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How it all began pt 2 - Christian - Tanner- Moret

Christian and his friends walk into Cosford high, everyone turned around looking at them suddenly looking back, fearing them as they are the most feared gang within the school. Now in his last year of school Aubrey has warned him to stay out of trouble and to get his grades up so he can go to college and get a business degree so he can join the family company though he didn’t want this he wanted to appease his father who was indeed a great man in his own rights, though almost fifty he was still an outstanding role model for his youngest son.

He wanted to follow on his footsteps, but not in the business world he wanted the power his father has just to bring people down to their knees and fear him, he’s doing a pretty good job too.

He, Francesco and Alessandro Moretti his twin cousins rule the school. Valentina is not to happy of this but boys will be boys so Leon keeps reminding her. At least they are all close, unlike Leon and Aubrey they have a understanding and that is because of his sister nothing more nothing less.

Kiara Blackwood has just moved to Cosford high for her final year of high school leaving all her friends behind, how she wished she was back at the private school right now. Her father had told her that he had to give up Blackwood inc for personal reasons and she’d have to attend a “normal” high school from now on , god she hated the thought. she had been brought up in a exceptionally rich family now she had to downgrade to a somewhat normal family, though her father still owned 30% of Blackwood inc it had been taken over by Manhattan Industries in a merger. She hated having to go to a state school, all her friends were back at her old school how she missed them and doubted she would make friends here.
She got her time table and headed to her fort class, he looked up so did his friends they gauped at her. ‘Looks like. We’ve got a new kitten to play with.’ Alessandro chuckled.
Christian smirked this girl was beyond hot, her red hair cascaded down her back in flowing curls, her blue eyes were like the clear sea. Her figure curvy yet sexy, he would have to introduce himself. The teacher pointed her to the empty seat beside Christian she nodded walking over. ‘Shit she’s coming this way.’ Francesco commented.
She looked at Christian. ‘Sorry to disturb you, but the teacher said I could sit here as it was the only chair not taken. is that okay with you?’
He looked up at her, god she was even mor hot close up he quickly snapped out of it. Sure honey it’s no problem knock yourself out.’
She smiled. ‘Thanks.’ She replied sitting next to him getting her stuff out of her bag placing her bag in the floor.
They all looked at one another, the twins winked unnoticed. ‘I’m Christian and these are my cousins Francesco and Alessandro.’
She smiled.’ Kira Blackwood.’
They nodded.
‘So is this your first day Hun?’
‘Yeah it is.’
‘Button it you three this is a new academic year. I don’t need to put you on detention the first day and I don’t think Miss. Blackwood would appropriate it if you got her into trouble the first day would she?’
‘No sir.’
He smiled at Kira.
She flushed returning his smile.
The bell rang and they all pulled themselves up. ‘I guess I’ll see you around Kira Blackwood.’
‘I guess you will.’
She walked away.
‘Wow that kitten is hot.’
‘She sure is.’
‘And I’ll make her mine.’
‘Hey dude, I saw her first.’
‘So we’ll let her decide.’

