Dream Of Me

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Chapter 29

“Wake up my pretty little thing,” a female voice said, her voice barely above a whisper.

Leila’s eyes snapped open quickly confusion in her wide eyes as she searched the darkness for some kind of clue as to where she was or where the voice was coming from. She tried to move, rattling the chains that bound her hands and feet. The lights flicked on suddenly causing Leila to blink in surprise, taking in her surroundings, looking for her kidnapper, her breath coming in short pants.

“Nikoli? Why are you doing this to me?” Leila shouted angrily, her fear getting the better of her as she inspected the wrought iron wheel she was bound to. Tugging on her restraints, she tried to free herself to no avail.

“Do you like it? I picked it up from an auction long ago. It once belonged to a famous magician. He used it to throw knives at his assistant. Barbaric, wouldn’t you agree?” Said a familiar female voice from beside her.

Leila turned her head sharply in the direction of her captor, fear in her eyes, but a determined tilt to her chin, “What do you want? Where’s Nikoli?” she questioned, not bothering to answer Jessa first.

She was trying to stay brave and calm, but her quivering chin gave her away. Jessa stepped forward from the shadows, further illuminating herself, an amused grin on her face. Her eyes widened with recognition as well as confusion, once more. Jessa’s mouth quirked into a wry grin as she made her way to the table set up in front of the wheeled rack that the Leila was strung up on. Turning her back away from Leila briefly, picking something up off of a table, she whipped around, facing Leila, knife in hand.

“You’re quite rude, do you know that? I’m hurt that you didn’t even answer my question,” Jessa held the handle of the small knife in one hand as she pricked her finger on the other hand with the tip of the blade, “I’ll just have to teach you better manners then, won’t I?” Jessa chuckled, stepping closer to her, licking the blood off of her finger.

“You are a seriously deranged person! Has anyone ever told you that? I haven’t done anything to you!” Leila screamed, her voice shaking with the massive effort.

Jessa just cackled evilly, throwing her head back and waving the knife around like a crazy person. Leila stopped struggling against her shackles as it was proving to be a rather pointless endeavor. They were just too strong for the likes of her. She didn’t understand how she had gotten there, let alone why Nikoli’s ex-girlfriend had it out for her. Not to mention where Nikoli had gotten to. Was he a part of this? She didn’t have the time to dwell on the previous evening’s events or to analyze the dangerous situation any further because the crazy bitch was walking towards her with a rather sharp looking blade. When the dark-haired beauty grinned at her, Leila could almost swear she saw fangs, if only for an instant.

Shaking her head to clear out the cobwebs that seemed to be taking over her brain, she tried to think of something to distract her unhinged enemy. Leila licked her lips and did the only thing she could think of doing, she talked. Coincidentally it was what she always did when she got nervous.

“How did I get here?” Leila made sure to ask as polite as possible, her voice wavered as her question hung in the air.

“Why are you doing this?” This time her voice was barely a whisper because her throat kept feeling tighter and tighter. Fear gripped her and made it hard to talk.

“Please answer me!” Leila managed to force out in frustration. She hated being ignored. The other girl just eyed her maliciously with a devilish grin.

Her movements reminded Leila of a cat stalking a mouse. Jessa got in her face. Leila scrunched up her nose in disgust at the horrible metallic stench of the other girl’s breath.

“I brought you here, because I was hungry and I like to play with my food before I eat it,” Jessa said, putting emphasis on the last two words, chuckling softly.

Leila furrowed her brows, puzzled.

“I don’t understand....are you a-a cannibal?” Leila shuddered as she said those words, which only sent Jessa into another fit of uncontrollable, hysterical laughter.

Leila bristled, annoyed that the joke was at her expense. She could feel the heat rising to her cheeks from both anger and embarrassment, but instead of taking the bait, she remained silent, gritting her teeth and clenching her hands into fists.

“No, you stupid girl,” Jessa managed to get out between giggles, wiping away tears from her eyes, “I am a vampire.”

Leila laughed loudly, unable to stop herself. This girl is completely nuts! She shook her head side to side in disbelief at what the raven-haired girl was telling her, hair sliding in front of her face, momentarily obstructing her view. Leila shook her hair back as best as she could, watching as anger flashed in the alleged vampiress’s eyes, but her smile was one of sardonic amusement.

“Don’t believe me?” Jessa purred softly in her thick british accent. “Allow me to show you,” her voice raised slightly.

