Lies, Sacrifices, and Alibis

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Chapter 19

Tania looked around, smiling. “Wow! When you plan adultery, ya plan it in style! I hope mine looks just as good!”

I chuckled. “Ya have to get married before you can plan adultery.”

“Ha-ha.” She opened the adjoining doors, peering in, smiling. “Hell yeah! I could live like this! My hotel room is better than my apartment!”

“This hotel room costs more than your apartment buildin’! This isn’t just for adultery! Ya know callin’ it that makes it sound so cheap.”

“Well…” she laughed, looking at me with a comical expression. “What the hell are we supposed to call it? I know. We’ll call it the wild search for your baby daddy.”

“This is supposed to be my vacation, remember?”

“Our vacation.” She sank on the bed, eating one of the complimentary chocolates. “Be honest. Did ya marry Mike because ya were in love with him, or because he had a lotta money?”

Sinking down in the chair, I kicked a leg over the arm, thinking about her question. I didn’t wonder why she asked it at the time, maybe I should have. Reaching over, I grabbed one of the grapes out of the fruit basket, popping it into my mouth.

“I dunno, maybe a little of both? I guess.” I shrugged, chewing and swallowing before continuing. “I know I love ‘im. He had to talk me into gettin’ married, though. He kept throwin’ out how we were gonna have a lotta kids.” I laughed softly in remembrance. “He wanted his own baseball team.”

She looked at me in confusion. “Mike did?”


I wasn’t sure why she looked so confused. Either that or she was constipated. Opening another chocolate, she held it poised to her mouth, looking at me. “I thought you were the one pressurin’ him to get married.”

After she said that, I laughed. I’m not sure why, but I found that hilarious. “Me? Hell no! I was kinda like you. I didn’t wanna get married. After I lost all that weight, I was havin’ fun bein’ single.”

She rolled her eyes. “Yes, I remember.”

“Mike proposed after a month of datin’. I hadn’t lost all the weight, but I was workin’ on it. I still looked good.” I could’ve sworn I told her how quickly he proposed, but she blinked and stared at me dumbfounded. I got the impression there was something more to this that she wasn’t telling me. I wanted to know, but how do you question something like that? I mean, really, how do you form that question without making an accusation? She was definitely not telling me something.

“Why did he propose so soon?”

“I dunno. He wined an’ dined me, limo rides, bought me jewelry an’ anythin’ I wanted. Every time we went out, he proposed.” I canted my head to the side, staring at her. “Are you okay?” She looked like she was about to be sick.

Biting into the chocolate, she shrugged. “Yeah, I just thought it was the other way around. Okay, so if ya didn’t wanna get married, what changed your mind?”

“He tempted me with children. Knowin’ he wanted as many as I did was enough. Hell, we planned to get me knocked up on the honeymoon. I even went out an’ bought a bunch of baby clothes, which have been stored in boxes in my attic, unopened.” I sighed. “So much for that plan.”

Smiling, she nodded. Once more, she looked at her watch. I never knew her to be so time-conscientious. “Interestin’. The things ya learn on vacation.”

That got my attention. She made it sound like she heard something different, which meant that I begged Mike to get married. Maybe that was what she hid from me. “You heard somethin’ else?”

“No, but it explains your anger at not gettin’ pregnant an’ unfathomable desire to have a few kids.” She hopped up, motioning me to join her. “Let’s change an’ get out on the beach. There are hot men out there just waitin’ for us, especially…” she wiggled her brows. “…your baby daddy.”

“Yep, they’re linin’ up out the door right now,” I teased. I didn’t understand why she was in such a hurry or what was so interesting about her watch.

“Hey. Don’t forget. You’re on a mission! The sooner ya find ’im, the sooner we start Mission…” she smiled. “Baby Daddy Alert!”

“Ya gave it a name?”

“Hell yeah! It makes it more excitin’. It’s like…” she paused, giving her best slutty spy seduction stare. “Mission Impossible.” She giggled, rushing through the adjoining door, leaving it open. “So, hurry up.”

I still needed to unpack and all she wanted was to get out on the beach. I knew that once I found this guy, my time to do anything was pretty much shot. Standing, I quickly unpacked as much as I could while trying to find the best bathing suit, or so that was my excuse. “My God you’re in such a hurry! The way ya keep lookin’ at your watch…” I shook my head. “There’s a mirror on it, isn’t there?”

