Dream Of Me

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Chapter 6

Nikoli abhorred waiting, but he was particularly impatient tonight for some reason. The air felt charged with electricity and it was making him extra antsy. He couldn’t seem to stand still! Thankfully the line moved quickly. He didn’t even have to be carded as he went through the door because the bouncer standing guard was an Otherworlder too. His name was Frankie and he was a werewolf. He wore big black shades to hide the fact that he had silver eyes. He was wearing a nice tuxedo which strained to contain his massive, muscular form. Nikoli simply lifted his mask and the bouncer nodded at him to go ahead, but not before narrowing his eyes and growling at him.

He and Frankie used to be really tight-knit even though werewolves and vampires were mortal enemies, but that was before the murder of Frankie’s wife and son. Supposedly, it was a pack of wild vampires who did it considering the bite marks found on the victims. A vampire bite was fatal to werewolves, just as a werewolf bite was extremely detrimental to vampires. If a vampire was bit by a werewolf, their bodies would start to reject human blood and the only thing that would be left for them to feed on were their own vampire kind. So, since then Frankie merely tolerated Nikoli because he was an investor in the club. He trusted no one, hung out with no one, spoke to no one. It was all quite a tragedy.

Nikoli could feel the warmth coming off of the dance floor from all the bodies sweating as couples pressed up against one another. It was completely packed tonight, which was both good and bad simultaneously. It was great because there were so many humans to sample, but it was also not so good with so many people jumping around. It would make it extremely difficult to feed without getting bumped into. On the plus hand, at least no one would notice him as he ate if he compelled them walk away with him. He would blend in nicely with the crowd in his Halloween costume.

Because Nikoli was so picky about whom he fed off of, it took some time before he settled on someone to “taste.” They had to at least not give off a foul odor as many humans did. To other human beings, they smelled just fine, but to a creature with heightened senses such as himself, some of them reeked horribly. If it doesn’t please the senses, don’t do it was his motto. He walked around a little while following a sweet trail. He picked it up as soon as he walked in the door and was trying to place who it was.

His nose led him to a gorgeous woman with fake red hair and a very shiny skirt. When he tapped her on the shoulder, she turned around quickly, a big smile on her face. She had a beautiful hand painted mask on her face.

“Hello. I couldn’t help but notice the adorable fish on your cheek.” He traced his finger along the artwork to emphasize his point, “I was wondering if you would like to dance?” asked Nikoli, holding out his hand. Slow dances he could do. She took it and nodded, still smiling. The music progressed into a fast paced song as they made their way onto the dance floor.

He tried to tell her that he couldn’t dance to this sort of music, but she just squeaked about how much she loved the song and pulled him along anyway. He couldn’t resist, her enthusiasm made him smile. She definitely was a very bubbly person. She also wasn’t a very good dancer, but she seemed oblivious of this fact. She bounced around as if she had springs in her legs, never sticking to one dance move for long. It was a song with a lot of bass and he detected a slight techno beat. He did what was commonly referred to as the “white man shuffle:” let foot to right foot, right foot to left foot and back again.

She just giggled at him as he tried to dance. She tried to show him what to do, but it was like the blind leading the blind. It was all completely lost on him. She just shrugged and continued her little dance as if she were the only person in the club. Nikoli had to admit, unwillingly, that she was unique and confident. She moved around as the strobe lights rotated in all different directions. The room had an almost purplish glow, even though it was mostly dark. The lights softened and shifted slowly back and forth between many different colors. The music shifted into a slow song, giving everyone a break from the blinding, pulsing strobe lights. It was finally quiet enough for him to ask her name. After all it was impolite to bite someone without at least having the common courtesy of knowing their name!

“Can I ask you your name?”

She giggled, her blue eyes shining so brightly it made him smile. Her exuberance put him in a much better mood.

“Elaine, my name’s Elaine. What’s yours?”

As she leaned in to ask him that very same question, he noticed her scent. She only faintly gave off the vanilla sweetness that he had smelled earlier. That indicated that it wasn’t her scent at all it was someone that had been near her. Possibly a friend. This woman smelled like....citrus, which wasn’t his preferred aroma at all. Just to be sure he kissed her outstretched hand, causing her to giggle once more.

“I’m Nikoli. Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Elaine.”

“Nice to meet you, too. Care for another dance?”

He pondered that a moment, wondering why he was being particularly picky about his food as of late, before finally deciding on his answer.

“No thank you, Elaine. I think I will sit this one out. Thank you for the dance. You are a lovely dancer.”

Her face lit up as her cheeks blushed a hot pink and she smiled, causing him to smirk back at her. She was beautiful, but not quite his blood type. Each type had a different scent and citrus was just not his flavor of choice.

“Awww thank you. Your dancing could use a little bit of work, but it has some potential.”

He chuckled softly at her honesty, which he appreciated. Honesty was a rare thing to come across. It could have just been that alcohol had loosened her tongue a bit and she was letting go of her inhibitions, but it was still refreshing nonetheless. She hugged him and bounded back to her seat at the bar, a couple of stools away from him, to the woman dressed like Little Red Riding Hood. He found her sexy, for a human. Vampires didn’t generally date outside of the species, as a rule, since it usually ended with someone dead.

As he sat there, admiring her from afar, Nikoli caught a whiff of her perfume as they stood up, the air shifting around them and causing her scent to waft in his direction . ‘Mmm, vanilla,’ he thought to himself. She was emanating the sugary aroma he had noticed earlier on in the evening. She must have been the one he had smelled on the almost buoyant girl from the dance floor.

He couldn’t help staring at her, admiring her flawless pale peach complexion, her sensual mouth and most of all her long, long legs. He always found himself appreciative of tall women. Nikoli find it extremely hard to look away as she looked positively sinful. He had to remind himself to be careful about how much she appealed to his senses, but especially because she was human. He found himself imagining the way her blood would taste on his tongue, how soft and warm her skin would feel beneath his cooling touch, but in particular, he wondered what it would be like to feel her lips pressed against his.

He shook his head, trying to clear such traitorous thoughts, knowing it was just probably due to extensive isolation that instilled a loneliness in him. Also, he was hungry. His fangs were attempting show themselves, despite his attempts at stifling inner beast. Now to make his move. No reason to be hasty, he had plenty of time. He was starving, but he wasn’t going to die because he missed a meal. He got up to move closer, just as she and her friend got up together and headed towards the bathroom, their laughter trailing behind them.

Nikoli sighed as he sat back down and continued to sip his beer, partially mourning a wasted opportunity. He didn’t really like the taste, but he wanted to blend in. Most everyone seemed to enjoy it’s acrid flavor, except for him of course. Although, he did note that the beautiful woman had left her beer sitting there. He reached over and touched it. Still full. She’d definitely be back then. Nikoli turned up the corners of his mouth as he tried to control himself. He couldn’t help it. He was salivating at the thought of drinking from her pleasant smelling body. He folded his hands on the table, cupping the bottle as he did the one thing he disliked the most. He waited…

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