In an instant she was across the room, standing directly in front of Leila. Balking, Leila’s mouth dropped open in surprise, all traces of a smile now gone.

“How...how...?” Leila managed, unable to form a coherent thought.

Her mind was completely blown. The monsters from what she had once believed to just be scary stories, seemed to be real. Closing her mouth, she tried to process what she had just witnessed.

“I don’t like to repeat myself,” Jessa replied superiorly, as if she were scolding a small child. “Now let’s take a closer look at my next meal, shall we?”

In one swift movement she managed to get face to face with Leila and Leila gasped, blinking quickly in surprise.

“Tsk tsk...I will admit you are rather lovely, especially for a human,” she practically spit out the word human, what could only be described as envy contorting her features. Leila watched as the girl’s eyes narrowed and the corners of her mouth pulled up in a smirk.

“I’ll just have to remedy that. After all, I can’t have your looks turning more heads than mine, can I?” Leila’s eyes widened as the dark-haired girl raised the knife in front of Leila’s face.

The overhead lights glinted off the blade and Leila found herself gripped by fear. A strange tingling warmth flooded her body and she felt power coursing through her veins. Leila closed her eyes, as they were starting to burn with the hot energy that seemed to be taking over her body. Her body started to tremble, the sensations overwhelming her. Jessa chuckled as she pressed the sharp tip of the blade against Leila’s cheek, dragging it along her skin.

“That’s definitely an improvement on your features, if I do say so myself.” Jessa said in a light, airy tone leaning in closer, her sharp fangs bared and her eyes glinting with malice.

As the reality of the situation registered with Leila, she opened her eyes and shouted, “No!” in a booming voice.

“Stop!” Nikoli screamed from behind the door as he thrust it open, bursting violently into the room, arms raised, but it was too late.

A silver-violet energy burst forth from inside of Leila, exploding all around in a bright circle of light. Jessa’s eyebrows raised in astonishment and she shrieked shrilly as she flew across the room, slamming violently into a wall. Jessa got up swiftly, fear lighting her eyes as she tried to walk quickly out the door, stopped by Nikoli’s hand gripping her arm.

“What was that?” Nikoli blurted, a shocked expression on his face.

Leila simply shook her head, just as dumbfounded as he was.

“You came for me. How did you know where I was?” Leila asked, eyes pooling with unshed tears.

Nikoli looked up at her, his eyes still burning with anger at Jessa, his jaw clenched right. Concern washed over his features, but he hesitated. Unable to answer the question truthfully without frightening her.

Rushing to her side, Nikoli ripped off her chains and pried open her shackles, catching Leila as she collapsed from being immobile for so long.

“Bye bitches!” Jessa shouted over her shoulder as she raced out of the room and opened the front door.

A short moment later a horrifying scream rang out from Jessa just before she flashed into the room, her face covered with third degree burns, but already beginning to heal. Leila stared at her open mouth as Jessa glared back, hands balled into fists.

“Wh-what’s wrong with your face?” Leila blurted, her words muffled by her hand covering her mouth in shock.

“Stop looking at me, you freak!” Jessa shouted, seething, her body shaking with indignation and pain.

“Problems, Jessa?” Nikoli smirked, his eyes trained on her as he stood Leila up on her feet and cracked his knuckles.

“There’s something seriously wrong with her Nik- ...” Jessa said a little too loudly, glaring at him, and corrected the volume of her voice.

“Wrong with me? Seriously?” Leila sputtered, an incredulous, wide eyed look on her face as she pointed at Jessa, “Nikoli, she’s a vampire!” Leila stated just a little too loudly.

Nikoli paused a moment, glancing at Leila slightly slack-jawed. Then he turned his attention back to Jessa. “You told her about that, J?”

Leila opened her mouth then closed it just as quickly. “You knew about the vampire thing then?”

Nikoli glanced at her apologetically, his face flushing a light pink shade. He looked down, studying his shoes for a moment. When he looked back at her, he wore the expression of shame.

“I did....I’m sorry.” He reached for her hand, then pulled away, quickly shoving his hands into his pockets. “You have to understand that I didn’t know she would go to such lengths to get me back. I wanted you safe.”

“He’s not all that innocent, you know,” Jessa purred, obviously trying to get attention in her own demented way.

Leila frowned, not really wanting to hear anything from the mouth of her captor. Leila simply stared back at her, a sour look forming on her face, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“Who do you think turned me?”

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