Dream Of Me

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Chapter 24

Nikoli knew he should be thinking a little more logically, but his desire for her was taking over all sense of reason. He sped them off to her place. He was pretty sure he was over the speed limit by quite a bit, but he wasn’t too worried about getting caught. Besides, if he did, nothing would come of it. He would just enchant the police to forget the incident and be gone before they could even recover. Being a member of the “undead” definitely had it’s perks. Being immortal, though, was sometimes a bit overrated. Nikoli supposed that if he hadn’t of been alive so long, though, that he would have never met Leila.

The trees rushed past them like a blanket of green as they wove their way through the side streets. The buildings were all at least two stories tall, colonial style with columns, wrap around porches and balconies overlooking the lake. Nikoli was enjoying the breeze as it wooshed past him, cool yet not quite cold. Leila wrapped her arms tighter around his chest, the warmth soaking through his shirt and he smiled in delight. He didn’t know he could feel such desire for a human girl as a vampire, not having experienced it since his turn. It was refreshing, new and exciting for him. Her thighs pressed against the backs of his thighs inexplicably turned him on.

Nikoli was enjoying the night thus far. The moon was large and full. The stars were little twinkling silvery orbs against the nearly black night sky. He felt like shouting or jumping or just doing something just plain crazy to impress this girl that he barely even knew. He had never felt so alive, not even before his turn. There was something about Leila that drove him crazy as soon as he first caught her scent. His desire to be with her was almost like an obsession in its blindness to the danger that could result from it. He was both glad and disturbed that she was sitting behind him. Glad because he couldn’t smell her hair or her primal need for him and disturbed because feeling her body heat pressed against the wrong side of his body was inflicting pain in the very area he wished to bury inside of her.

He hoped that she couldn’t hear him growling in frustration since her head was no longer pressed against his back. They hadn’t even known each other for that long, but he was completely enamored by her. It had been such a long time since he had felt so, well, human. It was something so unexpected that it caught him by surprise. He knew his human side had been in there somewhere, lurking, waiting to be let loose. He couldn’t tell what Leila was feeling and he refused to enter her mind and try to read it. He still felt that to be a huge invasion of privacy.

After about 15 minutes they arrived at her place. It was a little run down looking with the chipped red brick and the rusting off-white gutters. Nikoli turned off the engine after pulling into the driveway, if you could call it that. Really it was just a small gravel trail leading up to the porch.

“Wow. This is where you live?” Nikoli tried to keep the judgement out of his voice as he gestured towards the door, but his eyes probably gave him away as they narrowed in barely masked concern.

“Don’t be rude. I know it’s a little run down, but….but it’s mine. Well I rent it, but still, it’s mine.” Leila shot him an indignant glare in protest, as she got off the bike and handed him the helmet, a little too forcefully.

“I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to offend. It’s just...it’s kind of falling apart, don’t you think?” Nikoli chuckled softly as he swung his leg over the bike and took off his helmet.

“It’s- it’s just got...character, you know?” Leila crossed her arms over her chest and pulled on her lower lip, attempting to hide a grin, but Nikoli just shook his head at her and grinned knowingly.

“Sure, sure. Character. It’s got plenty of that alright.” Nikoli laughed softly, pulling Leila’s hand from her reddened lip and grasping it with his own, rousing a small reluctant smile out of her.

“Oh shut up. It’s not that bad.” Leila laughed then at her own denial, throwing her head back, shoving Nikoli’s shoulder playfully as he grabbed her swiftly by the waist, pulling her firmly against his broad, muscular chest.

Nikoli planted a soft kiss on her lips, gentle but firm and ran his fingers through her long, flowing mane, causing her to moan at his touch. He cupped her face in both hands and caressed her cheeks with his thumb as he ended the kiss by resting his forehead against hers. It was getting easier, the more he was with her, to stifle his bloodlust, but he was still scared of hurting her, of not being able to control himself in the moment and that caused him great inner turmoil. Leila grabbed his hand as he placed a chaste kiss on her forehead, looking down at her with utter adoration in his eyes. Leila just grinned at him, that cheeky grin he loved, as her cheeks flushed a light pink.

“Wow, what was that for?”

“I just felt...like kissing you. Is that a crime now?” Nikoli said, his tone teasing.

He knew he was stalling, but he hadn’t fully thought this through. What if something went wrong? What if he couldn’t control his urge to feed? What if his fangs came out and she freaked out? He had never put himself in this situation before with a human girl, never even considered it a possibility really. He had been taught by his vampire clan that humans were just food and entertainment, nothing more. Even though he walked away from them because he no longer wanted to participate in their violence, it had been difficult for him to change his thinking.

“Well, I don’t remember giving you permission to kiss me like that, Nikoli. Do you?” Leila raised her eyebrows at him, a serious look on her face that stopped him cold.

“Wait...What? I’m-i’m sorry if I-” Nikoli stumbled over his words, trying to apologize for overstepping his bounds.

“I was just joking you goof, chill out. You don’t need to ask permission to kiss me, you know.” Leila giggled and kissed him quickly on the lips, causing him to sigh in relief.

“Shit, Leila, don’t do that! Seriously. You really had me going there.” Nikoli mildly chided her, smiling a half smile to show he wasn’t that upset.

“Sorry.” Leila grinned sheepishly and bit her lip again.

“It’s fine, truly. I just don’t ever want to….” Nikoli looked away from her captivating eyes, searching for the words and coming up short.

“Want to what?” Leila questioned lightly, her soft tone causing him to look back at her, getting lost again in her eyes.

He touched her cheek and tucked a stray piece of hair behind one ear, “Do anything that you don’t want me to do. I’d never forgive myself if I hurt you.”

Leila furrowed her brows together, frowning a little as she closed her hand around his, “You won’t. I know that you won’t.”

“How. How do you know that? We barely know each other.” It was Nikoli’s turn to knit his brows together and frown.

“I- I can’t explain it, really, but...I’m drawn to you. My intuition tells me to trust you. I don’t know why, but I always trust my instincts.” Leila smiled at him then, glowing from the inside out.

“And what is your intuition telling you now?” Nikoli raised an eyebrow and showed off his pearly whites in a wide, relieved grin.

“It’s telling me that...we should go upstairs to my apartment now and stop making out in my driveway. It’s dark as crap out here.” Leila chuckled, her eyes twinkling in the moonlight.

“Oh yeah? Well then let’s go.” Nikoli didn’t even hesitate as he made his way toward her. Her eyes widened as he scooped her up into his arms and carried her to the apartment she gestured at. She fumbled to open the door with her keys and Nikoli had to help her out, but they made their way into the dark apartment. Leila giggled and switched on the light, illuminating them both in the the bright glow of the overhead light. Nikoli shut the door with his foot, kissing her urgently and as she moaned into his mouth, he knew there was no turning back now. He was too far gone.

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