Lies, Sacrifices, and Alibis

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Chapter 22

Stepping into the sand was like standing in a hot pan. Not that I made a habit of it, but I could only guess the torture was the same. I ran, screaming, laughing, as I hopped from one cool area to the next, trying to find another cool spot; allowing my burnt feet to cool. Many times, it happened to be on the end of someone’s towel or blanket who wasn’t exactly happy that I was invading their space, but I didn’t care.

After laughing hysterically at me, he stopped in my path. He handed me everything he was carrying, still blocking me from going anywhere. Dipping down at the waist, he shoved his shoulder into my stomach, pushing me over. My feet left the ground and I was draped over his not so broad but hella sexy shoulder. I felt my feet leave the heat, and they knew relief while I stared at the top of his ass. It was definitely worth watching.

I laughed as he ran, sacrificing his feet for my safety, bouncing me on his shoulder. He ran in circles as I tried pointing him in the right direction. I was surprised we made it to the right hotel, much less the right room. When he set me down on the patio, I lightly slapped him in the arm.

He laughed. “Ow! I don’t remember the knights getting slapped by the needy maidens when they rescued them!”

“That’s because I’m not a needy maiden,” I teased, wiggling my brows at him. Pulling open the sliding doors, I motioned him inside. “After you.”

He blinked as we stood in front of the Ritz. “You’re staying here?” He nodded appraisingly. Once he entered, he slowly spun around, taking in all the amenities offered, whistling low. “Holy shit! I’ve never stayed here before, but I am going to have to start! You’re right about a fantasy vacation! Damn! When you go on vacation; you don’t scrimp.”

Walking to the front door, I opened it, slipping the Do Not Disturb on the doorknob. I locked the adjoining door as well. Tania would surely get the hint. “How many people do ya know that purposely scrimp on their vacations? Ya save up, all year at times, so ya want the best that ya can possibly get.”

“Now this is what I call living in style.” He plopped down on the couch, flipping on the TV. “I could get used to this.”

“Make yourself at home. Would ya care for a drink?”

“I’ll take a beer if you have one.” He watched me. “To think, I was ready to leave the beach a while ago. I’m glad I stayed. I decided to stick around and be bored with the girls for a little while longer. Something told me that I should wait it out.”

“Bored with the girls, eh?”

“Yeah. They see a surfer and you’d think they found a buried treasure.”

It was time to find out if he actually lived in California, which it really sounded like he did, or was just visiting. “Do ya date a lot of girls ya meet on the beach?”

“Hell no. I’m very picky. I don’t spend my time with the ho-bums around here.”

I laughed. “Ho-bums? I come from the city. I’ve never heard that before. What the hell is a ho-bum?”

“It’s just a name that we Californians give to girls who come to the beach looking for a good time. They usually come for a vacation or Spring Break, waiting for some beach bum to bed them down. Most of the ho-bums don’t look as if they could get a good time if they paid for it.”

“I really hope ya don’t tell your friends about the ho-bum ya spent time with.” I handed him a beer, sinking down beside him. His whole description sounded a lot like me and Tania!

“You could never be considered a ho-bum; you’re much better. Trust me. You’re a lady. That’s easy to see. Those girls on the beach just want a good time.”

I wasn’t sure if he knew the whole story if he would still consider me a lady.

“Well, that’s good.” I took a swig of my beer, winking at him. “I think.”

“Oh, yes. That’s very good. Trust me.” He winked back, drinking his beer.

I looked around. I had the perfect opportunity and the perfect time to get this plan started in action. I was definitely nervous. It felt like there were a million electrical shocks just running through my body, coursing through my veins. If I was going to do this, I needed to start it now.

Drinking half of my beer, more for the courage it delivered, I turned to him, winking. “So, did ya come back to my room to watch TV?”

He looked over at me as he swallowed, giving me a sexy half smile. “No ma’am.” He took my beer, though I would’ve much preferred to kill it, and set them both down on the coffee table. Turning to me, he leaned over, staring deeply into my eyes. “I can find some other way for us to enjoy our time.”

Pause right there.

In the movie, Hitch, Will Smith played the main character. He was all about teaching men how to seduce women, romanticize them, and then hook them into falling in love with them, even though most of them were well above their levels.

Hitch said, “The first kiss is the most important. It shows you how it’s going to be in the relationship.”

I never put much trust in that line. Hell, I thought it was just a writer deciding it fit well in the movie script. However, if you have ever experienced a kiss from someone that just felt right… then you know. A kiss that makes you forget everything. You don’t even know where you are. Hell, you might even forget your own name. It’s like a drug making you want more. Remember that feeling.

You may continue now.

His kiss was so gentle at first. The moment our lips touched, I swore lightning hit my body. It traveled through my whole system in record time, before wrapping around my soul and squeezing. I forgot about everything and everyone with just that one kiss. I had never experienced anything like it in my life. Not even with… what’s-his-name at home.

Laying me back on the couch, he broke the kiss long enough to hover over me. He studied my face as if trying to imprint it into his mind forever. I could tell he felt the same electrical vibe that I did. I could see the lust in his eyes as he lightly ran his finger over my cheek. Slowly, he trailed his hand down to my throat, where he gingerly touched me in the most hidden, erotic places. Reaching up, he ran his fingers through my hair, gripping a handful and then kissed me again. Only this one was desirous.

Once more, my body was on fire. I pulled at his clothing. I tugged at his hair. I wrapped my legs around him, pinning him in place. His grip on my hair kept me under him, allowing me only so much freedom, but I didn’t care. It was hot. It was so good.

His hands caressed me in places that set my soul on fire. He took me from one extreme to the next; putty in his hands. I wanted him more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life.

That was when he picked me up, carrying me to the bedroom, ripping our clothes off as we walked. There was like this trail, leading back to the bedroom from the couch. When the last piece of clothing hit the floor, I knew I was in heaven. I also knew this could be very bad for me.

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