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Guendolin doesn't know about the existence of werewolves, but she hopes for a miracle to save her and her mother from her father's tortures. When she decides to be the miracle she needed and escape with her mother they end up in a town that didn't know existed. What they don't know is that the town is full of werewolves and her mate is the soon to be alpha . Can a human mate be as strong as an wolf mate? How will she escape the shadow of her father when she ends up returning to him in order to protect her mother? How will Quentin make her fall in love with him if she doesn't feel the mate bond? Can a human and an wolf be mates? .... ............................................. "Because I'm your mate." Guen barely spoke enjoying his touch. "Well that isn't a strong argument anymore." Quentin shrugged and Guen pushed him with her palms on his chest. He didn't move from his place but widened his eyes in surprise. "Let me be clear , Alpha! You are my mate and I won't allow any other woman or wolf be near you! Now go inside and end this party!" Guen used her demanding voice staring at him straight in the eye. " Then kiss me and I will end this party." 

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: Mental disorder

She lay with her eyes fixed on the ceiling without moving her eyelashes for hours since the other night. The force shirt they made her wear seemed to be no longer necessary because she had stopped crying and screaming. An adult man, perhaps old enough to be her father entered the room gripping the buttoons of the white apron.

"Good morning doctor. "Addressed to him one of the nurses paying all his attention.

"Did the patient calm down?"

"She has not moved her eyes since last night. The colleague who was on the night shift found her like this in every check he made."

The doctor pulled the chair close to the bed and extended his hand by snapping his fingers in front of her face, no reaction.

"Give me that file." He turned to the nurse who took the file from the table and handed it over to the doctor.
He coughed as he opened the file and glanced at it.

"Guendolin Morrigan. I'm Dr. Joseph Dixie, your new psychiatrist. We were not able to introduce ourselves last night since we had to inject you with sedatives because of your condition. I know you're listening to me."

The nurse scaned her face but there was no movement from her. She had been crying and screaming for a long time then she had been injected medicine for two weeks until she was frozen.

"This is not your fault Guen. This is how your relatives and friends call you right? It's your mom's fault, she suffered from mental disorder, your dad tried hard to help her. Because of his work position as a MP, we had to be discreet, so she was treated at home.
Your mom convinced you at an early age that your dad was the bad one. She made you cook and do chores otherwise your dad would hit her. The screams you heard from their bedroom were not because your father raped her but because he tried to give her medicine to help her. And the guards were there to not let her out because they knew her psychological state.
You must be wondering how I know all this. Is it your father's version? No Guen, I have it all written here in your diary. It must have been very difficult for you to live in the reality of your mother.
You wrote how you used to fill your school bag with your and your mom's clothes and belongings and gave them to your friend every day until you run away from home.
You spent two months away Guendolin, until the accident happened and your mom died so you were found. Luckily you survived, this gave you a new opportunity to know the truth.

Through your belongings were also found some sheets written not by you because the handwriting is different. Maybe it was your mom's handwriting? She has gone so far as to create a story for both of you, with wolves, with a place without a name with a love for both of you.
I will help you remember what really happened during those two months that no one knew where you were. But first I will read the story fabricated by your mom."

After he finished his monologue the doctor coughed before reading out loud the sheets of paper and spoke to the nurse.
"This will be a long session, you can go out if you want."

"If you allow me I want to listen. I admire the work you do with patients, I want to observe and learn."

"Okay then, get a chair and sit down. I'm starting Guendolin." He turned to the girl who continued staring blankly at the ceiling as if her life was being held hostage up there.
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