Dream Of Me

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Chapter 26

Nikoli smirked a little at her shocked expression. He was above average in size, but not quite in the porn star department. He had never heard any complaints, but he was a little rusty. It had been awhile since he had last had a sexual encounter. He was always worried that with humans he would somehow lose control. Feeding at the peak of a climax was the greatest high a vampire could ever have because it was ten times more pleasurable than just feeding or sex alone. He vowed to himself not to bite Leila without her permission, no matter how hard he it was.

“I’ve dreamt of this so many times, Leila. I can’t believe it’s finally a reality.” Nikoli said in a husky whisper, stroking her cheek lovingly as she looked up at him coyly from under her dark lashes.

The blush that his statement produced on her face caused him to grin delightedly as his deep golden eyes became an even darker hue. Her pale freckles seemed to dance across her skin as a smile lit up her face.

“Me too.” Leila breathed as she looked upon his lean muscular body appraisingly.

The way she was looking at him made his blood boil with excitement and the way she smelled, of vanilla and wanting almost caused his fangs to unwittingly extend. Once more, he fought them back with a greater amount of success compared to the previous time. He didn’t want to scare her off. He couldn’t compel her not to remember, she wasn’t like the others. He found that out the hard way at the club. They would just do it vanilla, straight up. No kink, no biting and no bondage. The thought of her being tied up and vulnerable though made his dick jump. He told himself to focus. Since she didn’t seem too experienced, which was rather surprising given her level of attractiveness, he thought he would start off slow. He stepped forward and she surprised him by grabbing ahold of his hard-on and stroking him.

He groaned in pleasure, not having had anyone other than him touch his shaft in a long time. He usually just went in for the bang, the release, to be frank, and didn’t take much time to have fun with it. He bit his lip, once more concerned about his self control. His eyes widened as she licked the tip of him, tasting his saltiness. Looking up at him through her lashes, she put him in her mouth, closing her lips firmly around his member. He gasped involuntarily, shocked, but not displeased with her boldness. Her mouth was delightfully warm and wet.

“That feels…..amazing.”

Moaning, he threaded his fingers through her hair as she moved her mouth and tongue up and down his shaft. It was so unexpected, but Nikoli enjoyed the sensations the blow job ensued, closing his eyes. It feels so great that he doesn’t want it to end, but he doesn’t want to finish in her mouth. Pulling on her her head gently, he cut it short. It takes all of his willpower to do so, but he wanted to be inside of her so badly. She looked puzzled for a moment, but giggled when he pushed her back onto the bed, looking at him with wide expectant eyes, not saying a word.

He put on a condom, just in case. No one knows for sure if it’s possible for a vampire to actually spread his seed, but personally he’d rather not take that chance. A hybrid could have all sorts of issues and would not be accepted by either kind even if it were possible. Besides that who knew if a woman, either vampire or other, could survive the birth. He was nervous, for some inexplicable reason. He generally only had sex with vampiresses, though. So, more than likely it was because this was completely new territory for him.

‘Be gentle. Go slow. Don’t hurt her.’ He told himself. That little voice in his head just wouldn’t shut up. It just kept carrying on and on, coaching him through every move. Once he focused on Leila and saw the way she was looking at him, just as nervous as him, it was finally silenced.

“You’re so beautiful…” he murmured softly, not wanting to break the spell, but wanting to say something eloquent.

“Thank you...You’re not so bad yourself.” Leila teased with a playful tone, but the lustful look in her eyes was absolutely serious.

She smiled with trembling lips and flushed from head to toe, the color flattering her and giving her away all at the same time. He touched her face and positioned himself above her, licking his lips nervously, wanting so badly for everything to go right that he hesitated but a moment before leaning in to kiss her lips passionately.

“You’re safe with me,” he whispered after they parted, kissing her eyelids and then her mouth again, trying to ease her tension.

In response, she moaned and tugged softly on his hair, deepening the kiss. While one hand alternately circled her left nipple and massaged her breast, his other hand moved to the moist spot between her thighs. She moaned and thrust her pelvis into him, grinding against his hand. Goosebumps broke out all over her body, causing her to shiver against him. Not able to stand the temptation any longer, he moved his hands underneath her bottom, lifting her hips off of the bed to grant himself easier access.

Looking into her eyes, he thrust himself deep inside of her as she cried out, waiting for her to get acclimated to the intrusion before he eased back out. He started out slowly, letting the pleasure build and making sure they both thoroughly enjoyed the act of sex together. Picking up the pace after a few minutes, he put her legs on his shoulders for the leverage to really slam into her. Soon he was lost in the rhythm, drowning in a sea of sensation. The electricity between them made their lovemaking even more pleasurable as their bodies heated up from the friction and adrenaline.

“Oh yes!” Leila cried out, clinging to him as if he were a liferaft, scratching inadvertently along his back, leaving red scratches where her fingernails trailed.

Nikoli stole another glance at Leila to gage how much she was still enjoying it and smiled to himself in glee. Her head was thrown back, eyes closed, hands moving to grip the sheets and from her mouth came the most delectable sounds to ever grace his ears. He bet she tasted delicious when in the throes of passion. He growled and pounded harder, faster to try to escape the thought. He would not bite her without her permission. He could see the vein in her neck pulsing as the blood pumped hard to keep up with their recent activities.

He licked his lips and realized his fangs had extended from his gums.

“I want to taste you,” he accidentally groaned aloud in frustration, mentally kicking himself.


Leila moaned, eyes remaining closed, oblivious to what he said, clawing at his back again in an attempt to get closer to him. That was all he needed to hear as he pumped into her faster, with renewed vigor, wanting to make her come. The height of the climax brought him the greatest satisfaction with feeding a vampire could experience, but he resisted the urge, as hard as it was. He could tell she was close by the way her body started to stiffen and the way her hips moved to meet his every thrust.

She was panting and grinding against him harder, her fingernails digging harder into his back and buttocks. Lifting her up on top of his lap in a sitting position, he crushed her breasts against his chest and kissed her neck, letting her take over. She moaned and started to slow down as her body tightened against him in anticipation. Nikoli held onto his release until the last possible second, wanting to come with Leila. She cried out as she fell apart in his hands, shuddering and moaning as she gripped him tight to her body and he finally let go of his control a little, letting the strength of the orgasm overwhelm his body and release in an almost violent explosion. It had been too long.

“Wow...just wow.” Leila panted as the both collapsed in a heap on the bed, him on his back and her resting her head on his chest, her hand splayed atop the dark curls of his chest hair.

“I most definitely agree. That was….” He struggled to find the words, pausing a beat.

“...Amazing…” Leila finished, giggling into her hand.


Nikoli chuckled, kissing the top of her head and lightly stroking her exposed back with his fingertips, causing her to shiver as goosebumps raised on her skin once again. Nikoli was satisfied and didn’t feel the bloodlust at the moment due to his climax. Nikoli glanced at the clock, noting that he only had a couple of hours until sunrise and that he would have to leave before then. At the moment he was just enjoying the time spent with the girl of his dreams. Leila kissed his chest and sighed in contentment as Nikoli pulled a blanket up to cover both of their naked bodies as they lay there, holding one another, recovering in splendid silence.

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