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Return of the Blood Rose Pack

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Ciarra grew up as an only child of doting parents. Just graduating from college, she had a plan for her life in Texas. Until an unexpected accident happens leaving her alone. Cleaning out her parent's closet she finds secrets that were kept from her. Adoption papers. Her mother was her aunt. Letters about Rogues and death. Ciarra was born to be the Leader of the Blood Rose Pack and a twin separated at birth. Finding the letters led her to another family and community. She just needs to accept the reality and love she is offered. Some dangers come with this life. Jared is the Alpha of the Storm Forrest Pack. He has waited many long years to find his mate. Hes twenty-five and has been running his pack without his Luna for four years. His father died after a rogue attacked him with a poisoned silver knife. His mother, Maryanne barely survived the heart break. She pulled through for all her pups, Jared, Julianna and Caitlin. Caitlin is his adopted sister, and a Blood Rose princess. He wishes to find his true mate by the end of the next Fall Harvest Festival. Before he has to take a chosen mate. Will she accept his love? Does she want to bring her pack back into the present? Can she decide if she wants to even be part of pack life? She was raised in a completely human world.

Romance / Fantasy
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20 years prior

It is a beautiful day, sun shining not a cloud in the sky. I stand in the comfort of the air condition looking out the window thinking and watching my mate in the back garden. I am 22 years old, married just under a year, and 5 and a half months along with twin baby girls. Unfortunately, this pregnancy didn’t produce a Alpha male heir for my husband and pack but we have time we have just begun our reign as Alpha and Luna of the Blood Rose Pack.

“Luna Alannah…Luna,” Beta Marcus called, “Alannah Marie Masters.”

I turned smiling, “When did you come, I didn’t hear you and my full name?”

“Well, I knocked several times and called your name several times. Why aren’t you resting on the couch or bed? Does Alpha Banan know you’re up and about?”

“I’m fine. What do you need Marcus?”

“I needed to speak with the Alpha, but I see he is outside. So, I will head outback when you sit down.”

“Well let us sit outside.” I walked to the back door and stepped out onto the porch into the stifling heat. Taking a seat immediately in a cedar rocking chair in the shade. “You go on ahead. I will stay here.”

“Very well…Alpha Banan!” My love turned to greet Marcus, but his eyes were on me.

“I am sitting love.” I say smiling.

“I see. Hello Beta Marcus. How goes it today?”

“I had some reports I wanted to discuss with you…” he turned his head slightly like he preferred not to discuss it in front of me, but I won’t be getting up anytime soon.

“Go ahead Marcus. We can sit at the picnic table.” Banan replied. They went to the table under the oaks. Where I couldn’t hear very well from the distance. I caught snippets of their conversation. Rogues on the border is really all I understood and needing to up the defenses.

This is concerning with my due date only weeks away. They spoke in hushed tones for several minutes before they rose, and Beta Marcus waved and bid us farewell walking around the house. Now my love was coming to me.

He stuck his hand out to help me from my seat, “Come my Lovely mate, it is much too hot out for you and the pups. Let’s go relax in the air condition before our evening meal with the pack.”

We went in our home and reclined cuddling on the couch. Banan and I have been together since we were 16. We always knew we were mates even before the transformation, official claiming, and marriage ceremony after the Fall Harvest Ball at 21. We could hardly stand the wait of 5 years to marry and wasted no time producing our little girls. Only two more weeks and then we will see their faces. Meanwhile we take a nap on the couch on this beautiful August afternoon.

At 5 we head to the Packs Meeting Hall. Our pack is only about 250 members including children and elders. The meeting hall is a two-story brick building, the first level has a large commercial kitchen for our breakfast and dinner meals to be cooked for the pack, the pantry is gigantic 12 by 12 room next to the walk-in freezer.

What can we say there are a lot of people to feed daily? With a large dining area at the entrance there’s a small foyer with Banan and Marcus’ offices flanking the entrance. And two public restrooms. Upstairs there is a large conference room with about 24-bedroom suites for visitors. It has a basement with a gym and armory. Banan is planning to build a new much larger meeting hall in the next few years it was very crowded at when we hosted the Fall harvest festival. The pack members live in town homes with one car garages on the bottom level. They’re only three bedrooms with small galley kitchens but they don’t really need big kitchens when breakfast and dinner are with the pack.

We had a lovely dinner and chatted with the pack member about the mundane, children running around. We ate hot dogs and burgers, with fries. Planning for back to school with the mothers. Blood Rose Pack has their own private school for our pups no humans know we are wolves because we are off the beaten path in the woods. All our teachers are members, we have two buildings for our schools one has kinder through 5th and the other has 6th through 12th. Of course, we made both buildings two stories and put dining halls on both levels for lunch. With the pack training area behind the schools.

The warriors train about 4 times a week, and we have patrols that walk the borders. They have rotating shifts, so nobody gets stuck with one certain shift. We try to be fair to our pack. This would be the horrid day of our downfall. Banan and I lay down to bed at 10 that night bushed from the heat of early August.

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