Lies, Sacrifices, and Alibis

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Chapter 37

“So, Mom, I have news. Can ya get Dad on the phone at the same time?”

“You’re pregnant!” My mother was hell to surprise with anything. She screeched in my ear yelling for my dad. “Howard! Get on the phone! I think Elyse is gonna tell us she’s pregnant!”

“Thanks Mom. You an’ your ESP just killed that surprise.”

“What’s this?” My father said, getting on the phone. “Is my little girl about to have a baby? Am I gonna be a grandfather?”

“Sh, let her tell us what’s goin’ on. Stop tryin’ to spoil the surprise. No one can have a surprise with you around.”

“Me? You were the one who shouted she’s pregnant an’ for me to get on the phone.”

“I did not! I merely said–”

I laughed. “Okay, all right, stop it! Yes, I’m pregnant. The baby is due March seventeenth.”

“We’re gonna be grandparents!” My mother shrieked with happiness. “I finally get to hold a grandbaby an’ flash his pictures around the beauty salon so everyone can see I have the perfect little grandson.”

“How do ya know it’s a boy already?” My dad asked.

“Because I know these things an’ I’m writin’ everything I say down so people might believe me when I say that something’s gonna happen or… just believe it’s a boy!”

He clapped his hands. “Perfect! Now ya can name him after me!”

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