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Heartbreaks to Love

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Yvonne Malconde, a rich girl who had everything she wanted and fell in love with a rich guy. Their love brought troubles and sorrow to her, her father died from a heart attack leaving her mother, unborn sibling, and her. She hadn't expected to hear the news of his engagement on the net, It was publicly announced that he was getting married to someone, who she never in her wildest dream expected, "Her childhood best friend." She and her Mom decided on moving away to a faraway place, where no one could reach them or think of looking for them, to start afresh. She believed she could keep the past from the present but suddenly, the people from the past, she wanted to forget, came barging into her life. She got a job to work as a CEO's assistant, she couldn't meet with her boss before he traveled. So she had no idea who she was working for until his sister came to represent him for a meeting. It was that day, she knew she was working for her ex-lover (first love), she was excited and happy, to see him but seeing him with her again is making her doubt if they were truly meant to be. Fate is set on her and her ex-lover's case, ready to bring them together but will the people both from present and past allow them to be together or split them the more? How would they meet to start with?

Romance / Poetry
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Chapter 1


Two families brought together, both in partnership in public and friendship in private.

Their children brought them closer with their relationship to which they accepted and gave their blessings.

It all started 5 years ago, She came to the park to receive fresh air. She was putting on a long fitted blue-colored gown with her hair packed in a ponytail and wore low heeled sandals to complement her look.

Merely looking at her, you would notice she was from a wealthy home even with the simple look, she had on.

He came to the park, straight from the office, intending to clear his head, away from any noise or disturbance. He noticed there was no one around in the park as he entered.

Immediately, he sat down and looked up, he sighted her. She was sitting on a swinging chair, texting and smiling at her phone, he guessed she was from a wealthy home. And at that moment, he fell for her simplicity.

He balanced himself to continue his staring, his gaze moved from her face down, till it got to her feet. He noticed her diamond earrings and the pure gold anklet on her left leg. He smiled on realizing he had guessed right.

Suddenly, she raised her head from her phone, looked around, and saw him. She waved and came toward him.

"Hey. Could you help me with some shots, please?" She tucked her phone into his hands.

He stood up, nodding, "Oh yeah... I could help you with that." He replied, smiling at her.

She gave different poses and he took each shot. She thanked him, gave a toothy smile, and left. He stood at that spot, mesmerized by her smile, and was in a trance till she left the park.

As soon as he came back to his senses, he rushed out of the park in search of her but couldn't find her. "She couldn't have gone that far." He thoughts.

He entered his car and drove off. Now and then, he would out of his car, checking around for her maybe miraculously he will see her.

He got home late and couldn't concentrate on anything because he was distracted by her thoughts.

He couldn't get her out of his mind for days and weeks, he told his friends about her. "What is her name?" A friend of his asked.

He sighed, "I don't know."

"So you don't have any idea of who you're looking for." Another asked.

"I was in a trance when she left." He replied.

They laughed at him, trying to convince him that maybe the girl he saw was a ghost but he gave them a deaf ear.

"Fate would make us meet one day." He thoughts.

A week later, He had dressed for work and came downstairs to eat. He had settled down to eat in the dining when his mom called him to the kitchen.

Entering the kitchen, he met his mom and his sister, Mercy, in the kitchen.

"Have you eaten your breakfast?" His mom asked.

"No mom, I was about to when you called me."

"Go and eat, then we would talk."

He went to eat his breakfast and came back to the kitchen. "Am true with eating, Mom."

"Son, I want you to escort your sister to the mall." He glanced at Mercy to see her looking at him with puppy eyes.

"Jeez... Mom, I am late for work." He said groaning.

"Your dad never asked you to drown yourself in this work of yours or to be a workaholic."

Mercy gave him the puppy eyes, "Big Brother." She pouted childishly, "Please."

His mom moved closer and held his cheeks, "Just escort her for me, dear." She pecked him

"Oh, mom." He sighed, closing his eyes.
"Okay let's go, I don't have much time." He told Mercy. "I might even see her today. Please, Lord." He thoughts as his mind went to the girl.

They bade their Mom bye, entered Ray's car, and drove off to the mall.

On getting to the mall, he parked his car in the parking lot, "Are you buying a lot of things?" He asked Mercy before they came down from the car.

"No brother." She shook her head negatively.

He smiled, "Thank God."

They came down from the car. He went toward the mall with Mercy, who was rushing after him. He was about to enter but unfortunately bumped into someone coming from inside.

A soft voice apologized, "Sorry." The person picked up his car keys.
He became speechless, on seeing the person, "You!"

