Dream Of Me

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Chapter 27

Leila tucked her hands against her chest, fiddling with her amulet and rested her ear against Nikoli’s unusually cool chest, gleefully contemplating what had just transpired between them. The thump thump of his heartbeat pounding steadily beneath her ear had a rhythmic calming effect. The musky, earthy scent of him and the sensations caused by his fingernails against her back as he lazily stroked her back were turning her on again. With her fingers, she touched his chest, trailing lazily down to his stomach, feeling the hardness of his abs beneath her palm which made him chuckle.

“Having fun there?” Nikoli asked, his tone light and carefree, his eyebrow quirked up, an amused grin plastered on his handsome face.

“Yes….is that okay?” Leila could feel her cheeks heat up as she peeked up at him sheepishly with her chin on the side of his chest, nibbling on her lower lip to suppress a grin.

Nikoli looked down at her incredulously and chuckled again, his chest rumbling beneath her chin delightfully, “It’s perfectly fine. I don’t mind at all, in fact.”

“Oh really? So, then you wouldn’t mind if I do this?” Leila raised her eyebrow and licked her lip, slightly swollen from her biting it.

Propping herself up on one elbow, she pushed herself up a bit to kiss his neck sensually, causing him to groan and grab her hips, pulling her on top of him in one fell swoop. Leila giggled gleefully and sat up, straddling him, lacing her fingers in his hands and raising them above his head.

“Oh it’s going to be like that, is it now?” Nikoli grinned, his white teeth standing out in contrast to his pale mocha skin tone.

“Yes, it’s definitely going to be like that. Are you complaining?” Leila raised her eyebrows in undecided expectation, awaiting his answer patiently.

“No. I am most definitely not complaining.” Nikoli’s eyes danced with mirth as he stroked her thumbs across the sides of her hands.

“Well good then.” Leila giggled, his touch making the butterflies in her stomach begin to take flight.

He freed his hands and sat up so quickly it made her gasp as she held onto his broad shoulders to keep from falling backwards. Nikoli held onto her lower back, moving his hands down to cup her round, firm bottom and simultaneously pulling her closer to him. As he touched her, a warmth tingling sensation spread it’s way throughout her body. Leaning back to admire him, her hands running along his biceps, feeling the strength in his muscles bulge as he held onto her tightly, with minimal effort. He just grinned at her, flashing his straight, blindingly white teeth at her once more.

“You are so beautiful. Has anyone ever told you that?”

“No. I don’t think so. Or at least not anyone who really mattered.” Leila stumbled over her words, looking away from him briefly, trying not to say too much. Looking at him made her want to tell him everything about her. It confused her brain.

“Meaning what exactly?” Nikoli asked, his thick, dark eyebrows raised, ducking his head down to try to get her to meet his eyes.

“N-nothing. Really....”

“Doesn’t seem like nothing.” Nikoli muttered matter-of-factly, staring her down while she tried desperately to push him off of her. The problem was that he was super strong and that her fighting only produced an amused chuckle from him, much to her chagrin.

Leila sighed forcefully rolling her eyes away from his probing eyes, “It’s just that…..” She paused as she struggled to talk about herself, trying to push back the anxiety she felt at sharing personal things.

“...Yes?” Nikoli loosened his grip slightly on her waist to turn her face towards him, searching her eyes for the hidden truth.

“Well, when people give me compliments, it’s usually because they want something. I just don’t take them well, let’s leave it at that, okay?” Leila plead silently with her eyes for him to drop the subject, but he wasn’t quite getting the memo.

“Are you going to elaborate on that any?” Nikoli brushed a hand through her hair, lighting up her nerves with the electricity as she tried to focus on the question he had asked.

“No...not at the moment...mmmm….that feels so good!” Leila let her head drop back as her eyes closed, savoring the pleasure.

“Alright then, as you wish.”

Nikoli chuckled, at his ability to easily distract her, pulling her a little closer. His cold chest crushed her warm breasts against him, causing her to shiver slightly as he moved in to kiss her neck in return. Moaning Leila wrapped her arms around the back of his neck, she threaded her hands through his hair, bringing his face closer to her neck, closer to that sweet spot nestled beneath her hair. Suddenly, he hissed, pushing away from her too quickly to slide across to the opposite side of the bed and she fell back on the bed, her head hitting last and bouncing off the mattress. Leila propped herself up on her elbows to look up at him in surprise, eyebrows raised, mouth pursed to hide her indignation.

“What the hell was that for? I’m not really into the rough stuff, Nikoli.”

“Shit! S-sorry...your necklace….it burned me. Again. Are you alright?” Nikoli winced and gave Leila a pained look before looking down at his chest, touching the red spot gingerly with his fingers.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry! What is wrong with this thing? I’m fine, but what about you?” Leila blurted out, babbling with nervous energy, grabbing the hand by his side, feeling a strange sense of relief in the tingling sensation the connection provided, finding it somehow comforting.

His color, which had just a few moments before been slightly flushed due to the lovemaking session, was now a greyish sort of pallor. As Nikoli surveyed her carefully from a safe distance, his eyes narrowed with uncertainty and he pressed his lips together in a tight line, processing their predicament.

“I don’t know why your amulet feels the need to attack me. Have I offended it in some way?” He chuckled dryly, trying to hide his fear underneath a thin veil of bad humor as he scratched his head in puzzlement.

“Yeah me neither. This is the strangest thing ever. I just wish I could take it off already, you know? Or even that I had never put the damn thing on in the first place. What exactly does it think it’s protecting me from? You?” Leila said forcefully, gesturing towards him haphazardly, her eyebrows raised, lips slightly parted.

A look flashed so briefly in Nikoli’s eyes that Leila didn’t have enough time to decipher what it was before he shifted his eyes away from her, avoiding her gaze as he spoke.

“Well...we’ll figure it out, alright? Maybe we can go back to that fortune teller later. It’s possible she might have answers.”

“Yeah...you might be right. Although, she really didn’t look too keen on answering our questions the last time we went, did she?” Leila mumbled, chewing on her thumbnail.

Nikoli glanced sideways at her, his lustrous yellow eyes dark, his face somber as he peered over at her, seeming to be battling with something. Leila smiled sadly at him, pulling the corners of her mouth as she waited for him to say or do something. Anything. Sighing, Nikoli scooted closer to grasp her hands, eyes scanning over the necklace before sliding back up to her face a frown creasing his face. He kissed her knuckles lightly, squeezing her hands gently as his eyes softened into a lighter, honey hue, a small smile resting on his soft lips.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere. If there’s a solution, we’ll find it. Together.” Nikoli smiled reassuringly, touching her cheek with one hand as Leila sandwiched his other hand between both of her own, resting them in her lap.

Leila’s face flooded with relief as she exhaled a long held breath in one quick woosh, grinning at him. Leila stretched as she tried to stifle a yawn with her hand, the exhaustion finally setting in. Nikoli patted her hands and moved behind her as she lay down, turning off the bedside lamp and snuggling against her warm back.

“Let’s get some sleep, sweetheart.” His hot breath against the back of her neck causing her baby hairs to vibrate.

“Ok.” Leila muttered as she snuggled against his cool body, her eyes drooping shut.

A few moments passed before Nikoli spoke again, listening to the sounds she made as she started to fall asleep.



“I’m really glad you exist and that I met you.”

Nikoli kissed the spot in between her shoulder blades sweetly, causing a shudder to ripple through her body as he pulled the soft, warm blankets over them both. The last thing she remembered before darkness overtook her was Nikoli’s strong, safe arms embracing her as she drifted off to sleep, a smile on her face as a new dream flitted just out of reach.

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