Lies, Sacrifices, and Alibis

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Chapter 17

The seats were one of the perks to first class which were like miniature Lazy-boys. I have traveled in coach or the cheaper part and you can really tell the difference. If someone were to ask if it was really worth the extra couple of hundred dollars, I would undeniably tell them yes. If you can afford it, you have to go first class at least once! The food is delicious; we actually get a meal instead of peanuts. The alcohol is a finer grade. It’s like when you go to the bar to order the top shelf liquor vs. the bottom of the barrel – same thing. So yes, it is definitely worth the extra money to fly in comfort and style. Once onboard, we took our seats. Like I said, this was nothing new to me. However, it was to Tania.

She rubbed her hands down the fabric of her armchair, smiling like the Cheshire Cat. “Oh, my God! Who knew these seats were so comfortable!”

The steward walked down with a cart of drinks. “Hello, ladies. My name is Brandon and I’ll be your server today. Let me know if there’s anything I can get for you to make your flight more comfortable.” He pointed to the selection of bottles, soft drinks, and juices on his cart. “May I offer you a drink?”

Tania chimed up, nodding her head like some bobble head, sitting on the dash of a New York cabbie, flying over hills. “Hell yeah. I’ll take Jack on the rocks.”

“You got it. You must be headed to the beach.” He picked up a little bottle of Jack, pouring it over a glass of ice, handing it to her.

“Ya know it. I’m ready for some surfin’ fun.”

“Oh? Do you surf?”

She smiled, shaking her head, giving her best devil-may-care grin. “Not yet, but I’m hopin’ some surfer boy’ll teach me.”

“I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding someone to teach you.” After flirting with Tania, he looked at me. “Would you like something to drink?”

I looked over the tray of beverages. Usually, I was a Pepsi girl, but they only had Coke products. I don’t care what anyone says, there is a difference. “Sure. Can I get a Coke, please?”

Tania blinked. “What? No way! You’re not gonna get a real drink? We’re on vacation!”

“Regardless, one of us has to stay sober to drive. It’d be hell to have it cut short gettin’ locked up for a DWI.”

“True. I didn’t think of that.”

Brandon laughed. “So, what beach are you going to? Maybe we can run into each other while you’re there? I know how to surf.” He opened a Coke, pouring it into a glass with ice handing it to me.

She shook her head. “Oh no. Ya want the goods…” she pointed at her body, winking at him. “You’ll have to find us first.”

“Oh, I’ll find you.”

After he rolled passed, she leaned over, poking me. “Well?”

Again, her lack of complete sentences was very confusing at times. I looked over, arching my brow. “Well, what?”

“What about him?” She hitched her thumb backward in the direction of the surfer boy, Brandon.

Leaning out of my chair, I looked back at him. He was a good-looking guy, don’t get me wrong, but he also had blonde hair, green eyes, a striking complexion and was obviously interested in Tania. He didn’t look anything like my tall, dark, and handsome husband.

Sitting back, I shook my head. “No way. He doesn’t look a thing like Mike.”

“Yeah, but he looks like fun!”

“So, you’ll have fun with him. He’s obviously interested in you, not me. Besides, he has to be the spittin’ image.” Hopefully, my future donor wasn’t going to be attracted to Tania like everyone else. “When I give birth, people have to look at the baby an’ see Mike, not some stranger.”

“Well…” she seemed to think about this for a moment, or she studied the inside of the plane wall. For what? I have no clue. “That’s true. You’d have a hard time explainin’ why the baby had blonde hair.” Snapping her finger, she pointed at me. “Then again, ya could say the baby looked like me, or mom! It happens too often that the kid looks like a relative in your family, instead of the parents. It’s all about the family genes an’ dominatin’ factors.” She nodded, turning back, looking over her shoulder, once more flirting with Brandon.

“No. I’m gonna avoid all the questions an’ just pick someone who looks like Mike to begin with. If I don’t find him, there’s a reason for it.”