She laughed from behind the open door. “Ya found me out. Now hurry up!”

“First, I have to call an’ leave a message for Mike. Let ’im know our flight didn’t explode because you were on it.”


“Those were his words, not mine.”

“Yeah, well he’s an ass!” Tania got undressed, leaving her clothes where they dropped on the floor. She was messy, but I couldn’t live like that. She had a dirty clothes pile and a clean pile. I preferred my clean clothes in a dresser or hanging up. The only time a pile was on the floor was when they were dirty, though I preferred a basket of some kind. “Sounds good, but don’t let ’im keep ya on the phone.”

“Yes, your majesty!” I hollered out while dialing Mike’s cell.

He answered on the second ring. “Hey, baby! How was the flight?”

Hearing his voice was like coming home after being away for too long. I missed him. It was so good hearing that sexy voice of his. It was midrange but had a deep sexual tenor. His tone alone made you think of how he was in bed. He was quick but satisfying. He must be. I stayed with him for many years. Once more, I was torn with what I was about to do and what could happen because of it. I loved my husband and didn’t want to lose him.

“It was good. I guess our plane wasn’t scheduled to become floatin’ debris after all.”

“I haven’t been able to think about anything here at work. I was worried that you were going to explode or get hijacked or something.”

“You can stop worryin’. It was smooth without a bunch of turbulence. I slept most of the trip.”

“There’s no such thing as a flight with no turbulence. How’s the room?”

“The room is fabulous! You’ll be lucky if I don’t decide to live in this hotel,” I teased, playfully.

“No. That’s not allowed.”

“I wanted to call ya before we hit the beach. Tania’s anxious to hurry up an’ get out there. She’s afraid something’s gonna happen an’ she’ll miss it.”

He sighed. “Okay, I have to go too. We took a break from the business meeting so I could talk to you.”

I chuckled. “That reminds me of your intermission from one. Do ya remember that?”

“Yes. I still get teased about how I’m married to a hot, horny woman, who doesn’t think twice about interrupting an important business meeting to get laid. However, knowing you’re safe, I should be able to focus now.”

“Aw, you were worried.”

“Of course, I was! Don’t forget about your loving husband when the slut magnet has men around her hitting on you. After all, you are way hotter.”

Just talking to him brought up so many different emotions. I loved him. I truly did. I didn’t want to have to do this. I wanted my husband to take me into his arms and tell me that everything was going to be fine, but that wasn’t going to happen. As long as he continued fooling himself into thinking nothing was wrong, I would be stuck in this loop. Therefore, either I cheated on my loving husband with the only opportunity I would ever have, or be a childless woman. Then again, adoption wasn’t that bad.

“I love you too. None of these guys can hold a candle to you. I’ll call ya later.” I hung up, staring at the phone.

I don’t know how much of that Tania overheard or pieced together, but soon after, she walked over and leaned down beside my chair. “So, how’s Mike?”

“He’s okay.” My voice alone registered that something wasn’t right. Hell, she knew me better than anyone, including Mike, so it wasn’t hard to figure it out.

“What’s wrong? Are you gettin’ cold feet from one conversation?”

“Maybe a little.”

“Lyse, if ya give up your only chance, ya won’t get your little baby.”

“Ya make it sound so final.”

She slapped the arm of the chair, nodding her head. “It is! Yes, this way is a little unorthodox, an’ it’s a little crazy.”

“A little unorthodox? This is like some grand scheme that the criminally insane would think up.” I sighed.

“Maybe so, but what choice do ya have?”

“I know. He’s givin’ me absolutely none.”

“I sense a but comin’.”

“No but. I just feel guilty. I wish there was another way, but I know there’s not.”

“There’s the but!”

“Anyway…” I rolled my eyes. “Ya ready to get out there before ya start climbin’ the walls or your watch becomes a permanent part of your eye?”

Looking at her watch – again – she gave a rodeo yell like Wilma did on the Flintstones – cartoon network rewinds – when she was off to charge something and put Fred in the poorhouse. “Hell yeah! I can’t believe we’re finally here!”

“That makes two of us.”

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