Dream Of Me

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Chapter 23

Leila knew that Nikoli was watching her walk to the door because the hair on the back of her neck stood up. As she looked back at him, her heart started to pound and a shiver ran down her spine at the fire in his now copper colored eyes. The air hit her in the face as soon as she opened the door. It was warm, but not stifling, with a cool breeze rustling the leaves on the trees. Tearing herself away from his gaze, she closed the door behind her to wait outside, hoping the fresh air would clear the fog in her brain and loosen her tongue. When he had excused himself to go to the restroom earlier, she thought for sure the date was already blown, but thankfully he came back. Nikoli tried to keep her involved with the conversation at dinner to no avail. Leila was a goner, lost inside her own head and unable to form a decent coherent sentence every time his eyes met hers.

As Leila stood on the sidewalk, she closed her eyes and breathed out a frustrated sigh, then shivered as the gentle breeze washed over her, cooling her off and calming her nerves. She wanted him in the worst way possible and couldn’t stop thinking about his hands roaming all over her body, his lips trailing kisses. Goosebumps started to form on her arm and she hugged herself, unsure as to whether it was from the breeze or her dirty thoughts. Upon opening her eyes, she noticed the bookstore across the street was closed already. Leila was slightly disappointed. She wanted to speak more with the owner, who was an interesting character. Leila left reluctantly due to the forceful way the lady had pushed them out the door. Nikoli had tried to play everything off as if it didn’t bother him, but Leila could tell that the psychic got to him somehow. He was visibly uncomfortable by the time they left.

“Alright pretty lady, shall we?”

Nikoli offered Leila his arm as he exited the building, a small smirk turning up one side of his mouth.

“Where to?” Leila questioned as she clung to his arm, the warmth emanating from his body in tantalizing waves.

“Well, I suppose we’ll just stroll around for a little while. I’m not sure that much is open besides nightclubs at this time of night.”

“True.” Leila shivered once more as the breeze grew a little stronger, snuggling a little closer to Nikoli as he put his strong arm around her, pulling her closer to his side.

They had no certain destination and not much conversation as they strolled downtown. Leila didn’t really know what to say, but was just enjoying Nikoli’s company. They stopped beneath a cherry blossom tree, with the pink flowers all abloom, admiring their beauty. The sweet perfume wafted over them, blanketing them in the scent of the beautiful buds. For just a moment, Leila looked up at Nikoli, admiring his strong and handsome features. He was almost godlike with his sculpted muscles and tousled dark hair. His pouty lips curved into a small smile as he brushed her cheek with his knuckles. Cupping her chin in his palm, he leaned forward, kissing first her cheeks, then her eyelids. Keeping her eyes closed, she waited in anticipation of the inevitable. Finally their lips met with a gentle fervor, soft and slow, before building up into an intense crescendo of sensations. She never wanted it to end which she indicated by intertwining her fingers in his hair, pulling him deeper into the kiss.

They both moaned softly as the kiss intensified, their tongues dancing together as one. Her need for him was strong, bordering on desperate, but just toeing that invisible line. Leila nibbled on his lip and sucked gently on his tongue. Nikoli growled and pulled away abruptly, causing Leila’s eyes to flash open in surprise. Had she offended him? The look on his face told her that she had not upset him. His heated gaze and clenched jaw were from desire, not from anger. That knowledge made the blood pool in her belly and thighs like molten lava, causing her to bite her lip to keep.

“God help me, I want you, Leila,” Nikoli whispered, his voice husky with unbridled need, her name on his lips told of unspoken promises.

As her heart skipped a beat and her face flushed with the realization of what he had said, her breath caught in her throat, rendering her temporarily speechless. Her dreams were finally becoming a reality, which made her wonder if they had really been premonitions of what was to come. Catching her breath finally, she grinned and snuck a peek at him. His gaze was still intense and focused solely on her, his fingers playing with her loose tendrils of hair as they stood close enough to kiss if either one of them moved in the slightest, but still not quite touching.

Feeling brave, even though her heart was racing, she spoke before she could fully register what she had uttered, “So, what’s stopping you?”

“Where do you live?” He asked, his eyes narrowed as his mouth hardened into a determined line.

Leila rattled off her address, his steely resolve making her gasp. Leading her by her hand to his red motorcycle, he handed her a helmet before swinging his leg over and helping Leila onto the seat behind him. Her eyes widened a bit out of slight fear, but she got on the motorcycle nevertheless. He slid on in front of her, telling her to hold on, as Nikoli jump started the bike. The rumbling engine vibrated under her thighs as they rumbled off into the night, only making her desire for him seem all the more urgent.

He let her lean on him, reveling in the warmth of her soft curves pressed against him. She simply nodded as he led her to his bike. Leila clung to the hardness of his body, afraid to let go. She had never ridden on a motorcycle before this very moment and the fear she felt the first time she saw it faded away as the miles wore on. She relaxed against Nikoli, enjoying how safe he made her feel. She leaned her head back slightly after a little while, to look up at the sky. The moon was like a giant silver-blue, glowing orb placed inside of a black hole. The brilliance of the moon outshone all the stars in the night sky. It was mesmerizing.

Sighing softly, she hugged herself against him even tighter in an attempt to stay warm, wishing she had remembered to bring a jacket with her on the date. Leila couldn’t help but to catch the musky, male scent of Nikoli as she cuddled up to him. He smelled wonderful and she couldn’t quite place the aroma. It reminded her of incense. Leila grinned in delight at the turn of events this evening. As they raced away on his bike, she felt a shiver of excitement. This was finally the night that she had imagined and dreamed of relentlessly. Soon Nikoli would be hers and she would be his. She bit her lip, knowing that nothing in her life would ever be the same again.

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