Still looking above her head, she reached up, pushing buttons. She was like a little kid in a toy store touching everything. “What the hell does it do? Is it just there for decorations?”

Reaching up, I turned my lever towards me, flipping the switch beside it. “It’s the air. You can make it stronger or lighter, colder or warmer.” I glanced out the window. She was already starting to get on my nerves. “How long is this flight supposed to be?”

“I dunno. It’s close to six hours, but we go backward in time so…” she did the math in her head, using her finger on the imaginary chalkboard in front of her, while I just stared at her in confusion. “I dunno. My math doesn’t compute backward.”

I couldn’t decide if she was joking or being totally serious. She had to be kidding. Right? “W-what do ya mean, we go backward in time?”

“We go from six o’clock Eastern Time an’ travel to California where it’s three o’clock Pacific Time.”

“Yeah. We lose a couple of hours as we go through the time zone changes, but we’re not in a time machine.”

“Duh. I know that! Technically, we’re goin’ back in time. What’s already happened at five o’clock hasn’t happened yet in five o’clock Pacific Time. So, when we go from Eastern to Pacific, somewhere along the way we lose three hours,” she said, shrugging as she picked up her magazine, flipping through the pages. “Backward.”

Listening to her, I tried desperately to keep up, but she lost me somewhere in her flight plan. I mean, technically, what she said was accurate to a degree. “No, that’s not it.”

“Well, why do we have different time zones if we’re not goin’ backward?”

Common sense must be a deadly thing to have because too many don’t have it, apparently. “If we had one single time zone for Earth then everyone would have the same time at different phases of the day or night.”

“Which would be less confusin’, if ya ask me.”

I was so glad she never got into politics. “Yes, but it would be mornin’, evenin’, and the middle of the night for others. Plus, what’s to say that the powers to be didn’t decide that California time was the best for everyone an’ our time was changed.”

“Well,” she huffed, rolling her eyes. “That’s stupid because we have the correct time zone for the times of the day. If we lived off their time zone, our days an’ nights would be off by a little.”

I nodded. “Exactly! It has to do with the different parts of the Earth spinnin’ around, an’ the sun bringin’ light in place of dark.” She still looked confused, but there was a glimmer of hope of understanding. I rolled my eyes, continuing. “When Earth enters an’ exits daylight at different times is why we need different time zones. That way noon is the same for everyone; durin’ the middle of the day.”

She furrowed her brows, pursed her lips, and canted her head to the point that I thought her brain was going to explode. She was in heavy thoughts, trying to wrap her mind around it. Then it was like a lightbulb exploded and she smiled, eyes wide, head straight once more. “Ohh! I get it!” She nodded, going back to her fashion magazine. “That’s what I was tryin’ to say, I just didn’t say it right.” She huffed, shaking her head, rolling her eyes at me, as if I was the one who didn’t understand.

I chuckled, shaking my head. “Yeah, because you sounded like that’s what you were tryin’ to say,” I teased.

After flipping a few pages, not really reading them, she turned back to me with a sheepish grin. “Are ya nervous?”

“Not really. Flyin’ doesn’t bother me. No matter how smooth they claim it’ll be, it’s always bumpy. The part that makes me nervous is what we’re plannin’ to do.”

“It’s not as hard as ya think. It’s the only way you’re ever gonna get that baby ya want so badly. Mike doesn’t care how ya get it. You said it yourself; buy it or adopt it, so why should he care? He’s given ya no choice.”

I told myself that a million times, and yet, it never sounded as good until she said it. It was true, though. I tried everything in my power to get Mike to be the biological father to my future child, but he wanted no parts of it. I sighed. “How come it sounds so easy comin’ from you?”

“Trust me. It’s not that hard, sis. Just put your mind to it or just forget it, but don’t fret about it. That’ll drive ya crazy.”

“Too late.”

Being bored, I fell asleep for most of the trip. Luckily, Tania didn’t wake me.

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