Lies, Sacrifices, and Alibis

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Chapter 15

She scared the hell out of me just as I took a sip from my coffee. The steamy liquid made a path down the front of my jersey, right between my boobs. I grabbed a napkin, wiping it down, hoping it wasn’t going to stain, but knowing it would. That was going to make me look like I was nothing more than white trash, walking around in dirty clothes! “Where the hell have ya been? I’ve been lookin’ all over for you.”

“I went to the bathroom. I figured I’d better go now as opposed to havin’ Mike stop somewhere.”

“He’s grumpy enough an’ you’re not helpin’.”

“What? I’m not doin’ anything I don’t normally do. He’s fun to annoy.”

Shaking my head, I tossed the napkin in the trash before pushing the doors open. “Just stop annoyin’ him. I feel bad enough as it is without you makin’ him feel like shit.”


I wasn’t sure what his mood was going to be like once we returned. As you recall, he was fit to be tied when we left. Well, his mood didn’t change. I didn’t even get the words out, explaining what took so long, before he started in on me.

“What the hell took so long? I thought you changed your mind since you’re going to miss your flight! Now, I’m going to have to drive like a bat out of hell to get you there on time! I do have to work today! I have meetings lined up and don’t have time for this shit!”

I was barely in the car before he slammed it in gear. Speeding out of the parking lot, he kicked up the gravel, flinging it in all directions. He flew onto the freeway, inching between cars. Thankfully, there was an Oh shit bar in the car. I held onto it as if my life depended on it. “Sorry honey. I had to take care of some last-minute problems. Shit happens!”

Tania winked at his scowling reflection in the mirror. “I figured I better squat a piss before we left. Otherwise, I’d have to worry about your pervy ass, catchin’ a glimpse, when I made ya pull over.”

He glared at her through the rearview mirror. “Keep your shit up and I’ll dump your ass on the side of the road and you won’t get this free vacation.”

She sat back in the seat, looking out the window. Her expression was like a little kid who was just scolded. “Just sayin’.”

It was a quiet ride to the airport, though a dangerous one. I looked out my window, while Mike drove like a crazy person. Thankfully, Tania had the good sense to shut up.

Dulles Airport, in Virginia, was already packed. There were cars parked everywhere dropping off and picking up people. Some of them were double parked and trying to hurry up the process before getting a ticket.

Mike dropped us off at the front door and went to find a parking place. Tania and I struggled with lugging our three bags inside. After picking up the first-class tickets, we waited to board.

He found us, looking like he lost his best friend. “I hope you’re going to be okay.” He sighed, pulling me closer, running his hand through my hair. “Call me as soon as you get settled. I have to get to work. Besides, long goodbyes depress me. I love you.”

I wanted him to shut up already. I felt bad enough. His whining just managed to twist that knife. I thought for sure my chest was going to spurt blood at any minute. He acted as if he was never going to see me again. “I’ll be fine.” I rubbed his cheek, slapping it playfully. “I love you too. I’ll call ya when I get in.”

He pulled me in for a gentle peck on the lips, which then turned into a long, lingering kiss. His hands ran up and down my back, clutching me tightly as if we weren’t standing in a crowded airport with people watching. Finally letting go, he sighed long and hard. So much for not liking long goodbyes. You would think he never left my side as much as he carried on.

“Bye baby.” Turning, he walked away, without looking back.

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