Lies, Sacrifices, and Alibis

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Chapter 11

Why did I want a baby so much?

Growing up, I had a loving family who supported me in everything I did. After I lost all that weight, I messed up more than Tania and I didn’t think that was possible. I never realized how much fun I missed out on by being so heavy. Having gone from one size to the next, I can honestly tell you it’s true what they say; the world cares about appearances.

When I was fat, I didn’t get any attention unless someone was laughing at me. It was like I was the invisible person in the room, though most laughed at. I wasn’t offended. I didn’t scream at them for virtually bullying me. I merely ignored them. People have a right to think what they want, even if it’s wrong.

Sticks and stones will break my bones but their words could never hurt me; not physically anyway.

Once I lost the weight, I was the centerpiece of most places. Guys were just dying to talk to me. I knew some of them my whole life and they didn’t even know my name until I mentioned Great White Whale. However, they all wanted me when I was thinner.

It went to my head. I’m not going to say I was Ms. Slut, but I did get around a little bit. Not as much as Tania, but I don’t think a whorehouse would get around that much. However, my family never gave up on me. My mother was my support.

It wasn’t a figure of speech about my mother, Chloe Hanover, having ESP. She had the true form and could always tell when things were about to happen. Living with her was like living with a human lie detector. She knew when someone wasn’t being honest. I know what you’re thinking. Most people have an idea when someone is lying, but the difference with her was that she already knew the truth.

If you’re like most, you don’t believe. That’s okay. Hell, I didn’t believe at first. Only after witnessing it, many times was I a true believer. She made so many predictions that came true. It was hard not to believe after that. The word spread quickly around our quiet, little Missouri town about her predictions and soon people came to her for all their problems. If they lost something, she could tell them where it was. When some busybodies started chanting about witchcraft, we moved. She never divulged her gift to strangers again.

One thing you never part with, after living years in the south, is that southern twang. Usually, I keep it contained to a slight accent unless I’m mad. Then I’m full-on, bronco-training, cow-tipping, wacky-tobacky-smoking, country girl with attitude.

Tania got my mother’s looks and they were the spitting image. People swore she was my older sister, not my mother. I took after my father. It was a good thing the man was handsome. He still looked young for his age, which I was very grateful. It made me feel better about the coming years.

The next day my phone rang and I knew it was my mother. Not because of ESP, but my caller ID. Instantly, I felt a moment of fear. Did she already know about my plan? I tried to sound upbeat, but after the argument with Mike, it was harder than I thought. “Hey, mom.”

“Aw, honey. Are ya okay?”

I should’ve known. She already knew about our argument. “Mike an’ I were fightin’.”

“I know. I’m so sorry. Honey, everythin’ is gonna be okay.”

I shrugged. He wasn’t high on my list right now. “Eventually.”

“Are ya gettin’ ready for your vacation?”

I cleared my throat. I could never really lie to my mother. I usually beat around the bush with the truth, so it wasn’t lying, but I still felt she knew. The woman wanted grandkids. I mean, what mother didn’t, right? However, I didn’t think she would approve of the way I planned to get it or this vacation. I wasn’t going to mention it, if at all possible.

“Yes. Tania an’ I are goin’ to–”

“California, I know.”

“Oh. Then ya talked to Tania?”

“No…” she paused. “I just know.”

I nodded, hoping that was all she knew. “Right. Is there anythin’ else ya just know?”

“No. I see you’re gonna get everythin’ ya want there.” She laughed. “…but it’s fuzzy on what it is. Does that make sense?”

“No. Oh yeah! It’s gonna be sunny the whole time. I was worried it was gonna just rain.” Yep, beating around the bush with the truth. I did mention that I hoped it wasn’t going to rain, so it wasn’t a lie. “That works for me!”

I heard her sigh. She knew I wasn’t telling her everything, but, how could I? She’d just try and talk me out of it, and she was good at that. “No. No. I don’t think that’s it, but if that’s what ya say, dear.”

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