Lies, Sacrifices, and Alibis

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Chapter 23

Three hours later…

Walking out into the living room, I found that I had wobbly knees. I couldn’t remember at any time having my legs shake so bad from just sex. Once I made sure I wasn’t going to fall, I went to retrieve our beers, only they were warm. After disposing of them, I got us fresh ones and headed back to the bedroom.

Snagging my smokes off the coffee table, I joined him in bed. “Wow! I think that was worth missin’ some sun. Even though I’m smilin’ now, I may not be able to walk again, but that was one hell of a workout.”

He chuckled. After lighting a cigarette for me, he took a drag off his then took a swig from his beer. His hair was still a little damp, and he had this sexy look about him. “Being a workout during sex is a good thing?”

Was he kidding? I lived with Mr. Fifteen-Minutes at the most for ten years, so it was a very good thing! I didn’t remember, in all my sexual adventures, ever finding someone who was that good. I used to think multiple orgasms was a myth. Man, was I missing out! If I had known about this, I never would’ve married Mike! “Oh, it’s a very good thing.”

“Good.” He winked. “I figured I had better make sure I get you in shape, so I can teach you how to surf.”

I shook my head, adamantly. “I am untrainable when it comes to surfin’.”

“Naw, it’s easy. It’s just a matter of learning how to balance your body on the board; it’s not hard.”

“What about sharks?”

He took a drag off his cigarette, winking at me. “I’ve tried teaching them. They either fall off the board or try to eat it. They aren’t very good students; more trouble than they’re worth.”

I laughed more at the visual than the actual words. “No, Silly. What about the sharks in the water?”

It was his turn to laugh, though I didn’t find it funny. “You’re worried about sharks?”

“Yes! They live in the ocean.”

“Yes, they do. However, I’ve lived here for…” he appeared to do a rough estimate in his head. “Going on twelve years and I’ve never come in contact with a shark.”

“Yeah, well knowin’ my luck, they’d know when I hit the water.”

He nodded, taking another drag off his cigarette. “Oh, I’m sure. They would be like…” he changed his voice to sound more like the Godfather. “Oh shit. Check it. Alicia is here and I hear she is one great piece of ass. I’m going to tap that.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at his playfulness. Slapping him in the arm, I shook my head. “Yes! Finally, someone else has heard the talk too!”

He joined me in laughter after I slapped him. He was so easy to get along with and it worried me to spend a whole ten days with him, give or take a few hours. He was more than just a dead ringer for Mike; he was better. Mike had faults that Corey didn’t. He was perfect for me. I wished I wasn’t married. Even though I knew this was going to be a bad thing, I didn’t want it to stop.

“I’ll protect you. I won’t let them get you.”

I believed him, but it didn’t mean I was getting in the water. “Oh yeah, an’ who’s gonna protect you?”

He fluffed his short hair back and batted his eyelashes. “I’m too pretty to get bitten.”

“Yeah, you’re pretty.” Rolling my eyes, I took a drink. “I see all those shows an’ sharks don’t care if someone’s pretty or not. They aren’t lookin’ to get laid; they’re lookin’ for a meal.”

“Not all of them. I’ll take you to the aquarium later and you can swim with them.”

I blinked. I heard about the crazy fools who did that and I couldn’t understand why. Some people actually allowed their children to swim with them. Tossing a small bite-sized child in with a hungry shark – since they’re always hungry – is like throwing raw meat to the lions and wonder why they dared take a bite. “Swim with the sharks?”

“Yes. People do it all the time.”

“They need their heads examined. No thanks. I’m good.” It was time to change the subject. “Do ya live on the beach?”

“No, I have a place, not too far off, in the city. I only come to the beach to get in some surfing, which, unfortunately, isn’t that often.” He smiled. “I’m glad I came out today, though.”

“Me too.” After all of our activity, I started to feel the pangs of hunger. “Now about this wine an’ dine place ya spoke of earlier?”

He was hungry, but not for food. He took both cigarettes and butted them out. Reaching over, he took my bottle of beer, setting it on the stand beside his. “Later, but for now, I think we should stay here and go for another workout. How does that sound?”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea to me.”

“I thought you would agree with that.”

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