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Destined to be His

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The once peaceful different worlds with occasional trouble was long gone since he was born. He is someone that his ancestors cannot stop from existing. He is Destined to be born and bring destruction to the different worlds. So even before he was born his Ancestors had already promised him a mate. A mate that will calm him and tame him. But what is his Ancestors thinking that they gave him a human for a mate? How can a mere human tame a powerful cruel uncontrollable beast? She was a simple girl living a peaceful life with dark traumatic memories hiding deep in her mind. The least thing she wanted is distress but that's what she will always felt once she come to meet him. She is brave but is her braveness enough for her to stay with the beast for the rest of her life? She didn't want to let the beast enter her life. She doesn't want to accept him... But no matter how far she ran, how much she hides, how strong she resist she could never escape from him. Because she is Destined to be His.

Romance / Fantasy
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In the middle of the night under the red blood moon.

The beast and the Human stood

Their eyes meet

One with fear and confusion

The other with love and obsession

Silence surrounds them as they stare at each other's soul

And that exact night...

The beast claimed the Human that is

Destined to be His

"How can a mere human tame a powerful beast...?"

- ...


A loud growl erupt in the deep depths of the forest. The black giant red-eyed birds flew away in a hurry. Another growl was heard and all creatures in the forest run and hide for their safety as the predator has arrived.

"W-who is t-there..?" Said the pitiful child. Being trapped in the forest for years she had never heard such sound. A lower deep growl was made again making the little girl tremble in fear. She look in all directions trying to figure out where is the sound coming from. But the growling noise was hard to navigate as it sounds like it was coming from every part of the forest.

The innocent little girl was sobbing afraid to be taken again. Yet, deep down in her young heart she hopes that someone would took her and bring her back to her parents. After what she'd been through she was still hoping of going back home. Even if the nice lady that she met said that she would never be back home again.

After a few moments the growling sound had stopped and silence fell in the dark forest. The little girl used her remaining strength to stand up.

"I-is someone there? P-please... H-help..." She cried out in hopes of receiving help from some unknown creature. Some twigs breaking sound is made and the little girl looked at her right as the sound is becoming louder. She can hear deep breaths and huffs coming from someone big.

The unknown creature now appear in front of the child. He stood tall and wide. He looks down at the tiny human looking at him with her sad frightened eyes. The creature picks up the little human with his big rough hands. Because of the child's small height the unknown creature had a hard time bending down to pick up the little girl due to his age.

The little girl trembles in fear expecting herself to be eaten by the terrifying giant that took her. The unknown creature stares at the little girl's eyes and after a moment he saw her future. He saw her playing the important role that will benefit all the other worlds. He smiled as excitement and joy fills him. He opens his mouth to speak hoping to not scare the little girl even more because of how his voice will be.

"Name...?" He said lowly with his deep raspy voice. The little girl gulps and blinks to the creature asking her name.

"Gema..." She mumbles. He smiled and without wasting more time he held the child securely in his hands as he runs as fast as he could to bring the child to their portal leading to the human world where the little girl belongs for now.


The giant creature walks in his small house made of wood that is enough for him to fit. He transform back to his human looks and he grab his future teller book that was handed down to him by his great great great grandfather. He walks out of his house and to the village. He lives almost a kilometer away from the village and it did not took him long walking on the grass and passing by tall trees to reach the meeting room. As he enter the room all other males that are in charge in all their villages that is scattered all over the 3 mountains greeted him immediately.

"Elder, welcome take a seat." The one in charge in the Main Village said. He took a seat at the end row of the table and everyone looks at him excited about the news that awaits.

"I am here to announce that the Girl has been born" He said. Everyone grins and smiles filling the atmosphere with excitement.

"But..." He stops for a moment and the smiles that everyone has fell.

".... She is Human..." The elder said lowly but because of their kinds enhanced hearing they heard what the elder said.

"Impossible..." Theodoro from the dark moon village said.

"That is Impossible..." Ambrose from the Cave Village also said.

"How can it be a Human?! Is our Ancestors insane!?" Simon from the Fire Village said. Out of all the Elders in the meeting room he is the one who gets angry quite easily.

"Mind your language, Simon! For sure our Ancestors have reasons!" Frederick from the Hidden Village said glaring at Simon.

"Wait... How did you come to knew about this, Elder Luke?" Theodoro asks curiously.

"I was out in the Enchanted Wild forest to hunt when i heard a child's cry. So i followed the sound and saw a little human in a terrible condition..." Elder Luke said and everyone is listening attentively.

"I pick her up. She was covered in bruises and wounds i was surprised to even see her still alive. And when I got a good look at her eyes that's when I saw that's it's her. She's the one that's our ancestors had picked for him. And by the looks of the child named Gema she must have been in the forest for quite a while so i immediately brought her to the Human world for her to continue her life normally. I assigned my Human friend to take care of her and let things happen..." Elder Luke sighed.

"But a Human is weak. No Human can survived in the Enchanted Wild forest for even a day!" Simon said. Elder Luke nodded in agreement.

"You are right. It's surprising to why she survived even if she's obviously abused. But everything happens for a reason and surely there's a reason to why such things happen to her and she is still alive." Everyone nodded as everything is making sense to them.

"Poor child... I do hope that he won't hurt her when the time comes." Ambrose said and sigh. Elder Luke give him a smile assuring him that it would not happen.

"The Human won't suffer in his hands. Trust our Ancestors and Fate."

Everyone had left the meeting room except Elder Luke. He is staring at the book intently while rubbing his chin with his thumb. After a few minutes he decided to open the book he grab the quill and dipped in to the ink and write on the sixth page.

Gema Rosangela The Beast's Soulmate

He wrote and the words quickly disappear and new words are forming. Within a minute the page is filled with words about Gema's possible Future. Elder Luke sighed happily to what the book showed. He closed the book and grab it and walk out of the meeting room and to the top of the mountain where his castle is located. Elder Luke is the only one who is brave enough to even dare to near his castle. It took him two days to reach the entrance of the castle without a sweat because their kinds have loads of energy and because of the silence of the forest and lack of birds around the castle Elder Luke knew that he is inside. And without bothering to ring the useless doorbell he enters confidently because he knows that he is the only one for now that he would not kill and tore to pieces.

[Edited: The Elder's Names - April 9, 2022]

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