Lies, Sacrifices, and Alibis

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Chapter 44

“Did ya miss us?” My mother asked, walking over, kissing Logan’s head. “I can’t wait till ya come visit your grandmother.”

My father yawned. “We’re gonna get outta here an’ go get a hotel. With that long drive, I’m tired an’ need a nap.”

“You always need a nap.”

“No, you’re not stayin’ in a hotel. We have plenty of rooms in our house for you guys.” I looked at Mike. “Right honey?”

He nodded. “Oh, hell yeah, you can just stay at our house. There’s no need for you to put out hard earned money on a hotel. Besides, you’re going to stick around for a while and visit with your grandson, right?”

“I’ve been waitin’ an eternity for that little guy,” my mother told him. “Well, thank ya both very much. I know we’re only an hour away, but it’s still pretty far an’ I wanna get in some snuggle time.”

Hearing how much my mother wanted grandchildren made me feel a lot better about my decision. At that point, she countered the guilt, but would it stay that way?

I yawned. “I think I could use a nap. Who knew givin’ birth took so much outta ya?”

Tania laughed. “Ha-ha. If ya didn’t mean that as a joke, it sure turned into one. Well, Mike, if ya could give me a ride home, I can get some things done an’ come back a little later. It’s kinda late to call anyone that would give me a ride right now.”

He groaned. “Sure, wait for me outside while I say goodbye to my wife and son.”

“Ya got it,” she leaned down, kissing Logan’s head, before handing him back to me. “Night sweet prince, I’ll see ya soon.”

Maureen, my most irritating mother-in-law, looked like your average, older witch. Gray hair pulled back into a bun with piercing blue eyes that shriveled your soul, like your lips after sucking on a lemon.

She turned to me. I expected her to say something smart, sarcastic, or demeaning. It was what she did. She leaned down kissing my forehead, and gave Logan a kiss on his cheek. “Thank you for my beautiful grandson. You sleep well, Hon. I’ll stop by and see you later.”

I’m sure the expression on my face was one of shock until I was able to compose myself. I smiled in return. I wasn’t sure what to say except for the most obvious response. “You’re welcome.”

She hugged Mike, leaning in whispering in his ear.

“I love you too, mother.” He hugged her back. “I’ll call you later and let you know when we’re all home.”

She smiled once more, before turning and walking out the door with my family. I prayed she didn’t give them a case of negativity.

After everyone left, I motioned Mike closer. “Okay, who was that woman an’ what did ya do with your mother?”

He laughed. “Honey, I think she’s just happy being a grandmother that she’s decided to clean the slate and start over. Maybe she realizes you’re not the devil who stole her angel from her after all…”

“Angel? You? She has those titles backwards,” I said laughing. “I guess maybe Logan has melted that glacier heart of hers… either that or she poisoned me with her lipstick.”

He took the baby and walked around the room, cooing at him. “Logan, I’m so happy your mother brow beat me to death for you.”

“I can see now that your father/son talks are gonna be so enlightenin’.”

“You know all those arguments we had. The ones where you made me want to strangle you.”

“The arguments you started that drove me to another bed?”

He must’ve thought I meant the guest rooms in the house. I was talking about Corey’s bed. I just confessed to sleeping with another man… in my own warped way.

“I have to admit, I’m glad we have the baby.”

“I knew ya would be.”

He looked down, kissing his forehead. “Your birth is a good thing! It seems to be bringing the family together in more ways than one.”

“I’ll bet he’s happy to hear that.”

He looked back at me. “I thought our marriage was over. We were just going through the motions of being roommates. I thought you hated me.” He looked back down to Logan. “Until this little guy came along and we got back on track.”

I just stared at him. I wasn’t sure what to say. I had felt the same, and I did hate him. I wasn’t sure if it was because of how much I changed, or how much he changed.

He kissed him once more and handed him back to me. “Let me get out of here so I can take Miss Irritant home.”

“Be nice.”

“I also need to make sure your mother doesn’t rearrange the furniture in the house again. Remember the last time she stayed with us? She rearranged every room in the house.”

“She thought she was helpin’.”

“So she claimed, but it wasn’t a help when I stubbed my toe going to the bathroom late at night.”

“Yeah, but it was funny.”

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