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Blackwood Inc -book 2 Fire Me series

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Love, Lust, Life and Lies Manhattan Industries has merged with Blackwood Inc with Stefano Tanner as there new CEO and Ryleigh Blackwood as his PA could anything possibly go wrong? They'd be working together indefinitely as Stefano had big plans of his own for the company. Christian Tanner is now in year eleven and is hoping to join Stefano once he completes uni. Keira Blackwood just happens to be a new student at Carsgrove high he must have her but will all go according to plan? Love, lust, life and Lies are the name of the game but who will be first to fall?

Romance / Action
Emma Louise
Age Rating:

How it all began- Stefano - Tanner - Moretti

16 years on

Stefano was now 32 and he'd done college and university and he'd been the top of his class I. Business enterprise. Layla and Aubrey were so happy with him, they'd married when he'd begin college he was just glad to have his father back on his life though he didn't want it at the time. He was glad he'd given Aubrey the chance he wanted and t had given him the time to accept him and his proposal to his and his mother's wedding. Lucas had decided to live with Ethan when he turned sixteen as he was closer to the college of his choice Layla had agreed due to the conflict between Ethan and Aubrey he was not happy with the situation, all he wanted to give him and Layla one last try before giving up they'd tried so many times in the past to get on track after he had got her pregnant and left her behind to sleep with sluts. He had finally returned when Lucas was one demanding he wanted a paternity test once it had come to light he was Lucas's father he wanted to give him and Layla another try so they could bring Lucas up together of course this didn't sit very well with Stefano he hated the prick and had done everything in his power to stop his mother from falling into his trap he was sure it wouldn't be long before he cheated on her and was fucking a slut or two.

Then his father had turned up out the blue, who would've thought he and Valentina were related let alone brother and sister where she had kept her Italian surname he had chose his English one.

Once he had competed university he had been took under his fathers wing to be shown the ropes so he could one day take over from him and become the new CEO of Manhattan industries, that day had come when her turned twenty six and he had done his father proud to say the least. His new accomplishment was taking over Blackwood industries at 32. They had agreed that he would be the new CEO as Mr. Aaron Blackwood was steeping down and he and Aubrey were on good term and they had both cut the current deal to merge both companies but with the Blackwood name in the board above the offices. They had all agree to this with one extra agreement to this deal, he was to take on his daughter after she graduated from university that day had been and gone and today would be the day she would become his PA.

Stefano - Moretti – Tanner stood in his office waiting for his PA to join him she was late already. Where the hell was she? They had only agreed to this cause she's the daughter of the former CEO Aaron Blackwood.and she's already five minutes no make that ten minutes late was she not told to be punctual and especially on the first day? I questioned my self looking out of the window looking over the busy city on the twenty fifth floor this is why I specifically asked for her to be early it was so damn busy out there in the city it took me a hour to get here this morning the traffic was horrendous. Why was she not informed of this? She should know what the city life was like being at one of the top universities here in London. She'd been ad Cambridge as I on the other hand had gone to Oxford where my had gone. The door closed as she cursed. 'Shit.'

I chose to continue staring out of the window as She came forward her heals clicking on the floor. 'I'm so sorry sir. I thought you may lie a coffee so I went to costa. The queue was horrendous I should've know better this time of morning. Everyone's in there before they go to work, I usually don't go in till lunch when it's a little less hectic.' She said placing down the take out coffees. 'I got you a large latte, I picked up sugar if you want to put it in you can, I wasn't sure if you took it or not.'

'Thank you miss. Blackwood.' I turned to see the most stunning woman I'd ever laid my eyes on. Her pinstriped suit hugged all of her curves in all the right places, her green eyes sparkled through her curled fringe. Her hair was in a tail and her curls cascaded down the the middle of her bask. 'Next time go to the cafeteria here in the building, it's not Costa but it's good all the same.'

'Sure sir.'

I held my hand out. 'I'm Stefano Tanner.'

'Ryleigh Blackwood.' She said putting her hand out.

I shock it. 'I hope your ready to work hard Miss. Blackwood.'

'I am my father has filled me in of what is expected of me.'

'Good, but I'd still like to show you how I like things to be done.'

'Sure sir.'

'Please call me Stefano.' I smiled.


'Come. I have lost to show you Miss. Blackwood.'

'If we're on first name terms please call me Ryleigh.'

'What ever you are happy with. I'd like to show you around and tell you what I expect from you as my PA.'

'Okay sir.'

I looked at her raising my eyebrow.

'Sorry Stefano.'

