Life Without Us

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•UNEDITED• Chiara (pronounced key-ar-ah) knows that she won't fit to stay with them. She had 2 girlfriends at the same time but she knows those two love each other more than her. Chiara can tell the other one don't want to share anymore but they don't want to tell it directly to her. It hurts but she had to let go. "Letting go is the best way to do if there is no longer love invovled with us. Life without us will be painful. But I will try my best to live free away from them,"

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Chiara’s POV

When I graduated from high school, I never bothered to look for a college school. I only want to work, and I don’t want a degree to prove what kind of level I had in my education. What mattered to me is I knew how to count, read, and write. My parents disapprove of my decision. I know education is important, but I don’t want to keep going to prove what I am capable of. I don’t have a dream that most ordinary people have. All I want is to earn money so I can leave my parents' house. I know they also want me out of that house, especially I don’t want to take their dream about me to continue studying in college.

I know my stubbornness makes everyone get upset with me. But I am still a sweet girl, and I am a responsible one. I start working as a waitress, a dishwasher, and a hotel cleaner. I managed to save up money and rent a small apartment after working for a year. I feel so proud of myself when I earn money. Even it’s only a small amount. But hey, it came from my hard work. As long as you work without dirtying your hands in an illegal job or hurting someone, you will feel proud of yourself for what you accomplished. The apartment I rented is closer to those settlers, but at least it’s safe. I left our town and tried myself to work in Las Vegas this time. That place is a good place for me, who isn’t holding a degree. People love partying, gambling and drinking. Working as a waitress inside an entertainment club gives me a good income since I am only alone. If I am feeding two or more, my salary won’t survive. I am glad I am single and alone. I love being independent. My parents give up on me and let me do what I want.

I have bob-cut brunette hair. I’m a little chubby, but at least I still have my curves. I inherited my father’s brown eyes and his height. I’m only 5’8 tall, which I am thankful for. My mother is only 5’6, and I inherited her fair skin. I have small frickles on my cheeks, but it’s not that noticeable. I was always born chubby. I never got thin, no matter how I tried doing a diet exercise. My classmates always told me that I only speak if someone is talking to me and my presence makes them awkward. They got used to it, and we became acquaintances. The only friend I had when I was only a freshman left. When we became the second year, he transferred to another school in the other state. We lost contact. When you find true treasure, they’ll eventually leave you behind no matter how much you value it.

“Miss, can we take our order now?”

I stopped wiping the table when a woman waved in my direction. I was so used to seeing beautiful women and handsome men here in Las Vegas, but I can tell that this woman feels different. This woman had dirty blonde hair that was tied in a messy bun. She is wearing fake long eyelashes, but for me, she doesn’t need them because she already looks beautiful. She seems like a model based on her body shape.

I quickly walk towards her table. “I’m sorry, Ma’am—”

“I don’t need your apology. Just get my order, and my date will arrive soon,” The woman irritatedly said.

Rude! I just grabbed my notepad and took her order. I excused myself and quickly gave the order to the head chef. She must be starving. Hungry people are scary. I continue my work, and our place is starting to pack with hungry customers and wants to watch some entertainment shows. I was called to give the food order. I internally click my tongue because that food order is from that rude woman. Another woman joined that rude woman, and I was surprised they pecked each other’s lips. Well, Las Vegas had a lot of gay people here. I am used to seeing same-sex couples doing what an average couple does. But Las Vegas sure loves showing off their lip-locking and tongue that almost tangle each other.

“Here is your order, Ma’am,” I politely put those plates of food at their table.

The rude woman didn’t even bother smiling or thanking me. The woman sitting next to her gave me a grateful smile and thanked me. I guess the opposite attracts.

I noticed that this rude woman kept calling me and ordering what I needed to get for them. I was irritated, but it’s my job. I never drop my polite and friendly smile even though that rude woman won’t even flash me a smile. Her girlfriend looks so sweet and looks like a model too. Her girlfriend had long wavy raven hair. The nice woman might be of a mixed race. Is she maybe a Mexican mixed with Indian blood? A German mixed with American blood? I don’t know, but she had a strong jaw and perfect white teeth.

Now I feel self-conscious because I am not that beautiful. People always tell me that I am cute, and they don’t want me to get thin. It’s my sex appeal. My fats. Most of my fat goes on my breast and butt. I hate it a lot. When I whined about it, my classmates told me that at least I have my cute dimples. I know they are only telling me that to make me feel better.

My shift is finally done. My foot hurts a lot, and my back is begging me to lay down on my bed and worship it until morning. I looked at my tip jar, and I saw I had earned $100. I feel giddy about it. Another money will go into my bank account. I said goodbye to my co-workers and my sweet and lovable boss, who has been very kind to me ever since I worked here. I babysat his grandson before, and I am good at handling kids. He liked me because he said he couldn’t calm down his grandson.

While walking to the street side, I tucked in my cold hands from my hoodie jacket. I was looking at my cheap wristwatch. Should I just grab a cab? My foot hurt a lot. Because my mind was busy while walking, I didn’t notice someone was standing in front of me. My face hit its back, and it made me stumble back.

“Oops!” A female voice spoke when she managed to hold my back and hips before I could fall from the ground.

I look at the familiar woman who is very lovely while her girlfriend is rude to me earlier.

“Oh, it’s you,” She flashed a smile.