She looked up at him, "Your car keys." Stretching the keys to him.

He blinked rapidly, "You are the one!!!" Exclaiming loudly.

Mercy tapped his shoulder from behind, "Bro let's go in." She walked around him to go inside.

"Go in... Am coming." He gently pushed her inside without looking at her, afraid the girl in front of him might disappear.

He brought out his phone and placed it in her hand before collecting his car keys. She looked at his phone then back to his face, confused.

"Your phone number." He pointed at his phone.

She laughed, "Excuse me. I said collect your car keys, not my phone number.

He smiled at her, "Do you remember this face?" She moved closer to him, "I can't recollect, Am sorry."

His eyes went to her lips then back to her eyes, "I could rewind your memory." She smiled, giving him a go-ahead, "You gave me your phone to take some shots of you, left me in a trance because of your beauty. I looked for you after I got myself but couldn't find you."

"Wow... Interesting." She laughed lightly.

"You had me thinking of you for days, even weeks, and now that have seen you, I want your number to be able to hear your voice and meet again."

She blushed hard, "You are really funny."

"I might be funny to you but am serious."

"Hmmm..." Pretending to think, "I am not giving you." She teased him.

He exclaimed, "You want me dead then."

"Dead? That's serious." She raised her eyebrows at him.

"I am dead serious and... " His phone rang out, interrupting him. He gave a short sign and picked the call.

He answered the call, "Hello... Ask them to wait or postpone the meeting... Do as I say... I am doing something more important to my life right now... Later." He ended the call.

The girl looked around, "What are you doing that's preventing you from going to attend the meeting, Mr.?"

"I am collecting a Sunshine's phone number." He replied nonchalantly.

"Sunshine?" She looked around again.

"You are the one babe. Your number please." He went down on his knees.

She looked around at the passers-by, "Stand up, please. You are creating a scene."

He quickly typed in his password, "Type in your phone number, babe, and I would get up."

She collected his phone, typed in her number, and gave his phone back to him. "Here, I have."

He collected his phone, saved her contact, and stood up, "Thanks, babe."

"You are funny." She smiled at him and checked her wristwatch."I have to get going."

"Okay, babe. Bye." He waved at her as she walked away.

She walked further a bit, stopped, walked back to him, and pecked his left cheek. He looked into her eyes and moved closer but she moved back, smiled, and left.

He kept looking at her till she left. He heard a chuckle behind him,
"Hmmm..." Mercy came and stood beside him.

He didn't reply, kept his hand on his cheek, and looked ahead. Mercy sang loudly, "I love... I love you."

"Stop... It's okay." He tried not to smile.

"I just want lolo... I just want to love you... I..." He interrupted her song.

"Fine. I like her like over like her." He smiled.

"She's pretty and..." She demonstrated with her hands, "Loaded."

He laughed, "Are you true with shopping?"

"I didn't shop at all but instead I guess you did bro." She winked at him.

"Let's go. I am going to the office, let me drop you home before going."

"Anyways am telling mom when I get home." He smiled and shook his head. They went to the parking lot, entered their car, and drove off.

He dropped his sister at home and went to his office. Getting to the office, he parked his car and went straight to the conference room.

He met his secretary presenting and the other company seated, listening attentively. "Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen." They nodded to his greeting and he moved toward his seat.

"Good morning sir." His secretary greeted him.

"Morning. Well done. I will take it up from here." She sat down while he continued. The meeting went well and they all left.

At his closing hour, he called her up. "Hello."

She picked up after four rings. "You know, I wanted to give up after the third ring but later I thought you aren't worth giving up on."

"Who's on the line?" She asked confused.

"Truthfully, I thought you gave me a wrong number when you didn't answer the second ring..."

"Guess I know who's on the line." She laughed loudly.

"I wouldn't let you forget me, Kitten."

"Don't flatter yourself, Mr. Nickname giver."

Laughing, "Would you like to go on a dinner date with me?"

"Are we going on a date where I am to look dead gorgeous or a normal going for dinner with you in my office outfit?"

"You can wear anything even a sack and still look dead gorgeous in it, Kitten."

"You and your compliments." She laughed.

"You are worth more than just compliments, Kitten."

"I don't think I still know who am talking to."

He laughed, "So... Yes?"

"Would you accept " NO" as the answer?"

"My question is a yes or yes question."

She laughed, "You are funny."

"Am coming over to pick you, so the address?"

"Will send it after dropping your call." He ended the call.

She sent him her address. He searched for the address on the GPS of his phone, connected it to his car, and drove off.


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