Dream Of Me

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Chapter 12

As he watched Leila get into the cab, he couldn’t help wondering what just happened. He tried to compel her to stay at the club by looking deep into her eyes, but it had no effect whatsoever. It baffled him to no end that he was unable to push her mind into doing what he wanted her to do. Why did it not work with her when it worked with countless humans preceding her? In fact, she had an adverse reaction and she left before he could even feed. Now he was thirsty and alone, not a great combination to be.

She wanted him to “text” her and truth be told, he didn’t even know how to use the cellphone. He bought one in case he needed it for phone calls or something, but then got annoyed about the instructions at first. He would have to remedy that immediately and learn to “text” if he had any hope of talking to her ever again. Leila glanced back at him just once as the cab began to pull away and smiled shyly before getting into the back of the cab. He pushed his hair back off of his face, frustrated by the turn of events. His throat felt raw and scratchy, aching from thirst, causing him to grasp at his neck in a desperate attempt to squelch the urge he felt to go crazy.

He needed to go back inside to feed and then head home before the sun rose if he didn’t want to be scorched and fated to burn. Although he could not die, burning hurt like hell and it was an experience that he would rather not relive. Nikoli started to head back inside of the club, back on the prowl for a decent meal. He didn’t have the time to be picky anymore tonight, because if he didn’t satiate his appetite, he might just lose control and he knew he couldn’t afford to do that, not tonight. Spotting the lanky guy and his date from the beginning of the evening, he went over determined to strike up a conversation persuading the two of them to go outside with him.

“Hey you two.” He said to them.

When they both turned to look up at him, he used his compulsion, knowing he didn’t have time to play games or get to know them like he usually did, since he needed to get home before the sun rose, “You both will come outside with me and you will not fear me, we are friends. Do you understand me?” He knew it was lame as soon as he said it, but he was just running out of time.

“Yes.” They said in unison, their eyes clouding over from Nikoli using his vampire mojo on them. As he led them outside and around the side of the building in a dark alley, he exhaled sharply, hating to have to rush his meal, but not having any other choice since Leila left. He planned on her being his meal ticket, but her idiot friend couldn’t seem to hold her liquor. Nikoli shook his head slowly, internally berating himself for the assumption of Elaine’s intelligence based solely on her tolerance for alcohol.

“Please forgive me, but I am hungry and when I’m hungry, I’m angry. I can’t promise to gentle, but the good news is that neither of you will remember any of this, right?”

“Yes.” They said in a monotone, nodding their heads at the same time.

“Good. You see, normally I would try to get to know both of you before biting you, but I simply do not have time for that now. So, unfortunately I have to settle for you two Nimrods.” He growled, pointing his finger at them angrily.

Calm down Nik, don’t make trouble for yourself. He realized that he was close shouting and that there were a few people outside who could come to investigate if he wasn’t more careful. He didn’t have the energy or the time to compel a crowd to forget what they heard or saw.

“Now that we understand one another, don’t move and please do not scream. That just tends to further upset me and we definitely don’t want that.” He uttered with a sardonic smile, gesturing his annoyance with his hands before his fangs transcended from his gums. He was already salivating hearing their hearts beating, knowing that their veins pumping the delicious blood through their bodies.

Nikoli sank his teeth into the soft neck of the woman first, relishing the warm, sweet substance. Her memories filled his mind with happy thoughts and whimsical things. He pulled back before he could take too much, licking the wound so that his saliva close it. He liked things neat and clean, not a drop was wasted. Looking around once more, he turned his attention to the scrawny man, taking just a little from him because of his small stature. The woman was just a little plump compared to the guy. The male’s memories were a little bit lackluster in comparison to his feminine counterpart. As he closed up the holes in the guy’s throat, he inspected everyone’s outfit quickly, making sure that he did not spill on any clothes. He sighed in relief that there was no trace of him left behind.

“I’m amazed that even though I was so hungry, I didn’t spill even one drop. I’m still clean. Now, both of you, forget this ever happened. You will go back to the bar and continue where you left off as if even one moment hadn’t passed.” Nikoli said, looking them in the eyes. Their pupils dilated as they nodded dumbly in response. He chuckled as they walked back inside, shaking his head.

As Nikoli started away on his motorcycle, he began to have this unsettling feeling that he couldn’t seem to let go of. It was something that was hard to put into words, a sixth sense if you will, that something was somehow amiss. This discontent continued to bother him during his ride home, but he tried not to think too much about it as he was in a rush to beat the sun. The fact that he was unable to figure it out was starting to gnaw on his nerves. Something was tugging at the back of his mind. He could see the sun peeking up over the horizon as he rumbled along on his motorcycle, trying to beat the light home.

Nikoli tried to focus on making it home before he burned to ashes. The sun was one thing he missed. Just knowing that he never again would get to see the sun rise or feel the warmth on his skin made the sadness begin to creep in again. He made it home just before the sunlight reached the door to his house. Well, calling it a house was a vast understatement. It was more like a mansion. Since Nikoli only really used money for clothes and material things, there was generally a lot to go around. They invested their money rather well and were pretty stingy with the things they bought. The quality of the items they bought made them last quite a long time.

After he parked his bike in the garage and closed the big, creaking door using his remote, he went into his massive den with wall to wall bookshelves made of cherry oak filled with everything he ever read. As he drew the shades, making sure no light could enter his sanctuary, he began playing the night in his mind like a movie while he changed into his red silk pajama bottoms. He remembered the mystery girl, Leila, dressed as little red. Her beautiful, wavy burgundy hair as it brushed across her shoulders. The awkward, but adorable way she moved. Pulling open the drawer to his matching cherry oak coffee table, he grabbed his new cell phone and fumbled, dropping it twice before managing to enter Leila’s phone number into his contacts list per the instruction manual.

Plopping down onto his black suede oversized recliner, he drummed his fingers on the armrest, attempting to figure out how to work the phone once more. Nikoli considered himself to be pretty savvy of most things human, but this texting thing confused him. He supposed it was because he was more of an old-fashioned kind of guy. He would much rather write a letter or even call instead of “texting.” He was unsure how long a text should be. He was staring at his phone for what seemed like forever, trying to figure out what to say. He was downright giddy when she gave him her number, but then she said “text me” instead of “call me.”

Nikoli sighed, “This is pathetic. I’m a 200 year old vampire and I don’t know how to text a girl! Get it together, Nikoli. You can do this.”

Wrinkling his nose and sighing once more for posterity, he typed *Hello Leila, did you make it home sage?* on the tiny, tiny keyboard.

He kept typing and deleting and re-typing because his fingers were larger than the touch screen keys, which was frustrating. Accidentally hitting send, he read what he had written, realizing that he had typed the wrong word. *I meant safe. Stupid auto-correct.*

‘How do humans use these blasted devices?’ he thought, rather frustrated with the whole ordeal, he tried to distract himself with a book while he waited.

His choice of literature lately was a collection of Shakespeare’s sonnets because he was simply fascinated with Shakespeare’s whimsical prose. Shakespeare’s way with words was rather graceful and Nikoli appreciated the sincerity in every line. He checked his phone, but still hadn’t received a reply from Leila. He hoped she was alright. He supposed she was probably just busy getting ready for bed and didn’t have the time to respond. Nikoli was a lonely vampire and since the moment he heard Leila’s voice, he was hooked. And, like a lovesick fool, he checked his phone again.

“Damn it. This is going to be a long day.”

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