They walked out of the class room on a high. He’d make sure he got in before his cousins.
Lunch had been quiet he still hadn’t caught sight if Kira yet she must’ve ate outside. He hadn’t seen the twins either they must have detention again. He sighed walking alone across the meeting ground. There she was sitting alone on the grass, he smiled to himself now here was his chance to impress her. He walked up to her. ‘Hey.’
‘Hey.’ She didn’t seem scared of him most the girls here were why wasn’t she?
‘May I?’
He smiled sitting down. ‘So, how’s your first day going?’
‘I wanted to ask you..’
‘Stop right there I’ve had your cousins on to me for the last hour, so I’m going to tell you the same I’m not interested.’
‘Oh..ok. ‘He looked at her. ‘I was only going to ask if we were on any more classes together, if so could do our homework together.’
‘I’ll think about it Mr.Tanner.’
‘What’s with the attitude? We were okay this morning.’
‘I didn’t know who you were then. I do now.’
‘Really who am I?’
‘You’re a Tanner.’
‘Yeah and? Your point is?’
‘Your father took my father’s business away from him.’
‘Oh shit your that Blackwood, but doesn’t your dad still have dealings with the company?’
‘A little.’
He thought for a while. ‘So that means your sister works with my brother.’
‘My brother is the CEO he mentioned he was getting a new PA today ad her name was Blackwood too. I take it you two are related?’
Ryleigh shit she forgot she was starting her new job today her father had struck some deal with the Tanner’s to give her a position at the company. Her face paled slightly flushed. ‘Are you okay?’
She quickly snapped out of her thoughts. ‘Yeah on fine. I’m sorry for being so rude.’
‘It’s fine, so are we friends?’
She smiled.
He placed his arm over her shoulders. Everyone stood feared they’d never seen him act like he was with her. ‘Are you okay?’
‘Why is everyone starring?’
‘It’s not you Hun, it’s me.’
She looked confused at him.
‘They’re scared of me.’
She let out a laugh. ‘You’re not serous are you?’
‘I am.’
She looked at him his eyes were full of sincerity. ‘You’re not are you?’
‘Yes I’m am. You’re the first that isn’t.’
‘Wow. You don’t even look scary.’
He leaned forward talking into her ear. ‘Oh I can be.’
Chills ran through body why was this turning her on?
‘Nagh you seem to nice.’
‘I am nice to those I want to be nice to , you happen to be one of them.’
She swallowed hard.
‘So fancy doing something after school or the weekend?’
‘Like what?’
‘Oh I can think of many things.’
Goose bumps lay across her skin why was this guy affecting her like this? ‘I thought you wanted to be friends?’
‘I do . I was just teasing.’
She swallowed again.
‘Then again you never know what’s going to happen do you?’
‘I guess not.’
The bell rang. ‘Guess we’ll continue this another time Keira, cause we’ll be late for registration and I’d rather not get you into trouble not being your first day here anyway.’ He grinned pulling himself up stretching his hand out she looked at it then him, he smiled sweetly. She placed her hand on his, he wrapped his hand around hers pulling her up to her feet, walking away not loosing her hand till she went to her class. ‘I’ll see you soon okay.’
He kissed her cheek walking away. She smiled going into class maybe coming here wasn’t going to be that bad after all.
Aubrey looked at the two boys as they sat down for supper. ‘So how was your day boys?’
Stefano was first to speak. ‘Really good dad.’
‘Did your PA turn up.’
‘Yeah late.’
He tutted.
‘She brought coffee and donuts and apologised.’
He smiled. ‘I like the sound of this girl already. Though she has a lot to learn.’
‘She does, so tomorrow she will be getting the coffee from the cafeteria in the office building so she isn’t late. And I told her to set her alarm for 5:30th
‘Good boy you’ll be a great boss I can see it.’ He looked at his younger son. ‘So how was your first day at school my boy?’
‘Good dad really good. I made a new friend.’
‘About time. I’d almost given up on you. I thought you’d only be hanging with those two knuckle heads till end of the year. So whose your new friend?’
‘Kira Blackwood.’
He almost choked on his coffee. Stefano spat his across the room. ‘Sorry went down the wrong way.’ Aubrey said tapping his chest. ‘A girl aye? I’m surprised.’
‘Yeah she’s not like everyone else there. She’s not afraid if me and I respect her for that.’
Aubrey nodded.
Stefano looked at his younger brother. ‘Blackwood.’
He nodded.
‘fuck shit.’
‘Stefano language.’
‘Sorry dad. But Blackwood is that in Blackwood who we merged with in Blackwood inc.’
‘fuck shit.’
‘Sorry.’ He paused.
Aubrey looked at Christian. ‘So he has two daughters.’
‘His eldest is working alongside your brother as his PA, it was agreed when we merged as she was too young to take over the company. We agreed that She would work with Stefano as hs PA and learn the ins and outs of the company before she became his Co CEO.’
‘No wonder she looked pale.’ He muttered.
‘It was agreed.’
‘When, and why was I not informed?’
‘You’re being informed now. Me and Mr, Blackwood discussed it and agreed.’
‘You should’ve told me’
‘I am now stop being so dramatic Stefano it won’t be for a few years, she has to reach her full potential and I know you can help her with that. Now if you excuse me I have work to attend to.’
‘Don’t you ever give up on work dad?’
‘No son I don’t, some people just don’t know how to do their job right. I still have to deal with those imbeciles on a daily basis, maybe when Christian finally leaves school and gets his degree I can retire and leave that side of our business to him. Now if you excuse me il be in my study.’ He pulled himself up going. Out of his room to his study.
‘He didn’t seem happy.’
‘He never is when it concerns that side of the family business, but you don’t need to know about that now until you leave school.’

Christian nodded he never delved in his fathers business it was nice of his concern been still at school until he wanted him involved in it.

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