Lies, Sacrifices, and Alibis

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Chapter 20

When Mike and I exchanged rings, he bought me one of the most beautiful sets I ever saw. My engagement ring was a 4.3-karat blue diamond with a channel setting of one-hundred smaller diamonds. My wedding ring was just as beautiful with the entire band covered in the same diamonds. He claimed my wedding ring had to be more expensive than the engagement ring. He wanted me to wear something that showed how much he loved me, and how rich he was. He picked the right one. It sparkled in the light and in the ten years we were married, I didn’t lose one stone. It was beautiful.

During our wedding vows, one of his requests was that I never take my rings off. In doing so, breaking my first promise to him felt like a cardinal sin. That act alone pushed the guilt dagger so far into my chest, I swore people could see the blade sticking out of my back. It didn’t matter what I did from that point on because it felt as if I already cheated on him.

Shame joined its soulmate, guilt, and made me feel worse than I thought I could. Kissing the set, I slipped it into my sock drawer, shoving it down into one of the pairs, pushing it to the far reaches of the back. I couldn’t take the chance that anyone would find it and steal it because I wasn’t supposed to take it off, ever.

I had brought a few of my other rings. None of them looked like a wedding ring. I threw on a couple of others so it didn’t look out of place. I thought about not wearing a ring at all, but if I got the slightest tan there needed to be a white line.

I wore a misty lilac bikini. It was a mixture of sexy and classy. I didn’t show off my body like Tania. I left enough to hint at what was beneath without being slutty.

She opened the door, wearing a pale azure one piece with slits up the sides. It left little to the imagination. It covered her nipples, but not her breasts. It covered the lower front of her, but damn near her whole ass showed through the back. We grabbed towels and headed out to the beach.

Once we made our way down the cliff, the sand was already warm to the touch. There were umbrellas scattered all over the beach. One thing about California, there were hotels lining the ocean shore, which meant a lot of people.

Groups of them picked a spot, setting up camp, claiming that stretch of land for the day. Bathing suits of many colors and styles littered the sand. Local girls tried to show off as much as possible without showing anything at all. Each girl tried to compete with the one next to her. Tania blended right in. In fact, they all flocked to her, adopting her into their slutty family.

I have watched surfing competitions on TV and I have to say it’s not the same as being there. It’s more exciting because we can see how dangerous the waves are. Even though the girls screamed out for their favorite surfer, those boys didn’t seem to pay attention to anything happening on the beach. I was sure that when they finished surfing, they would scope out the sluttiest looking babe. The world was filled with promiscuity and the need to get it on. However, while they were riding those waves rodeo style, their main concern was the next big wave, but they were interesting to watch.

They weren’t the only ones in the water. There were a ton of people out on rafts, swimming through the waves, going really far out. Lifeguard stations all had a gorgeous man or a beautiful woman in charge of a stretch of land. Not many people thought about a lifeguard. However, I did.

This person was willing to risk his or her life to protect those in the water. He or she was willing to die for someone, pulling them back to safety. The water has dangerous creatures living under the swimmers. If a shark attacked someone, the lifeguard would not only get everyone out of the water, but they would swim, headlong, for the person in danger, putting their own life at risk to save them. I’m not sure about you, but that deserves a moment of thanks. I’m pretty brave for the most part, but if a shark is eating your ass; I will miss you.

The flag flying off the lifeguard chair claimed the water was clear, but I knew better. There is never a time when there’s nothing under the swimmers that could seriously hurt them. Sharks swim so close to shore, feeding, and actually sunbathing that it’s not uncommon for a swimmer to get attacked. Many people claim that sharks don’t like the taste of us. We’re talking about a creature who will make a meal out of a license plate. They don’t care about the taste! Due to divers and experts, researching them by feeding them, they now look at us humans as a means for food. If we don’t have anything to give them, they’ll just take a bite. Every documentary I watched told me how sharks were always just inches away from the swimmers and no one ever knew.

However, back on land, we took up our own beach claim with two chairs sprawled out. Putting my towel on mine, I got comfortable just watching the others who wanted to risk their lives for some fun in the water. Tania was right about one thing; it was filled with gorgeous men. I could have had my pick of any one of them if it wasn’t for one thing; I didn’t see one that held a candle to my husband. Not one that even hinted at resembling him. He didn’t have to be his twin, but he had to be close!

Tania looked around at all the surfers. I could see the lust in her eyes as she practically stripped them on the beach. “They must breed ‘em. They all look so hot too! It’s like ya can tell they know what they’re doin’ in bed.”

I shook my head. “I swear you’ve got sex on the brain.”

“Yep. It’s got its own little section.”

“More like half of it.”

“Ha-ha. Are ya gonna get in the water?”

I glared at her. She knew that answer before she asked the question. “Hell no. There’s a shark out there just waitin’ for me to get in. Besides, I’m havin’ fun watchin’ the other people riskin’ their lives.”

“Riskin’ their lives?”

“Yep. I’m waitin’ for one of ‘em to come up torn an’ bleedin’ from a shark attack. It’ll be from the impatient one who grows tired of waitin’ for me.”

“There aren’t any sharks. The flag would show if there were.”

I smirked. “Oh. Well knowin’ my luck, it’d be the bad boy shark not listenin’ to the flags.”

“You’re so silly to worry about that.” She pointed to the group of people creating art out of the sand. “Look at some of those sand castles. They’re really good!”

“Oh, I know. We passed a few on the way here. Along with a few buried people.”

“Let me guess…” she looked over smirking. “The sharks might get them as well?”

“Yes.” I kept a straight face. “They’re called Sandsharks. They’re called that because they live in the sand.”

“You’re kiddin’, right? That movie was real?” She picked her feet up off the sand, looking around in terror.

I wanted to mess with her so bad, but I couldn’t keep the straight face any longer. This woman claimed she watched Animal Planet, so you’d think she knew the answer to that one. I shook my head, laughing. “Yes, I’m kiddin’. No, that movie wasn’t real.”

Reaching into her glass, she dipped her fingers onto the surface, flicking them at me. I settled back in my chair, avoiding the drops of water, still laughing. “You’re such a brat.”

Once I stopped laughing, I looked around, shaking my head. “It’s a damn good thing I came here for a vacation because I don’t see anyone good enough yet. They’re either just below average or just okay. I don’t think I’ve seen one guy that could be a serious babe like ya said.”

“You’re kiddin’, right? Look around! I see a lot!”

“You know what I look for in a man.”

“Oops, my bad. Maybe it’s his day off?”

“Maybe I could be of some assistance,” a deep male voice said from behind us.

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