Lies, Sacrifices, and Alibis

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Chapter 34

Corey stood with a smile on his face as I held up the plus sign, showing I was pregnant. I was happy and it showed. I wanted him to be happy too! I found him on the beach and showed him all the information that the doctor gave me. I also wore clothing that showed off my baby bump nicely.

“I have some great news, darlin’.”

He looked shocked that I was there. Turning, he smiled at me before walking over. He wore what looked like a pirate’s outfit. I wasn’t sure why, but had to admit he looked hot! Maybe it was some surfer thing they were doing? I didn’t know. I prayed he didn’t work in a restaurant as a pirate selling chicken nuggets. He had a white satin shirt, tucked into a pair of black breeches, tucked into knee high black boots. The sword on his side looked real as did his pirate’s hat.

Wrapping his arms around me, he pulled me tight to his body, looking down into my eyes. Running his fingers through my hair, he gripped a handful, and kissed me hard. He bent me over in a dip, holding the kiss. Mm, that kiss.

Pushing me back up to a standing position, he flashed his perfect, white smile at me, which seemed to twinkle. “What’s that, darling? I’ve been waiting for you to return to me. I’ve missed you so.”

I staggered as my legs were wobbly. “Mm, I’ve missed you as well. I’ve thought of hardly anythin’ else since my departure from you.”

“I was about to go on a worldwide hunt to find you. That’s how much I missed you.” He kissed me again, and I was reminded how much I loved kissing him. “So, what’s this news you’ve brought to me?”

“I come bearin’ news of our child.” I showed him the plus sign. “The rabbit died. We’re pregnant, an’ you’re gonna be a daddy.”

He blinked, taking the sign, looking at it as if it was some disease. Taking off his hat, he wiped his brow where it was suddenly drenched in sweat before replacing it on his head. “The… rabbit died? What happened to no attachments, no strings, and no commitments?”

He didn’t act the way I expected. I felt an instant jolt of pain in my heart. I expected him to be thrilled like I was. He did say he wanted a lot of children. Well, we were having one! “What happened to scourin’ the world lookin’ for me?”

“You know what this means…” He paused, looking away, sighing, before turning back to me. I couldn’t tell what was running through his mind, but I really wanted to know. “We must get married. My child deserves to have my last name and know that his daddy loves him so.”

I saw his teeth flash. It was almost like there was a little man in there with a flashlight. What the hell was going on? How did he get his teeth to do that?

“Married? Yeah… Umm… about that…”

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