I awkwardly smiled. “S-Sorry, I didn’t notice you but thank you,” I guiltily said.

“I told you, she is indeed an airhead,”

Another familiar voice speaks behind the nice woman. I frowned, seeing the rude woman.

“That’s not nice to say to someone you don’t know, Elaina,” The nice woman said.

This Elaina woman rolled her eyes. “Whatever, babe. Let’s just go home,”

I scoffed at her rude answer. I started walking again but paused when this Elaina woman spoke again.

“You should at least say goodbye to my girlfriend, fatty,” I can hear the smirk from Elaina’s tone.

I looked behind my shoulder and didn’t bother to look at this rude woman. I flashed a smile to the nice woman. “I’m sorry again. Good night,” I ignored Elaina’s frown and marched away from that place. My apartment is closer to where I work at. Las Vegas might look beautiful because of its buildings. There is still an ugly part of this City. One of them is my apartment building. But at least it shelters me. I am saving money to buy a house and a lot and even it’s only small. If I ever find a man for me, at least I have my place.

But I didn’t know that the meeting with this rude woman and her girlfriend won’t stop that time. I learned Elaina’s girlfriend’s name. Her name is Nyla. They became a regular in my working place. I was bothered that Elaina kept calling me to become their service whenever they ate there. What shocked me more than one time, Elaina was waiting for me to finish my shift and gave me beautiful flowers. The rude woman looked so shy that night and nervous. I thought Elaina was playing around, but she wasn’t when I saw a blush on her face.

“I’m sorry, but I am not a relationship wrecker,” I apologetically said to Elaina because Nyla has always been kind and friendly to me.

Elaina cleared her throat. “Nyla knows it...I...I mean...we are actually looking for our third girlfriend,”

I was so shocked when I heard it from her. Why do they take an interest in me? I am the total opposite of them. Since that day, Elaina and Nyla sometimes waited for me and drove me back to my apartment.

I learned that Elaina is always a rude person and it runs from her blood, but she was actually a kind person and had this sweet side that I find attractive to her. Nyla is like a doting mother and significantly matured too. They keep doing those routines for over two months until I give in. I never thought my first relationship in my 20 years of age would be with two beautiful women. Elaina is a part-time model, but her main goal is to become a famous model. Nyla is already a professional make-up artist, and mainly, she serves famous celebrities. Nyla invited me to their home party, but I rejected it because I was so afraid that people might judge them for having a woman like me by their side. Nyla and Elaine are already dating for three years. They have lived together for a year now. I guess I am their third girlfriend now, ever since I agreed to date them. But I asked them not to introduce me to their friends. Even though they ensure that it doesn’t bother them if what will people say to them when they know I am their third girlfriend? Well—it does bother me a lot.

I had been dating them for six months already when they asked me to move in from their house. I was so happy, and I agreed quickly because I knew for myself that I loved them both. I never quit my job, and I am glad they didn’t stop me from doing so. They offer me some jobs with a big salary, but I love my work. Sometimes, I feel bad that they paid the water and electricity bills. To make it up to them, I made sure the fridge was full of food. But Elaina didn’t like it.

“I said, no meat! I need to stay fit, Chiara. Eat that all for yourself!” Elaina raised her voice to me for the first time.

I looked at the food I had prepared for her because I knew she was tired and hungry. “B-But you look pale—” I looked down when she glared at me.

“This is my fucking job, Chiara! God!” She stomped her foot and went straight into our bedroom.

I released a shaky breath and fiddled my fingers from my apron. I hold in my tears. It’s already been a year ever since I became their third girlfriend.

“Babe, I’m sorry about her. Her agency pushes her hard to maintain her figure,” Nyla was now standing at the doorway. She’s holding her set of makeup. She might hear what Elaina said.

“It’s okay. Are you hungry?” I smiled at her.

Nyla looked tired and forced a smile. “I did. I’m sorry,” She pressed a kiss on my forehead. “I want to sleep. I’m so tired...”

I only nodded. I guess I will eat alone. I put the other leftover in the fridge and washed the dishes. I was walking toward our bedroom when I heard Nyla and Elaina that made my heart sink.

“I don’t love her anymore. We can’t keep lying to her, Nyla,” Elaina said while lying beside Nyla.

Nyla released a heavy sigh. “I know...but we can’t just break it off with her,”

I covered my mouth with my palm as my eyes watered. I’ve been blind lately because Elaina seemed irritated with my presence, and she got jealous whenever I became sweet with Nyla. The clues are there, but I was too engrossed to make sure they would be happy with me. I slowly step back and make sure I won’t make a noise. I walked out of the house, and I only stared at the small fountain in the front yard.

I silently cried and made sure they won’t notice me. I am right. No one will stay with me. They are precious to me but did they ever love me?

That night, I didn’t join them in our bedroom. I know they don’t mind it. I have two jobs when it’s weekends. I was a florist from morning to afternoon, and when the night ended, I would be a waitress again. I left early in the morning but still prepared their usual light breakfast.

I need to prepare myself. I can feel it. Soon, we’ll break apart. I sadly smiled at that thought while I was on the bus. It hurts, but I need to endure. They only love each other from the start. I think...I’m only their temporary happiness, and I answer that they are only meant to be with each other. They are not actually into poly. And I am only a test subject for them.
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