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Loving my Billionaire Professor

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Warning: ** Matured content **. You have been warned. '' Oh no! no no no; Dad don't tell me you're selling me out to him because our business is at the edge of bankruptcy''. Maya cried trying to appease her father to forgo his decision. I thought he hated me.... so why agree to this loveless and baseless marriage?. She thought. Maya who is a college girl has had her eyes on him ever since she saw him. To her it was love at first sight. Not because he was handsome or rich. No one even knew he was a BILLIONAIRE. With the encouragement of her best friend, she wrote him a confession letter.... but he rejected and embarrassed her after getting her confession letter; and now she was supposed to get married to him....? Does he even love her at all...?

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Graduating high school

“Maya! Why haven’t you been picking my calls? I’ve called you several times already...” Ann said, pouting her lips. “I got so worried thinking something might have happened to you so I rushed over immediately” Ann continued making Maya chuckle at her cuteness.” I’m so sorry Annie, I wasn’t with my phone at the time you called.” Maya said drying her hair with the hair dryer.

“The moment I had my bath I went down to the dining room to have breakfast and I didn’t even realize I wasn’t with my phone”. Maya continued explaining to her friend because she looked upset the moment she got into the room; even though she tries to hide it.

” Then after breakfast I took a walk in the garden; that was when I saw the gardener working with some flowers so I gave him a hand since I was idle. After the whole exercise, I went to the bathroom to freshen up again because I felt so stinky and sweaty... I hadn’t even finished tying my towel in the bathroom when I heard you rant, calling out my name on your way to the stairs; I’m so sorry if I scared you Annie.”

Maya apologized with puppy eyes trying to appease her friend. And she succeeded because Ann immediately gave her a warm hug and tickled her, making Maya giggle. She just couldn’t imagine life without her friend like sister- Ann. Even if Ann wasn’t her real family or biological sister; she still loves her so much. She loves everything about her partner in crime.

“Alright Maya” Ann said... ” for a moment I thought you had forgotten about our outing...” She cut her words, frowned but quickly changed her facial expression... smiling while straightening her dress; she added... ” but now I see the reverse is the case″. “C’mon Ann, you know I wouldn’t dare; it’s not like I’d love to dress naked for the graduation ceremony tomorrow.” Maya commented sarcastically making Ann burst into laughter.

“Of course, you wouldn’t dare baby girl. Now let’s cut off the chit chat and get dressed if you really are not planning to go naked.” Ann said, making Maya grin. Maya always feel so blessed whenever she’s with Ann; she saw a sister in her and not just a friend.
Ann went to the kitchen to get a cup of juice while Maya who was still upstairs was searching for the black mini floral gown that got her room scattered even before she started her day.

* * * * *

Back to few hours ago...

Maya woke up a few minutes past 7. Last night she talked to her parents by video call. After saying hi to her dad and asking about his welfare and work, she and her mom continued the call. Maya told her mom about how she spent her day. Since her parents traveled, it has been her culture to tell her mom how she spends each day during their call even to tiny little details like what she eats daily. She never leaves a thing out.

She gisted her mom about her activities that day and promised to send her pictures like she always did after their call. They talked more for some minutes and Maya took the advantage to remind her mom about her upcoming graduation ceremony.

When they finished their talk and Maya hung up, she opened the chat between her and Ann, she had sent her a message during her family video call. She looked at Ann’s message and smiled. Ann had talked about them going out for a few dates but Maya didn’t want to.

After all the dates she’d gone to, she promised herself not to go for any again since it was a total waste of time because she hasn’t seen a man that can make her heart skip a beat, the man who can send shivers down her spine and make her feel butterflies in her stomach.

After their little chat, she went to bed. And here she is yawning, waking up with her messy hair as always. She got up from the bed, went into the bathroom to rinse her face and wash her mouth. After brushing, she went to her closet to check for clothes to wear.

Few minutes after scattering her clothes on the bed, she finally found a black floral mini gown. “Perfect outfit for today” she thought inwardly, looking at the mess she’s created.

* * * * *

Back to present....

She found the floral gown at the edge of her bed, she took it and saw her phone lying under it. She opened her phone and saw 10 missed calls from Ann and also 3 missed call from her mom with a text saying:

” I called your line but you didn’t pick up darling, I got worried and called Butler Gary to make sure you’re fine. He told me you’re fine and there’s nothing to be worried about. Don’t worry Mom will be on her way by noon to attend your graduation tomorrow; don’t stay up baby... Mom loves you”. The text ended followed by a love emoji.

Maya got emotional by the text, she missed her mother so much. It’s been over a week since she’s set her eyes on her mom and two weeks since she’s seen her dad; though she understands it’s important because it’s due to work. And its all thanks to their hard work that she could spend as much as buying luxurious things even if she couldn’t get limited editions because they were more expensive.

All thanks also to the company of Ann; her bestie who has been keeping her company and not letting her have a taste of boredom, she has been living fine because of that, not really minding the absence of her parents.

With teary eyes, she replied; ” No probs mom, I’m truly fine and don’t worry about me. Take your time to wrap things up. Will be expecting you, take care and know I love you too. `` She also followed her text with a kiss emoji.

Though she and her mom talked on phone and video call countless times whenever her mom was free; the feeling couldn’t be compared to seeing her mom right in front of her, hugging and showering her with lots of warm hugs and motherly kisses. Who said she was too grown for that...?.

