Lies, Sacrifices, and Alibis

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Chapter 26

After spending the night together, we woke up late. After a rather steamy shower, we ordered breakfast in. We spent every waking and sleeping hours together. We weren’t apart from each other for very long. Any business he needed to take care of, which wasn’t much, he did from the hotel. He had a bag that he packed and he kept it in my room. I guessed he didn’t want to take time away from our rather honeymoon-ish vacation either.

I didn’t see much of Tania and I didn’t talk to Mike except for the first night. To make sure we weren’t disturbed, I turned off my phone. I knew if Mike called while Corey was there, it would be hard to explain why I didn’t answer. Then if I did answer that was just a disaster waiting to happen.

During the middle of the week, we went swimming in the hotel pool because I refused to get in the ocean. He tried like hell to talk me into it and I was adamant that it wasn’t happening.

He winked at me. “Today would be a perfect day for me to teach you how to surf. The waves aren’t too strong, the water is clear, the sun is out, and the flags are white.”

I smirked. “…from the pool? That might cause the hotel staff to be up in arms; dangerous an’ all.”

He laughed. “We have the whole ocean out there and here we are in the kiddie pool,” he teased as he leaned on my raft.

“It’s not the kiddie pool! I really have this fear of bein’ eaten by a shark. Just watchin’ the waves are like… I can see them all there with lots of razor sharp teeth just waitin’ for me.”

“After hearing you talk about them, I probably will too.” He laughed. “You know, if you put up a fight, they don’t think of you as food, right?”

“We’ve been over this. They have massive teeth, can swim faster than me, an’ they have this bite ratio that would cut me in half. How am I supposed to fight that? Besides, I read somewhere that the Bull Shark doesn’t care. That sucker will attack you in knee deep water an’ he won’t let go… no matter how much ya fight.”

“Well, when you put it that way.”

I laughed. “What other way is there to put it? On one hand, ya have those tellin’ ya that sharks aren’t dangerous, an’ then on the other, ya have the shark attack stories that just tear their facts all to hell.”

“I don’t think it’s as bad as you let on. In the time that you’ve been here, there hasn’t been one attack. No one has come out of the water bloody by some swim–by shark attack.”

“Like I said… they’re just waitin’ for me to get in the ocean. It’s like they had some meetin’ or somethin’. Alicia is in California so keep watch!” I told him in a mafia-like voice.

He laughed. Leaning up, he kissed me. “You’re cute. In the kiddie pool, you only have to worry about a swim by kiss attack from the dreaded Corey monster.” He wiggled his brows.

“You two are so cute!” One elderly woman said as she walked by as he was tickling me. “Do you mind if I ask how long you’ve been together?”

I was about to tell her that we weren’t together, but Corey cut me off. “Ten years.”

“Oh, my. That’s a long time.”

“You know how it is… high school sweethearts. I was all about her in high school and now… married for six. We’re so happy, but we took this vacation to get away from our six kids. Love them to death, but every once in a while, you have to just make time for each other.” He smiled. “Isn’t that right, pudding pop?”

I smirked at the pet name but nodded all the same. “Oh yes, my Golden Twinkie, good ol’ high school. I fell in love with him the first time I saw him. It was right after a scrimmage game. He was covered in mud, bless his heart, but he looked too cute to me. I didn’t let him know, though. I made him work for my heart, but he’s always been my dream guy.”

“Aw, Turtledove. You know I love you too.” He snuggled his lips into my neck.

“Aw, you two are just the cutest and so in love. I remember when Hank, may he rest in peace, and I were together. You have given me so many memories to recall. It’s so sweet to see that kind of love still exists!” She smiled as she walked away.

Corey laughed. “The children will be so happy that we’re still in love, baby cakes.”

“You know it, fruit snacks. I don’t know about us bein’ so much in love as much as havin’ some freakish eatin’ disorder, my chocolate-covered Ding Dong.” He laughed as I leaned up on one elbow, looking at him curiously. “Speakin’ of kids… Ya don’t have any, do ya?”

He shook his head as he gently played with my hair. “No. I never met any woman I wanted to have kids with. I played it safe for a long, long, long time.”

“I’ve always wanted a houseful of kids. I want more than I can probably handle an’ will probably drive me crazy. I think it’d be fun durin’ the holidays.”

“I want the same thing. I want kids running up and down the halls, screaming and hollering with each other. Fighting over the bathroom, toys, snacks, and anything else kids fight over.”

I chuckled. “Ya do realize that everythin’ in the house becomes mine where kids are concerned. I used to babysit when I was a kid an’ there was nothin’ in the house that didn’t bring about a huge discussion on whose it was. Nine outta ten times it was the baby’s because she said so.”

“I think Christmas with a houseful of kids would be heaven. I’ve always thought Christmas at my house with my brother and my mom was so plain. I mean my mom tried to make it good, but my dad had two businesses so he was always gone from home. Plus, I think mom and dad weren’t really getting along. I wanted a family with loving parents and lots of brothers and sisters and everything that goes with it.”

“I was lucky. My parents are still together an’ very much in love. My father would never disagree with anythin’ my mother said. There was a drawback to tryin’ to get one over on Mom. It was what did your mother say? We knew not to lie about that.” I nodded. “I agree. A house isn’t a home without the patter of little feet. It just feels incomplete without kids.”

He smiled. “I know what you mean.”

“You’re just too agreeable.” I smirked, and he dunked me off the raft. I screamed as I hit that icy cold water. “Oh, you’re gonna pay for that.”

“I live to hear those words.”

We laughed and joked with each other, splashing and having a good time. I fell more in love with him every second that passed. I tried to fight it, but sometimes, you just can’t fight certain things.

Later, he dropped me off at the door and went home to change and do some laundry. He was taking me out on the town. He was due back in a couple of hours.

“I saw you guys in the pool,” Tania said as she caught me alone. “Ya really looked happy… too happy.”

“How can someone be too happy?”

She glared at me. “Ya know what I mean.”

“What does that even mean, too happy?” I shook my head though I knew exactly what she meant. “Happiness should be grasped when ya can get it an’ not rated on a scale.”

“Ya have to remember this isn’t forever. It looked like the two of you were plannin’ your future. You’re not. Remember, ya have a real life that doesn’t revolve around Corey or this beach. I don’t want ya to get your hopes up high about some lifelong dream that ya can’t have!”

“I’m not. It’s okay.”

“Okay, but you’re the one that has to live with this. The more ya fall into this fantasy of yours, the more it’s gonna hurt when ya have to leave.”

“Stop worryin’. I’m just havin’ fun.”

“If ya say so…”

“I say so. I’ve got a grip on my reality an’ the fantasy.”

I wasn’t sure who I tried to convince, her or me. The longer I spent with Corey, it wasn’t just about getting pregnant, though we worked hard at that. It became more about my wanting to spend every moment with him. I hated it when he left me even for a few hours.

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