I smiled. 'Follow me Ryleigh.'

She followed me and I showed her where she'd be situated, her desk was in the corner of the large office it stretched the entire back wall to the next with all that she needed on it, letter trays, in and out trays, phone, lap top and printer. Her chair was leather not cheap either. I just wanted her to feel at home she'd be spending most of her time in the chair so I wanted to make it comfortable for her. 'I hope you like you office Ryleigh.'

'Are you sure Stefano? these are really expensive.'

'The company paid for everything in here. I exclusively designed it to fit your required needs.'

'Oh okay.'

'When we are not in meetings you'll be spending most of your time here.'

She smiled god she had the most amazing smile

'Have you ever used a office data base before or a calendar?'

'Briefly, when I was doing my in turn at Colan inc.'

'I see. I'll show you once you are confident enough to enter all the obvious information on your own I'll leave you to it.'


'In the next week I will train you and from the following week we will both be attending meetings where you will be taking notes to type up. Next month I am flying to Italy and if like you to join me.'


'It's not a request Miss. Blackwood after all you are my PA and you'll be expected to be there with me, you'll be attending meetings and taking notes. That's not to much trouble for you is it?'

'No sir.'

'Good.' I looked at her. 'And I expect you to be on time every day Miss. Blackwood so set your alarm for 5:30 or you'll never get here for 8.'

'Yes sir.'

I smiled. 'Has your father ever shown you around the building?'

'No sir.'

'Follow me.'

She followed me talking it all in as I pointed out the different offices and what thy were used for. 'And this Miss. Blackwood is the cafeteria. I want my coffee from here every morning; strong, two sugars, a hint of milk. Will you remember that?'

'Yes sir.'

'Go order me a coffee and what ever you are having.'


She walked away. Let's see if she remembers shall we. I sat down. Watching her order. She walked back over placing them down. 'I hope I got it right sir.' She said sitting opposite me.

I sipped it. 'Perfect Miss. Blackwood now all you've got to do is remember it everyday.'

'I can do that sir.'

I smiled. 'So tell me Miss. Blackwood was this your plan to work here?'

'No it was my fathers.'

I nodded.

'He always wanted me to take over from him one day. I guess he never expected to be took over.'

'We didn't exactly take it over Miss. Blackwood we merged for all different kinds of reasons. Your father and mine agreed a merger was best for both the companies.'

'And was it for you?'

I put my coffee down swallowing the hot liquid. 'Yes it was. I took over from my father six years ago when I was CEO at Manhattan industries.'

'So why the sudden change sir?'

'We all agreed that the shift would be good for me.'

'So who is the CEO now?'

'Lucas, my younger brother. He's been there for a year now since uni finished before him was a temporary CEO a family friend he is showing Lucas the ropes as we speak. He will then be a Co CEO in the company.' I looked at her. 'Is there anything else you'd like to know Miss. Blackwood?' I had plenty of questions for her some that didn't include her position here so I thought it was best to keep them to myself.'

'No sir.'

Now it was time to ask her a few questions. 'Was your father the only reason you came to work for us Miss. Blackwood?'

'Yes and no.'

I looked at her confused.

'My father was the main reason yes, but it wasn't just because he told me I had to work here once I left uni.'

'So what was the other reason if you don't mind me asking.'

'Not at all. I didn't take a business degree just to get nothing out of it sir. I wanted to become someone. I wanted to pride myself and one day be like my father. He was well respected in the business world as I am sure you are, like your father and I'd like that respect to. I'd like to be recognised as a great entrepreneur I want to show the world I'm not just a pretty face and I am just as good as any one in this business especially men like you sir.'

'I'm sure we can help you with that Miss Blackwood. I'd like to see that side of you. I'm looking forward to it. And I'm looking forward to working with you. I'd like to see what you have to offer so I can get you to that potential you so much long for.'

'Thank you sir.'

'Well let's head back up I have a lot to show you about our logging in system and what we use to keep track of appointments, meetings and all other office requirements.'

We pulled ourselves up going back to the office where I showed Miss. Blackwood all there was to know she looked confused I'd have to show her until she understood how all of our system worked it may take a while but I don't care with this gorgeous girl working beside me. I think we're just going to get on just fine.

'I'll see you bright and early Miss. Blackwood.'


'We'll go through it all again tomorrow bit by bit. I can guarantee that you'll be using it with out my help by the end of the week. Have a good evening Miss. Blackwood.'

'You too sir.'

I smiled as she left the office. This would be a start of a beautiful friendship, maybe more.

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