose the place ’cuz you didn’t bother tell me what you’d like. So I let her.

- Yeah right. And what’s her name anyway ? How she’s like ?

- Her name’s Ally and that’s all you’ll have to know for now, I leave the rest to your upcoming meeting with her. It’s gonna be hella fun !

- Oh god..

They walk in the restaurant and a young woman, who looks slightly younger than them, is waving at Patland happily. When Michael laid his eyes on her, he felt immediately inconfortable, she’s not his style. A flashy blond girl, dressed with tight and revealing clothes waiting for them at a fancy table would arouse any men that would see her across the restaurant.. but not Michael, he was more like disgusted.

They sit in front of her and starts ordering some food.

- So here he is, Michael Blake, as I told you, a manly cop and very experienced too ! What do you think Ally, is he your liking ?

- OH MY GOD, absolutely ! He is gorgeous !

Michael rolls his eyes to the side while sighing.

- Nice to meet you miss.

- No need for the “miss” thing, you can call me Ally sugar.

She gets close to his ear and put her hand on his shoulder as her breasts gets close to his sight.

- Or you can call me tonight, I don’t mind spending the night with some hardworking damn handsome manly cop. I know you too wouldn’t mind having good times with a spicy lady like me~.

He puts his hand on his mouth as if he was ready to throw up and then push her back to her chair.

- I’m truly sorry, I feel like I’m going to throw up soon. If you’ll excuse me.

- What ?

- Hey Michael, you okay man ?

He gets out of his chair and hurries to men’s toilets. Patland and Ally are so confused but they can’t do anything about it anyway. Patland tries to keep on a good conversation even though the mood’s been crushed by Michael.

He enters the bathroom then gets in front of the sink. He splashes water on his face and stare at his reflect in the mirror in front of him for five good minutes.

- Umm.. your shirt is wet. Do you need a tissue mister ?

In the mirror, Michael sees a young man standing behind him, shy but good-looking. That man, judging by his accent and the way he hesitated before speaking, is not American. May be a tourist. As he said that, he hands him a very clean and fancy handkerchief.

- Thanks.

Michael takes it and wipe his shirt very fast.

- That’s.. um. You didn’t really do it well.. I mean..

The young man gets closer to him and takes back softly the handkerchief from him. Then, he wipes off himself the water from his shirt.

- Um sorry for that, you were just wiping it wrong.. not that it’s a bad thing though..

- Thanks again.

- I know it’s not my business but you looked.. not very good just now. Is it too indiscreet to ask why ?

- I uh.. my friend dragged me to a date I don’t want to attend to so I’m quite in a bad mood here, yeah.

- Oh.

Outside the toilets, Michael hears familiar voices. Unfortunately, these aren’t the voices of his friend nor Ally..

- Damn, come here !

He grabs that man quickly into a cabinet, locks the door at put his hand on his mouth quickly. Men are entering the bathroom and the crowd is very loud.

- Danny Danny, how about the transaction we were talking about ?

- I told you, I got an Asian contact here who’s going to lend us more men and guns to attack the factory. It’s good enough.

- Yeah and who’s that contact ? Some chicks you got laid with ?

- First, I did NOT have sex with her, and she is very experienced. Don’t underestimate her.

“As I thought, Danny Fidga’s Gang. What now ?” Is what he thought.

- Let’s just stick to the plan okay.

- Yeah right. Everyone, take out your guns !

By hearing that, the young man is starting panicking. He tries to get Michael off but he can’t. He’s still holding him forcefully.

He whispers,
- Stop struggling idiot. We’ll get caught. Are you that eager to die now ?

Then, he tries to calm down for a sec but it’s not working.

The crowd is sticking out machine guns and masks to hide their identities and then, they walk out of the bathroom armed with heavy guns.


“Fuck it, gotta deal with Danny.. what am I getting dragged into..” is what he thought.

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