Dream Of Me

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Chapter 25

Leila’s eyelids fluttered shut as the kiss deepened. She’d seen the heat in his eyes, and thought that he looked hungry. Hungry for her that is. She couldn’t resist him, it was out of her control. His kiss tasted sweet, like candy. His musky scent was intoxicating and she was having a hard time forming thoughts. What’s there to think about? Probably just the fact that he was basically a stranger. Inexplicably, she trusted him.

“Leila, you taste so good.”

Leila was trying to think of a reply, but her thoughts were interrupted as Nikoli’s kisses moved down to her neck and all she could manage was a moan. She had no idea her neck was such a sensitive area or that a kiss there would feel positively sinful. He nibbled up to her earlobe, sucking gently, grazing it with his teeth. She gasped and grabbed his thigh in surprise, gripping it tightly. He groaned in response, cradling her head in his hands. His lips traveled downward, nibbling at her collarbone and kissing the hollow in her throat before finally traveling back up to her lips. He bit her lower lip gently, slowly drawing into his mouth, making her moan again and clutch his shoulders. He shifted slightly, laying her down on the bed, bringing her wrists to his lips.

At first, she was afraid, thinking that he was about to bind her. Instead, however, he kissed the inside of her wrists ever so slightly, barely grazing them. He raised her hands above her head and crossed her wrists together, caressing down the length of her arms until he reached the sides of her breasts. Leila’s breathing changed in anticipation, becoming shaky and even more shallow. She felt her skin flush as he removed her dress ever so slowly, leaving her in only a lacy red bra and panty set. Feeling exposed and vulnerable Leila attempted to cover herself, but Nikoli shook his head briefly, licking his lips.

He leaned back and gazed upon her body with admiration in his eyes as he removed her bra and panties slowly. She saw the hungry look in his eyes intensify along with her nakedness and she blushed a deep shade of scarlet. She hadn’t let too many guys see her in the buff over the years. It wasn’t that she was shy, she just didn’t see the point. Sex wasn’t fun for her. She had always found it lacking even. Elaine seemed to enjoy it. Maybe it was just her, maybe it was the guys she had tried it with. She was hoping it was the latter of the two. She would hate to disappoint Nikoli.

She was so used to being disappointed herself that it barely even phased her anymore. Really she had just stopped trying and focused on her career. Once again her thoughts were cut short by Nikoli’s presence. Leila was now hyper aware that he was about to touch her, her body sensed his hands before they even made contact. Having looked away after he exposed her naked flesh, she couldn’t tell where he was going to touch her. As she turned her eyes back towards him, her mouth suddenly went dry. No one has ever looked at her that way.

“You’re so exquisite, Leila.” Nikoli’s voice was deep and husky, his fingers touching her shoulder were so light that she wouldn’t have known he’d touched her if it weren’t for the shiver that ran down her spine in response.

There was such a gentleness in his now softened gaze, and it offset the intensity in such a way that she suddenly wanted to cry. Biting her lip she waited with bated breath, his hands touching her bare breasts, lightly skimming over her nipples. Her breath hitched as she moaned, involuntarily arching into his hands. Cupping her breasts, he leaned down and flicked his tongue across her hard peaks. As she arched again, this time harder, he opened his mouth and sucked gently on the tender flesh, causing her eyes to roll back in her head in pleasure.

“You taste so sweet, my love,” his warm breath rolled across her stomach as he spoke, causing her to tremble.

“Mmmm...that feels so good,” she whispered, her lips parted and her head thrown back, her body thrumming with pent up energy.

Nikoli responded by trailing kisses back up to her neck, groaning at her words. Leila looked at him dreamily, all thoughts gone that didn’t include him touching her. She was no longer caught in the past or daydreaming about the future. Time had stopped and she was in the now, enjoying everything in the moment. She pulled Nikoli’s face to hers, touching her lips to his, Leila’s tongue parting his lips, deepening the kiss, hoping he felt her need. She ached for him like she never had for any other man before. This was what she had been missing. With him, she knew it would be wonderful. She believed it deep down to her core because this time it felt different. It felt...better.

When he returned her kiss it was nothing short of electric, his desire for her flooded her senses. There was an urgency in her kiss now, her tongue swirling against his fervently. With one hand he cupped her breast, playing with the nipple, with the other hand he moved down the length of her side to rest between her thighs. The unexpected touch made her moan and move against his hand, as he played with her most sensitive area. His breathing grew heavier and he whispered into her ear how much he wanted her. Her muscles started to clench in her belly as a warm sensation started to spread throughout her body.

“Are you ready for me, Leila? Come for me now.” his voice was husky as he nibbled her ear, driving her over the edge.

She came apart in his hands, shuddering violently and moaning loudly, losing control of her body in a way she’d never thought possible. Her body flooded with warmth and a strange tingling moved throughout her entire body, causing her toes to curl.

“Wow…”she breathed, it was the only response she could manage.

She was drowning in sensation, her mind overwhelmed with emotion. Laying against him, she let out a shaky breath, resting her head on his chest.

“Should I take that as a yes then? “ he chuckled, his laugh rumbling beneath her ear, “Catch your breath, my dear. We’ve only just begun.”

She gasped and looked up at him through half closed lids.

“There’s more?” She felt giddy and frightened all at the same time.

He kissed her chastely and stood up. It was only then that she noticed the bulge in his black dress pants. She raised an eyebrow, curious, and removed his pants awkwardly with fumbling fingers. As she removed his pants and finally his boxer briefs, he removed his button up shirt as well as his undershirt. Leila’s jaw dropped when she saw hard length of him and she could do nothing but stare at him in all his naked glory. Nikoli was beautiful. And he was all hers.

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