Leaving her thoughts behind; after the text, Maya rubbed powder on her already beautiful face and applied some lip gloss on her beautiful lush lips; making them more inviting to have. After her minimal make up application, she stepped in front of her full length mirror to admire her beauty.

Of course, there’s no doubt about it as she’s a very beautiful lady with beautiful long thin legs like that of a model. Anyone would have mistaken her for a model. She could remember a time when a popular photographer approached her during her wealthy elite classmate’s birthday. He had promised her a lot of things which all were in her favor the most.

After admiring herself enough, she put her phone in her small leather purse and headed downstairs. She found Ann in the living room taking some apple juice and munchies . “Ann...” she called and nodded her head to the direction of the mansion entrance signaling to her that it was time for them to take their leave.
Ann quickly told a sip of her juice, got up and they both went out of the mansion into the compound.

“Let’s take my car...” Ann said and Maya agreed nodding her head. The two went into the car, both sitting at the back seat. Ann signaled to the driver so he started the car and drove out of the mansion. The two girls chatted all the way, taking pictures to post on their social media accounts and showing each other different videos they found funny on their phones.

Though Maya and Ann have been friends since the beginning of middle school, she felt her world revolved around her and that is the same with Ann.

Though it’s a given that Ann’s family are better off than Maya’s because statuses like that of Maya’s family status are what people call the middle class status in their country; Ann never for once with all this looked down on Maya, which is one of the reasons Maya likes her.

Unlike other people of Ann’s family status or caliber who are always proud and arrogant, looking down on people below their status like they are some sort of leprous dog one wouldn’t want to mingle with.
“We’re here Misses” the chauffeur called out, came out of the vehicle and opened the door for the excited ladies who walked out and went into the store giggling.

The store they went into is one of the popular stores in town where only elites shop of course. The products in the store are body wear, ranging from expensive dresses to luxurious shoes, bags, ties, wrist watches and every other wearable body accessory. Of course, the perfume is not exempt.

The girls walked around the store, they took a look at the products, picked a few dresses and went out of the store. They drove around, flying from store to store and coming out with shopping bags of different sizes containing different variables. They shopped like crazy till they were finally tired to call it a day.

After their all day shopping spree, Ann and Maya went to the White’s mansion which is Ann’s house to have dinner since they skipped lunch because they were so engrossed in their shopping.

The girls stepped out of the car and were immediately welcomed into the house by the Butler.

” Hello Miss White, Miss Williams; you’re highly welcome” welcomed Butler Gerald with a warm smile.

“Hello to you too Butler Gerald”; Ann and Maya greeted each other.
They both got into the house, going directly to the lounge where the maids served them with juice and the girls started chit chatting about various things.

Maya took a look at her wrist watch and suddenly exclaimed.... “Oh my...!”
Ann, who was scared, asked “what is it Maya...?“.

“I have to leave but we’re yet to have dinner due to our gossip.” Maya commented jokingly, making Ann wipe off an invisible sweat from her forehead and sigh with relief.

“phew... Maya you got me scared; alright let’s have dinner so we can go up to continue our gossip then”. Ann said and Maya grinned.

“I’m sorry Ann; can’t spend the night... Mom will be back home today, though I don’t know what time but I want her to be the first person I’ll see tomorrow morning since she told me not to wait up.
“. Maya explained while they went to the dining room.

“Alright... Alright miss Williams; see you tomorrow then... now let’s eat so the chauffeur can drop you off”. Ann said smiling.

They both ate heartily and went out of the mansion after dessert. Both hugged and pecked each other, squeezing themselves like lovers who don’t want to part ways. After the long bye, Maya got into the car and was driven home.

Immediately she got home, she looked around for her Mom but couldn’t find her, she then assumed she wasn’t back yet though she tried her Mom’s number on her way but got no response.

Maya got into her room; freshened up, tied her hair into a bun and changed into her pj. That was when she remembered she hadn’t called Ann to inform her of her safe arrival so she sent Ann a text and went directly to bed.

* * * *

Still sleeping the next morning, Maya felt something moist on her forehead so she sluggishly opened her eyes to see the figure of a woman smiling directly at her.

“Mom...?” She said softly almost in a whisper and her mom smiled looking intently at her and spoke ” Maya dear, if you keep sleeping like this; I’m afraid you’d be late to attend your graduation party” ; hearing that, her eyes opened widely like they were going to pop out of their sockets.

“My gosh mom; I can’t believe I slept in, I was so tired from shopping yesterday that was why I slept in.” She explained and her mom smiled.

” Well, I’m not surprised Maya, I know you,” her mom said, chuckling. “Why don’t we get down to business first and you gist me once we’re back from your party...”

“Sure mom...” Maya nodded and quickly jumped out of her bed, she gave Victoria a kiss and sprinted into the bathroom to have her bath.

When she was done; she tied her long blonde hair into a long ponytail, applied light make up and wore one of the dresses she bought. She carried her small bag and walked down the stairs to join her mom. The women got into the car and drove off to the venue of the ceremony. Maya spotted Ann, they both hugged and chatted while Victoria also said her hello to Ann’s family and some other women she recognized before the ceremony began.

After the ceremony, Maya took some pictures with Ann, and Ann’s family while Ann also did the same. After taking turns, Ann and Maya also took personal pictures. Victoria and her daughter didn’t wait for the party to end and the same goes with Ann and her family. When Maya and her mother got home, they chatted about the graduation ceremony and some other things. They both had a light dinner and went straight to bed afterwards, the mother and daughter duo were too tired to continue chatting, deciding to leave their gossip to the next day.

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