Lies, Sacrifices, and Alibis

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Chapter 16

I paid the extra cost for the first-class ticket. The good thing about that was that we didn’t have to wait in the long line to get checked in. Tania and I got through the whole thing in record timing. I chose a flight that still offered many of the accommodations for first class. However, that didn’t get us out of airport security frisking us.

Tania fixed her shorts. “Damn, I thought that guy was about to get his rocks off as he checked down my pants to make sure nothin’ was there.”

“I know.” I fixed my bra. “I was about to tell the motherfucker, he better buy me dinner, since he just gave me a breast exam.”

“Next time, I’m gonna grind my vajayjay against his hand,” she huffed. “Get myself off.”

I laughed. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe her because that was definitely something my sister would do. It was the thought of the people around her, watching in shock as she did, while I died from laughing my ass off! “No, you’re not! That’s indecent.”

“Yeah, so is what they claim to be a body frisk. Dude actually got a hard on while feelin’ me up an’ down.”

After checking in the bags, we took a seat to wait for our flight. My mind was on a million different things. The beach. The presumptive donor. If I was even going to be able to do this.

I shoved a piece of gum in my mouth, offering her one as well. “Wanna piece? It helps when your ears start poppin’.”

She took it, watching the people sitting around us. Our section was the most crowded part of the airport. “Did everyone decide to go to California at the same time? Don’t all these people have to like…” she looked around, shaking her head. “I dunno. Work?”

I shrugged. “Maybe they all decided to do what we’re doin’?”

“Geez, I didn’t think of that.” Nodding her head, she shrugged. “We better get there first to find the best donor.”

She lacked common sense among other things. I lightly tapped her on the head. “Not that, silly! I mean the vacation. They wanna leave this, hot one minute, freezin’ the next weather to go somewhere warm.”

“Yeah, what’s up with that? It’s June for cryin’ out loud! Let me use your jacket. I’m freezin’ my ass off.”

I laughed, handing it to her. I did warn her that it was going to be cold today, but she still insisted on wearing California-weather clothes. “I told ya to dress warmly. How can ya not expect to be freezin’, wearin’ so little?”

“Yeah, but once we get to California, you’ll be hot an’ I’ll be comfortable.”

“I’ll take that chance. I’m not freezin’ my ass off before we get there. Besides, it’s easier to take clothes off then put on somethin’ ya don’t have!”

“Ooh, strippin’ at the airport! That could get you on the nightly news and then Mike would really be pissed!”

Well, she had a point there. “It might make the baggage check an’ inspection a lot less…” I shook my head. “…grabby.”

“Enough about that.” She turned, looking at me with an expression that reminded me of a mad scientist or an evil genius. “How do ya wanna do this, so ya don’t get caught?”

I had no clue what she meant. Her mind was like the eight track tapes my dad used to have. She could flip subjects at the flick of a button and lose me. “What do ya mean?”

She rolled her eyes like I should’ve known what she was referencing. “I mean, if he knows your name an’ ya leave then he can find ya. It won’t take much with everythin’ on the Internet nowadays. All he has to do is Google ya.”

Ooh! She had a point there! That could be bad. “I didn’t think about that.” That could stop this whole mission from ever getting started.

“Lucky for you, I did.” She looked at me. “While we’re there, we’ll call ya Alicia. Eh-lee-see-a.” She sounded it out.

“Why Alicia?”

“That way if I call ya Lyse, we can say that it’s short for Alicia.”

I nodded. She really did have a diabolical mind. “Oh, that’s a great idea!”

“Ya need to spend as much time as ya can in his bed. When it’s over, ya can’t leave anything behind. No DNA. No IDs. No phone numbers. No pictures. Nothin’ that might help him track ya down, or he’ll be able to find ya.”

“Wow. You’ve really thought this through. Ya sound like a pimp.”

She shrugged. “I’m just tryin’ to help my sister get everything she’s ever wanted.”



Hearing her say it the same way my mother did was just freaky. I leaned over, whispering, “Mom said I was gonna go an’ get everything I wanted. Now you just said it too, an’ it’s kinda like…” I sighed. “Final Destination creepy shit.” I pointed around us. “Don’t forget, we’re about to get on a plane too.”

“Well, there ya are! You’re gonna find ‘im.” She blew a bubble, sucking it back in. “So, was the final straw his bullshit about the baby or somethin’ else?”

I shrugged, leaning back in my chair. I really didn’t want to talk about that. “It was a combination. When he told me to buy a baby or adopt one, I realized he wouldn’t care if the baby wasn’t his, but I do.”

“It could ruin your marriage, ya know.”

“I don’t care. I used to. He doesn’t wanna do anythin’ to help us. He doesn’t think we have a problem. If this is somethin’ I can get an’ it ruins my marriage…” I shrugged. “Oh fuckin’ well. He should’ve thought about that before he got stupid. I’m barely talkin’ to him as it is.”

“I can’t say I blame ya.”

“I’m still not sure I can do it, but now it’s a possibility. He pushed me into a corner.”

“I think you’ll have fun when we find this guy.”

“He has to be a dead ringer.”

She nodded. “It’s California. There are dead ringers for everyone. Who knows? We might even run into ourselves.”

“That’s a scary thought.”

“Ya don’t wanna meet another you?”

I smirked. “It’s not runnin’ into me that bothers me. It’s runnin’ into another you.”

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