Dream Of Me

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Chapter 4

“I can’t stand this!” he growled in frustration, banging the side his closed fist against the wall with a sickening thud.

Nikoli Menikov needed to get out, but more importantly he needed to feed before he lost control. He hated when his hunger got the better of him, but it was something he learned to deal with over the years. The thirst was a part of his life now and there was no way to get rid of it permanently, unless he were to die. Even then that would be a great challenge since he could not die. He would always look younger than he was. In fact, he was stuck at the age of 27.

He had awoken to his throat on fire. The familiar burning and scratching sensations helped bring him back to reality. For what Nikoli dreamed of could never be. It couldn’t be because, she didn’t exist. Running his fingers through his dark, silky hair, he tried to think of anything but her. It was no use. The dreams he had of her were hard to forget. The vision of her beauty would be forever engraved in his memory. All he could think about was her dark burgundy hair that fell in soft shiny waves down to the middle of her back.

He fondly remembered his dream girl had sparkling emerald-green eyes, her luscious crimson lips and her fair, fair skin. She had pale freckles lightly speckled across her pert nose. Her layered bangs fell in a long swoop across her left eye. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever beheld. He wondered what she smelled like and especially what she tasted like as he stroked his smooth, chiseled jaw.

Amused at his childish fancies, he chuckled softly to himself, standing up to pace back and forth in his vast, stone wall foyer, “Keep dreaming Nikoli, keep dreaming.”

The biggest perk of immortal beings was that you never age, never grow old, never get wrinkles. To some it would be a relief, but not for him. He had watched everyone he ever loved die while he lived on. No, to him, living forever had felt like a curse for the longest time. Thus far he had survived his former friends, his mother, father, and his older brother, Thomas, as well as all of his extended family. He picked up the silver framed family photo, the last picture they’d taken as a group, and sighed, closing his eyes.

He missed his family something fierce. He had grown up with a decent sized kin. Cousins, aunts and uncles always seemed to be around. Nikoli had never known true loneliness until he was turned into a vampire. It had taken some time before he got used to being alone. For years, he’d shut himself off from the world, afraid of the monster he felt he had become. It used to terrify him that he could possibly kill someone. He never wanted anyone to go through what he had gone through. The transformation was extremely painful. It felt like his body had burst into flames and as if he was slowly burning alive. Nikoli winced in remembrance of his change.

When he awoke, his senses were stronger and much more sensitive. Over time most developed another sense or power. The really annoying thing, though, was that you were extremely thirsty afterwards and your throat felt like you at sand from the Sahara Desert. Nikoli was getting overwhelmed with the hunger again. Time to feed. He would go to his favorite night club and maybe if he was lucky he would have no trouble satisfying his hunger.

He grabbed his black leather jacket and shut his door, opening the garage door to get his bike. He loved the wind blowing through his hair while he rode, it was almost like flying. Nikoli arrived at the dance club in a matter of minutes. His motorcycle was fast for human standards he supposed, but of course it wasn’t as fast as him running. This was the only dance club in town where immortals, humans and Otherworld beings came together.

The humans weren’t usually aware of the Otherworlders. They still thought it was all fantasy. Nikoli supposed that was best for all parties involved. The Otherworlders weren’t allowed to kill the humans per the Ancient Elders, the very first vampires. Even the Elders weren’t granted permission to fully drain mortals. He didn’t know anyone who had ever so much as caught a glimpse of an Elder, let alone talked to one. Supposedly, though, the original vampires were the Elders. They had been turned by a scorned witch, according to the myth. It was too bad that Nikoli no longer had their protection.

They could only take a little here and a little there from different humans. It was Otherworld law. The vampires that broke that particular law were...“taken care of.” None of the vamps truly knew what that meant. Nikoli wasn’t sure if that meant they were banished, tortured, or dismembered, but he would rather not find out firsthand.

He enjoyed his life of freedom and wouldn’t do anything to willfully give it up. He had worked hard for centuries to make sure that he would be able to live comfortably for the rest of eternity and that he would never have to work a regular job again. Through strategic investing and saving accounts that built interest with time, he had amassed a considerable amount of wealth over the years.

Nickoli pulled his motorcycle up into the parking lot and put it in the bike garage to keep it safe. As he was heading to the entrance he saw the line of costumed party goers and could have smacked himself. Damn! He forgot it was the annual Halloween party. He didn’t have a mask or a costume which were both required for entrance into the building.

Holidays ran together for him since he didn’t usually celebrate them. Halloween was his favorite. It had changed throughout his lifetime, though. Back then, Halloween was the celebration of those who had passed on and preventing those who had died from being able to come back wreak havoc. Nowadays, it was about looking sexy, drinking and candy. He simply didn’t understand it.

He saw a couple making out against the wall at the end of the line. As the girl turned to talk to her girl friend, Nickoli waved over the guy. The tall lanky man looked around to find out who he was waving at and pointed to himself as if asking the question, “Me?” He nodded and rubbed his forehead to keep the man from seeing him laughing at him.

His wavy blond hair bounced as he ran across the parking lot to greet Nickoli. “Hey, what’s up?” the stranger asked, looking back at his date nervously.

“See,” Nickoli began in his smooth voice, “I forgot my mask and my date is inside already. So when I saw you I was thinking that maybe I could persuade you to give me your mask?”

The art of persuasion was on his side, one of his special “skills,” so to speak.

“Sure dude!” exclaimed the man just a little too eagerly, he must’ve started the party early.

“Thanks a million friend, you’ve been a big help. Have a good evening.” Said Nickoli.

“No problem, you too!” Said the abnormally skinny man as he gave the thumbs up to Nikoli. It never gets old. Unfortunately for him, he wouldn’t remember this in a few minutes.

“Humans,” thought Nikoli as he shook his head. He tied on the mask and let himself think about blood. It made his fangs protrude from his gums to complete his costume. No one would suspect that he was a real vampire tonight of all nights. What a relief to not have to worry and be able to truly enjoy himself.

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